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AVANTEK Indoor HDTV Antenna Manual

AVANTEK Indoor HDTV Antenna Manual Image

AVANTEK Indoor HDTV Antenna Instruction Manual


Product Introduction

This indoor antenna brings you access to free over-the-air TV broadcast channels (digital terrestrial television or digital video broadcasting) in full 1080p. Please follow the guidelines in this instruction manual for the best product performance and user experience.


Antenna Dimensions 13.1 x 12.2 in (33 x 31 cm)

Frequency Coverage

VHF 40-230 MHz

UHF 470-860 MHz

Gain VHF: 25 dB, UHF: 20 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Operating Temperature -45 – 185 °F (-40 – 85 °C)
Coaxial Cable Length 10 ft (3 m)

Installation and Setup

  1. Connect the antenna to the connecting box, as shown in the
  2. Connect the connecting box to the ANT/IN port on the TV or STB (set-top box).
  3. Connect the connecting box to a power outlet using the AC
  4. Place the antenna in a desired You may hang it on the wall or window, or lay it on any flat surface.
  5. Turn on your TV, and select the “Antenna Mode” or “Air Mode” in the setup menu. Refer to the manual of your TV for further instructions.
  6.  Set the TV to scan for channels in the setup This function may be listed as auto-program, auto-scan, channel search or channel scan. Refer to the manual of your TV for further instructions.
  7. Please note that network availability may vary significantly based on your geographical location. A list of all possibly available channels in your area may be obtained from the local broadcasters.
    User Location Website(s) That May Be Useful
    US http://dtv.gov/maps
    UK http://www.dtg.org.uk/work/coverage.html


    Germany http://www.dvb-t-portal.de/Regionen/
    Europe http://www.dvbtmap.eu/
  8. Please note that the actual antenna reception depends strongly on its distances from the TV broadcast towers, the local terrain and your home surroundings. You may need to adjust the antenna position and re scan for the channels if reception is poor.
  9. You may fix the antenna in its optimal position using the double-faced adhesive tape

Trouble Shooting

Q1. Why can’t I get any channels from the antenna?

A1. Your TV may not be functioning in the desired mode, or may not be scanning for channels properly. Please refer to the manual of your TV for detailed instructions.
A1.2 There may be obstructions between your antenna and the signals. Please try to reposition the antenna and rescan for the channels.
A1.3 Your TV may not have a built-in digital tuner, or your STB may not support HD tuning. Please use a TV or STB that supports HD digital tuning.

Q2. Why is my reception so poor?

A2. The signals at the position of your antenna may be very weak due to obstructions in your surroundings. Please try to reposition the an- tenna and rescan for the channels. It may help to place the antenna in a higher position or close to a window.

Q3. Why can’t I get a specific channel that is known to be available in my area?

A3. There may be obstructions between the antenna and the broad- cast tower of your desired channel. Please try to reposition the antenna and re-run the channel scan.