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ANKER PowerCore 20100 Power Bank manual

ANKER PowerCore 20100 Power Bank manual Image

ANKER PowerCore 20100 Power Bank

Using your PowerCore 

Check the power level

Charge your phone or tablet

Recharge your PowerCore

When your PowerCore is fully charged, the LED indicators will turn off. 

To give your PowerCore the fastest, safest recharge, use an Anker® USB charger.



To preserve lifespan recharge every 4 months

Using original or certified cables

Don’t expose to liquids

Don’t disassemble

Avoid dropping

Avoid extreme temperatures

Customer Service

18-month limited warranty

Lifetime technical support

[email protected]
1·800-988-7973 I Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 PST (US) 03-4455-7823 I Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 < R7.f,) 069-9579-7960 I Mon-Fri 6:00-11:00 (DE) 400-0550-036 I Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30 (r.pf/;1)

For FAQs and more information, please visit: Product Number: A 1271
External Battery: Portable Charger

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