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AISENS Full Motion LED LCD TV Wall Mount WT55TSE-059 Manual

AISENS Full Motion LED LCD TV Wall Mount WT55TSE-059 Manual Image



Read the entire instruction manual before you start installation a. assembly. If you have any questions regarding any of the instructions or warmings, please contact your local distributor for assistance.

CAUTION:  use with Product heavier than the rated weights indicated may result in instability causing possible injury

  • Mounts must be attached as specified in assembly instructions. Improper installation may result in damage or serious personal injury
  • Safety gear and proper tools must be used. This product should only be instead by professionals.
  • This product Is designed to be Installed on wood stud wale, solid concrete walls or brick walls.
  • Make sure that the supporting surface  will safely support the combined weight of the equipment and all attached hardware and components.
  • Use the mounting screws provided and DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN mounting screws.
  • This product contains small items Mat could be a choking

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you have received all parts adding to the components check list prior to installation.  If any parts are missing or faultily, telephone your local distributor for a replacement.

MAINTENANCE: Check that the bracket is secure and safe to use at regular intervals (at least every three mans).