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artis Portable Wireless BT Speaker BT22 Manual

artis Portable Wireless BT Speaker BT22 Manual Image

artis Portable Wireless BT Speaker User Manual

Desription of Parts

  1. Short Press: Pause / Play / Pick up Call ; Long Press: Flash Light on ; Double Press: TWS Connection mode
  2. Short Press: Previous song ; Long Press: Volume low
  3. On/Off Switch ; Mode Key: BT / FM/ USB / TF Card / Aux in
  4. Short Press: Next Song ; Long Press: Volume high
  5. LED Light
  6. LED Indicator
  7. Aux input
  8.  Micro Sd Card / TF Card Slot
  9.  USB Pen drive slot
  10. Charging port

Instructions for Use

Charging the speaker
The speaker has a built in Re chargeable battery Use the provided Micro USB charging cable to charge the speaker Plug in the charging cable in the micro usb port on the speaker
Plug the other end in the usb port of a usb charger or a computer The Red LED will illuminate while it charges Once fully charged the LED will go off.

Important Reminders

  • Please do not disassemble the speaker or try to open it for repairs
  • This product uses lithium ion batteries, Please discard accordingly.
  • Do not expose the product to rain , humidity or direct sun light
  • In FM mode please connect the Micro USB Charging cable to act as a antenna for reception

BT mode

Please insure that the input device is paired with the speaker to steam music wirelessly Once paired, you can stream music / play music from your device

Music Mode Function Operation buttons
Playing music Increase Volume Long press + key
Playing music Decrease Volume Long press key
Playing music Pause Short press   key
Pause Play Short press   key
Playing music Previous track Short press key
Playing music Next track Short press + key

Hands free calling

Please insure your phone is paired with the speaker via BT mode

Handsfree Mode Function Operation buttons
Incoming Call Answer incoming call Short press   key
Incoming Call Reject incoming call Long press   key
Incoming Call End the call Short press  key
ON the line Increase Volume Short press + key
ON the line Decrease Volume Short press key

TWS Connection

( True wireless stereo – connecting 2 same speakers to 1 input device)

  • Turn on both speakers
  • Double press the play / pause / call pick up button on any one of the 3 speakers and you will hear a “ding dong” sound.
  • Both the speakers will then be connected to each other
  • Search for Artis BT22 on your input device under BT connections
  • Pair your input device by selecting the Speaker model no Artis BT22
  • Now you can enjoy your music output through 2 speakers

Flash light / SOS function

Turn on the speaker Long press the play / pause button to turn on the flashlight Press once again to activate the SOS function
Long press the same button to turn off the flashlight

TF Card input / USB pen Drive input

  • Turn on the speaker
  • Insert the Memory card or the usb pen drive
  • A voice prompt will be heard
  • Speaker will automatically start playing the songs / tracks

NOTE: all files need to be in the root folder of the input pen drive or memory card

FM Radio

Turn on the speaker Insert the micro usb charging cable in to the charging port This cable serves as an antenna for the speaker Short press the mode button till you are in FM mode To auto scan radio stations short press the play / [ause button once It will take few moments to search all stations . Once scanned, all available stations will get stored automatically in the speakers memory Press – or + to skip the selected station Long press – or + to increase or decrease the volume

Aux Mode
Turn on the speaker Use the aux cable to connect the input device and the speaker Select your songs on the source input device and play directly Long press – or + to increase or decrease the volume
NOTE: In aux mode media is controlled through the source device and not speaker controls

Product Specifications:

  BT Version   4.2 + EDR
  Output   8W RMS
  Dimensions   21.2 x 7.9 x 6.0 cm
  Weight   480g
  Input modes   BT/USB/TF/AUX/FM
  TWS Connectivity   Yes
  Handsfree Calling   Yes
  Charging time   2 hours max
  Playback time   6 Hours max Depending on volume level
  Input   1A
  Battery Capacity   1200mah
  Memory Card / USB   32 GB max

Safety instructions :

  • Keep away from Sunlight on Hot objects
  • Keep away from Humidity and Wet sources
  • Keep in a dry location
  • Keep away from children
  • This is not a toy


  Problem   Possible cause   Solution
  No sound
output when
power on
  1: No input sound source
2: Volume knob in the lowest position
3: USB/SD no plug
  1: Connect a Line signal
2: Adjust volume
3: Insert a USB/SD Card
  Distortion of
  1:Volume too loud
2: Audio file error
  1: Turn volume lower
2: Check and change the audio file
3: Adjust Bass/Treble by “MENU”
and “Main volume”
  No sound
from the
  1:Microphone socket not fully plugged     in
2: Microphone switch is not on
3: Microphone volume in lowest
  1: Completely plug in the microphone   socket
2: Power on microphone
3: Adjust microphone volume
  No sound
from the
USB/SD card
  1:incompatible song format
2: Illegal operation causes failures
3:USB/SD Card not inserted properly
  1: songs format should be MP3/WMA
2: Power off, then power on
3: Insert USB/SD card properly
  Speaker has
big noise
  1: Wired Microphone too close to
the speaker
2: Wired Microphone is switched on
but not in use
3: Microphone volume too loud
4: Mobile phone too close to the
5: Too close to the equipment which
interferes with the speaker
  1: Do not let the wired microphones
head point at the speaker
2: Turn off wired microphone
if not in use
3: Reduce the microphone volume
4: Keep mobile away from the
speaker during calls
5: Keep the speaker away from
other sources of interference
  1: Blue-connect Disconnected
2: Blue-connect Connected but no voice
3: Blue-connect effective distance too
  1: Find the right device Name or press
“MENU” Button to restore factory           settings.
2: Confirm if you are connected to the
right device Name
3: Try to keep away from barriers,
such as walls, glasses…etc

Remarks: If the problem persists, please contact your dealer.

Electric products must not be put into household waste. Please bring them to a recycling centre. Ask your local authorities or your dealer about the way to proceed.

Website: www.artis.in
Customer care: 1800 123 8195
Email: [email protected]

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

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