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Aigital N300 WiFi Range Extender Manual

Aigital N300 WiFi Range Extender Manual Image

Aigital N300 WiFi Range Extender

Quick Installation Guide

N300 WiFi Range Extender

  • Repeater Mode
  • AP Mode

2 Working Modes

This device supports: Repeater Mode, AP Mode. You just need to select one mode.

  • Repeater Mode: Extend existing wifi range.
  • AP Mode: Create a new wifi access point for more devices.

If you are not sure which mode to select, please view details on Q&A part or contact with our professional engineers for help.

Default Parameters:

  • Default SSID: Wireless-N-c
  • Default IP Address:
  • Login Password: admin

Power On and Enter into admin Page

Plug the device into socket next to your main router, wait for 15 seconds, the wifi repeater will start up entirely.
Light status after activated: : Solid on Blinking

image 1

2 Search the wifi signal named “ Wireless-N-c” and connect to it on phone.

After connected to Wireless-N-c, phone will open the admin page automatically. ( If not opened, please manually open a browser and type the IP address in address bar to enter into admin page.
User Name: admin
Password: admin
(If using computer, please manually open a browser and type in address bar to enter into admin page)

Repeater Mode

Select Repeater Mode.

The wifi extender will scan available wifi signals automatically. Please select the wifi signal that you want to extend.
(If you want to extend a hidden network, please click Manual Setup and manually input your hidden wifi information).

Please correctly input your extend-needed wifi’s password, the wifi signal that you selected in step 5.

(Optional) You can change or not change the wifi extender’s WiFi name and password. Click OK to save the setting.
(You can set a new wifi password for the wifi extender, or keep same wifi password as main wifi signal)

Close the browser. Open wifi list and search the new wifi extender’s signal, input password to access into internet. Enjoy your network.

AP Mode

Step 1~3, Power On and Enter into admin Page. Please see above Power On part.
Select AP Mode.

Set a wifi name and wifi password for the wireless access point.

Con6nect your home modem with this wifi extender via its LAN port ( LAN port to your home modem, LAN LED: On or Blinking)


How to select a right mode?

  1. When you have an existing wifi but the wifi range is not long enough, please select Repeater Mode to cover longer range and eliminate wifi dead zones. (Repeater mode doesn’t need to connect Ethernet cable)
  2. When you have an existing wifi router/mo dem and your router/modem has been dialed, you can select AP mode to create a wireless access point. (AP Mode needs to connect to an Ethernet cable to your home modem.)

How to factory reset it?
Long press the reset button for about 20 seconds till the Wireless-N-c signal becomes open and unsecured.

Why unable to open IP

  1. Not connect with the network Wireless-N-c.
  2. After setting AP mode, the IP address cannot be entered again.
  3. If manually setup, the IP address was wrongly input.

What if the admin page doesn’t open automatically after connected to Wireless-N-c?
Please manually open the browser and type in address bar to open admin page.

Before setup, why Wireless-N-c shows No internet con-nection?
It’s correct, because you haven’t set it up. Please proceed the setup steps.

After setup done, why no internet connection?
If Repeater Mode, please check Step 6, you might enter a wrong password. Please correct it. If AP Mode, please check with your network provider.

What’s the best location to place the WiFi Repeater?

  1. Put it in a signal strong area between your home router and target room.
  2. Keep it away from Bluetooth, microwave, fridge and heavy walls, etc.

If you meet below issues, please reset the device:

  1. Unable to find its default SSID
  2. Unable to operate in setup page
  3. After set to AP mode and then need to change setting
  4. Disconnect or gets slow
  5. Other unable to solve issues.

All electronic devices will have different degrees of normal heating during use. The temperature of this device during operation is within a reasonable range, please rest assured to use.
This device is using 2020 newest firmware and no need to upgrade. If want to upgrade it later, please contact with our service team.

Warranty Card

We offer 12-Months warranty for all products against defects in materials and quality resulting in failures during normal use.
30 days money back guarantee for any reason.
For RETURN, please pack up item, warranty card, manual, box and other accessories intact, return them together and you will receive a TOTAL refund for ANY reason. At last, if you like our product, welcome to share your experience by writing a review on Amazon.


For Brand Aigital
Web: www.aigital.com
Email: [email protected]
For Brand NETVIP
Web: www.zq-netvip.com
Email: [email protected]

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