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Amazon Echo aroma diffuser setting manual

Amazon Echo aroma diffuser setting manual Image

Smart Aroma Diffuser Usage Guidance

Add device at Tuya Smart App

Step 1: Scan QR Code And Download Smart Life APP
Step 2: Register


Step 3: Entry Account
Step 4: Add Device

Entry into Tuya Smart APP Homepage

Step 5: Select Humidifier
Step 6: Add Device

Step 7: Modify The Name
Step 8: Enter The Control Page


  1. Settle mist working time
  2. Adjust mist intensity


  1. Set light color – color changing / select color.
  2. Click the circle and select one color.
  3. Recreate the color name.


  1. Set the mist time or light time.
  2. Adjustment mist time is flexible.

After the water shortage and power off,re-add the water and turn on the item for the first time need to press the M button.

Configure Amazon Echo

1 Download and install the “Alexa” APP (If you have settled down the “Alexa” APP, please omit this step.)
2 Deploy the Amazon Echo Speaker with the “Alex” APP.

  1. Open your “Alexa” APP
  2. Login with your account and password
  3. Add equipment and settle the Amazon Echo

3Amazon & Google speakers can control your smart device. For example:
If the device named “Diffuser”
→Alexa, turn on/off diffuser.
→Alexa, turn the light to red.
It will change the status base on the

Binding your Echo with Tuya Smart Account

  • Click Skills.
  • Click Enable To Start Skill.

  • Entry App’s account and code and to link.
  • When App prompt “Alexa has been successfully linked with Tuya Smart”, the account has been binding successfully. Click top right corner✘” to Alexa App.

Unbind the device

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