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AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 2.0 Channel Digital Power Amplifier Manual

AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 2.0 Channel Digital Power Amplifier Manual Image

 AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 2.0 Channel Digital Power Amplifier

Front panel introduction

  1. Power switch (up to open)
  2. Volume knob ( counterclockwise decrease volume, clockwise increase volume)

Rear panel introduction

3. AUX output interface ( 3.5mm headphone interface)
4. Audio input interface ( red for right channel, white for left channel)
5. Right channel output interface ( red is+, black is – )
6. Left channel output interface ( red is+, black is – )
7. Power input interface ( DC power supply, maximum 48V)


  1. Turn the volume knob counterclockwise to the minimum
  2. Connect the speaker to the left and right channel output interfaces
  3. Connect the audio source to the audio input via the RCA line
  4. When multiple amplifiers need to be connected, connect the AUX output interface of the amplifier to the audio input of the next amplifier
  5. Connect to de power supply
  6. Turn on the power switch.Smm headphone interface)

Pare meter

POWER 300W+300W VOLTAGE 24-48V
THD+N 0.008% SIZE 178*104*40mm
SNR 110dB WEIGHT 0.55Kg


Pay attention to before use:

  1. Only DC power supply can be used.Ac transformer needs to be less than 48V after
  2. Audio electronic products pay attention to the reasonable combination of use, sothatitcan achieve the greatest value and auditory experience.Please choose a reasonable power supply and passive speaker before use.The output power variesaccording to the speaker impedance.The best match is 1.2-1.5:1 (that is, the speakerpower is Sow, and the amplifier power is 6oW-75w)
  3. Maximum power in power 48v, 4Q speakers, distortion of 10% when measuring theresulting power
  4. please check it before using: When you receive the machine and find that the audioinput and output interface knobs are relatively loose, Please tighten it manually by your self.
  5. Please use a good quality audio cable and power supply to avoid the distortion ofthe machine due to these.
  6. We will provide good customer service and warranty service for our brand products. For any questions, please contact our customer service team: [email protected]
AUX and RCA inputs cannot be connected to play at the same time
otherwise there will be crosstalk

Corresponding diagram of A07 power supply output power

Supply power Speaker impedance Rate output power Max output power
24V 5A 4 68W 71W
8 66W 60W
32V5A 4 78W 80W
8 66W 70W
32V 10A 4 170W 177W
8 100W 105W
36V 10A 4 190W 200W
8 120W 125W
48V 7.6A 4 160W 180W
8 120W 140W
48V 10A 4 260W 300W
8 180W 190W

NOTE:The Volume control only wo,ks with speaker terminals not with 3.5 mm AUX Audio outp

Two input ways:3.5mm AUX Audio input/ RCA Audio input(3.5mm interface is also Aux Audio output interface)