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aqua barista All-in-One K-Cup Coffee Maker and Water Dispenser Manual

aqua barista All-in-One K-Cup Coffee Maker and Water Dispenser Manual Image

aqua barista All-in-One K-Cup Coffee Maker and Water Dispenser User Guide


  1. Read all directions before plugging in dispenser.
    IMPORTANT: Do not plug in dispenser until step 6. This guide is a general reference to help you quickly and easily set up your AquaBarista. For complete setup, operating and safety instructions, refer to the owner’s manual.
  2. Place dispenser on level floor surface at least 4 inches from wall.
  3. Open dispenser door and assemble bottle adaptor.
    Open dispenser door by sliding door up to allow access to the bottle area. Unpackage the bottle adaptor from the bag inside the cabinet. Remove the protective cap from the end of the hose and insert the hose into the top of the adaptor. Then attach the bottle adaptor cap to the SmartFlo™ Water System tubing.
    NOTE: Touching the bottle adaptor assembly pieces with bare hands could cause contamination. Be sure to wash hands prior to assembling or use sterile gloves when handling bottle adaptor assembly pieces.
  4. Insert bottle adaptor probe in bottle.
    Place fresh bottle outside of the cabinet and clean with a cloth. Remove bottle cap completely. Place the bottle adaptor probe into the bottle. Slide the bottle adaptor over the neck of the bottle and push down to secure. Push probe down until the tube hits the bottom of bottle. Place bottle inside cabinet and slide door downward to close.
    NOTE: Insert bottle adaptor tubing into bottle as quickly as possible to ensure proper sanitization is maintained. Do NOT turn on heater yet.
  5. Insert drip tray.
  6. Plug in dispenser and prime water system.
    Prime the water system by filling both the cold and hot water tanks. First, depress the cold water lever until water begins to flow. Then depress the hot water lever until water begins to flow. This can take approximately 1 minute per tank.
  7. Activate heating function.
    Slide door upward and turn on the hot tank heater switch located on the right side of the cabinet. Water will become hot in approximately 15–20 minutes.
  8. Dispense water.
    Place a container under hot and cold faucets and depress each lever. Dispense 1 quart of water prior to drinking.

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The AquaBarista® is programmed for use of Keurig K-cup® branded products only. Use of pods other than Keurig K cup® branded products may impede optimal performance of the brewer.
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