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A T HOME GREY 3+2 Drawer Chest Manual

A T HOME GREY 3+2 Drawer Chest Manual Image

Assembly Instructions
Please keep for future reference

GREY 3+2 Drawer Chest

Dimensions No. people Assembly Time
Width: 1026mm
Depth: 439mm
Heigth: 1072mm
3 hrs

Important – Please read these instructions fully before starting assembly
If you need help damaged or missing parts, call the JDW Customer Helpline: 0871 231 2000

FSC®  certified furniture

As a raw material for making furniture, wood has no equal – from its vibrancy through its aesthetics to its many design possibilities.

But the wood from which this furniture is made has even more to offer: The FSC label proves that the wood used comes from forests managed to strict ecological, social, and economic standards with lasting effect. This means, for example, that forest biodiversity is maintained and overexploitation does not take place.
Environmental organizations, forest owners, representatives of the wood industry, and unions, amongst others, have come together in the FSC to support the responsible management of forests around the world.
Independent certification companies certify the origin of the wood and only award the quality mark if the principles and criteria of the FSC have been met. The tracking of the timber through the processing chain from the forest to the market ensures that the seal of the FSC certificate can be trusted.
This represents a step towards the future because sustainable management of our forests secures their long-term preservation, biodiversity, and thus the quality of life for the generations of today and of tomorrow.
Your product development team

Dear customer,

Thank you for your order!
No matter if you bought a piece of furniture made from natural wood, a high-gloss front or a plastic front – every piece of furniture has unique characteristics.
This page provides some care tips for your piece of furniture so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

The following applies in general:

  • Don’t place any hot objects on the furniture.
  • Don’t place candles directly on the furniture.
  • Immediately wipe off any spilled liquids.
  • Regularly check if the screws and fittings are tight.
  • Keep these notes in a safe place.

Care notes for furniture made of panel materials

We recommend using a soft, lint-free cloth or a shammy for conditioning your piece of furniture made of panel materials. Wipe off the surfaces with a slightly damp cloth or shammy.

The following applies in general:
Please don’t use the following detergents or cleaning agents at all:

  • microfibre cloths or dirt erasers. They often contain fine abrasive particles which can cause scratches on the surfaces;
  • aggressive chemical substances as well as abrasive cleaning agents or solvents.  They may damage the surfaces too;
  • scouring powder, steel wool, or scouring pads.  They destroy the surface so badly that reconditioning is impossible;
  • vacuum cleaners. The nozzles and brushes can cause scratches on the surfaces;
  • steam cleaners. The surfaces may be damaged or separated from the ground due to the high pressure and heat of the water vapor.

Your product development team


(1) LEFT SIDE PANEL 1056x400x16 1
(2) RIGHT SIDE PANEL 1056x400x16 1
(3) DRAWER LEFT PANEL 350x150x12 5
(4) DRAWER RIGHT PANEL 350x150x12 5
(5) DRAWER BACK PANEL 366x150x12 2
(6) DRAWER BACK PANEL 797x150x12 3
(7) LEFT SIDE PANEL 416x80x16 1
(8) RIGHT SIDE PANEL 416x80x16 1
(9) FRONT PANEL 1012x80x16 1
(10) TOP FRONT PANEL 846x60x16 1
(11) MIDDLE FRONT PANEL 948x50x16 1
(12) FRONT SIDE PANEL 976x68x16 2
(13) FRONT DRAWER PANEL 419x224x16 1
(14) FRONT DRAWER PANEL 419x224x16 1
(15) FRONT DRAWER PANEL 842x224x16 3
(16) BACK PANEL 948x80x16 1
(17) MIDDLE DIVIDER PANEL 282x372x16 1
(18) TOP PANNEL 1026x439x38 1
(19) BACK PANEL 1060x478x3 1
(20) BACK PANEL 1060x478x3 1
(21) DRAWER BOTTOM 376x347x3 2
(22) DRAWER BOTTOM 807x347x3 3
(23) SIDE PANEL 756x51x30 4
(24) LATH L=1048 1



  1. Please check that all parts are present before you start the assembly of your furniture, as once assembled, the furniture is exempt from our home approval policy.
  2.  For ease and speed of assembly, we recommend that before you commence each step of the assembly, that you identify all the pats required for that step.
  3. For larger items, please ensure that you have sufficient space and people (as indicated on page 1) to assemble your product safely.
  4. We recommend that, where possible, all items are assembled near to the area in which they will be placed in use, to avoid moving the product unnecessarily once assembled.
  5. For the protection of your furniture, particularly items of high gloss finish, we recommend that the product is placed on a protected surface during assembly to prevent any damage.
  6. During assembly please take care not to over-tighten any fittings, as this may damage the product.

Care and Maintenance of your Furniture

Please periodically check all fittings and re-tighten them as necessary.
Please do not sit or stand on this item.
Never allow any kind of liquid to remain on your furniture. Absorption can cause wood to warp or finishes to de-laminate.
Please do not drag and pull your furniture.

Wall fixings are not supplied with this product as different wall materials require different types of fixing devices ( such as Rawl plugs used on brick work). You must use fixing devices suitable for the type of wall you intend to mount this product to.
Please ensure that the head of any screw used has a diameter greater than the diameter of the mounting hole on the product and that the fixing is safe and secure before use.