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AZATOM Clockwood C100X FM Radio with BT Wireless Audio and CD Player Manual

AZATOM Clockwood C100X FM Radio with BT Wireless Audio and CD Player Manual Image

Clockwood C100X
DAB, DAB+, FM Radio with BT Wireless Audio & CD Player

User Manual
This manual is available to download online at www.azatom.com

What’s In The Box

  • Clockwood C100X
  • User Manual
  •  Power Adapter
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control

Operating your radio

  1. Extend the telescopic aerial.
  2. Press the POWER button to switch on your radio. The display will show “Welcome AZATOM”
  3. If this is the first time the unit goes into DAB Mode, it will automatically start an ‘Auto Scan’ to search for available stations in your area.
    (Once DAB Mode has been used before, the radio will automatically select the previously played station).
  4.  Press and hold the SCAN button at any time and the unit will automatically scan and store stations.
    During the scanning process, the lower line of the display shows a progress bar.
  5.  When the scanning is complete the first station will be selected.
    The clock will automatically set to the current time and date.
  6. If the station list is still empty after the scan your radio will display “Service not available”, and no stations have been found – please
    ensure the antenna is extended and test the reception by doing another auto scan in a different location. The auto set for the date and time required signal.

Selecting a station – DAB

1. 1. Press the TUN- / TUN+ buttons to enter the list of available stations in your area.
2. Press ENTER to select the station once highlighted in the menu.

Finding new radio stations

Over time new stations may become available. To find new stations you can auto-scan as follows.

  1. Pressing SCAN at any time and the unit will automatically scan and store stations in your area.
  2. Press MENU and TUN- / TUN+ to choose Full scan to search new stations.
  3.  Select Full scan from the menu for the auto scan. The display will show “Scanning…”, and your radio will perform a scan of the Band III DAB channels. As new radio stations are found, the station counter on the right-hand side of the display will increase and the radio stations will be added to the list stored in the radio.

Manually Tuning with DAB

Manual tuning allows you to tune to the various DAB Band III channels.
UK DAB stations are located in the range 11B to 12D.

  1. Press MENU until the display shows “Manual Tune”, press ENTER to select the Services Menu.
  2. Highlight the desired channel and press ENTER, the graph will indicate the signal strength and the upper line will show the name of the DAB multiplex (group of radio stations). Any stations found will be added to the stored list in the radio.
  3. Press MENU to return to the normal tuning mode.

Display Modes – DAB

Your radio has a range of display modes: Press MENU to enter “Station Info” while listening to a radio station and cycle through each modes Scrolling text: Displays scrolling text messages such as artist/track name, phone in number, etc.
Program Type: Displays the type of station being listened to, e.g. Pop, Classic, News, etc.
Multiplex Name: Displays the name of DAB multiplex to which the current station belongs.
Date: Displays the current date.
Frequency: Displays the frequency of the DAB multiplex for the station listened to.
Bit rate & audio type: Displays the digital bit rate & audio type for the station being listened to.
Signal strength: Displays a graph showing the signal strength for the station being received.

Finding new stations – FM

  1. Carefully extend the telescopic aerial fully and press the POWER button to switch on your radio.
  2. Press MODE to enter FM mode.
  3. Press SCAN for 3 seconds for an auto scan, which when finished will automatically store the stations.
    Press either TUN- / TUN+ to choose stored stations.
    Press and hold the TUN– button, your radio will scan upwards.
  4.  After a few seconds, the display will update. The display will show the frequency of the signal found. If the signal is strong enough and there is RDS data present then the radio will display the station name.
  5. To find other stations, press the TUN– button and hold for 3 seconds as before.
  6. To scan the FM band in a downwards direction (high frequency to low frequency) press and hold the TUN+ button.
  7. When the waveband end is reached your radio will recommence tuning from the opposite waveband end. Adjust the Volume control to the required setting.

Preset Stations – DAB and FM

You may store your preferred DAB and FM radio stations to the preset station memory. There are 60 memory presets in your radio, 30 for DAB and 30 for FM. Presets are remembered by your radio in the event of a power failure.
The procedure for setting presets and using them to tune stations is the same for FM and DAB modes:
DAB mode:

  1. Press POWER button to switch on the radio.
  2. Select the desired waveband.
  3. Tune to the required station as previously described.
  4. Press PRESET button and hold it to enter the preset store, and then press TUN- / TUN+ to select the desired preset number which you wish to store the station.
  5. Press ENTER to confirm, for example, “Preset 01 stored”. The station will be stored under the chosen preset. Repeat this procedure as needed.
  6. Stations that have been stored in preset memories may be overwritten by following the above procedure.
  7. Short press PRESET button to recall the stored stations.


  1. Press TUN- / TUN+ to change up to or down by 50 kHz.
  2. When the waveband end is reached the radio will recommence tuning from the opposite waveband end.
  3. Press PRESET button and hold it to enter the preset store, and then press TUN- / TUN+ to select the desired preset number which you wish to store the station.
  4.  Press ENTER to confirm, for example, “Preset 01 stored”.
    The station will be stored under the chosen preset. Repeat this procedure as needed.

Recalling a preset:

  1. Press the POWER button to switch on the radio.
    A short press on the PRESET button, then the display shows “Preset Recall”, then press ENTER to tune to the station stored in preset memory.
    Note: If you have not previously stored a preset station and the preset button is pressed, “Empty preset” will be displayed.
    Prune: (To remove stations that are listed but unavailable) Under DAB mode, press the MENU button until the display shows the sub-menu, press the ENTER button to enter the Prune option.
  2. Select “Yes” and press the ENTER button to confirm to prune.
    Note: this removes all the invalid stations indicated in the station list with a “?” in front of the station name.

Time and Date Settings

If there is no DAB/FM signal available, you will need to set the TIME and DATE manually when turned on for the first time.

  1. Press the MENU and TUN- / TUN+ to enter “System settings”.
  2. Press TUN- / TUN+ and select the “Time”.
  3.  Set time/date, auto-update, 12/24 hours, date format.
  4. Press TUN- / TUN+ and ENTER to set the correct time and date.

Alarm Settings

  1. Press ALARM to enter the setting menu, press ALARM again to choose ALARM 1 or ALARM 2.
  2. Press TUN- / TUN+ to set the alarm time and press ENTER to confirm.
  3. Press TUN- / TUN+ to set the Alarm ON or OFF, Frequency, Wake up time, Source, Duration, and Volume, and press ENTER to confirm.
    You will be given the option to choose from the last station used or one of your favorite preset channels.

Snooze – Stop Alarm

  1. When the alarm sounds, pressing the SNOOZE button will temporarily silence the alarm, you can choose the time from 5 or 10 minutes.
  2. The snooze function also has a countdown allowing you to see how long before the alarm re-sounds. Press POWER to turn it on.

Stop Alarm:
When the alarm is sounding you can press the ALARM or STANDBY buttons except for the Snooze button one time to stop the alarm sound. The radio will then return to Standby mode.

Using AUX In

Aux-in mode plays audio from an external source such as a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Plug on the end of the 3.5mm audio cable (excluded) into the headphone or line out jack on your player, plug the other end of the cable into the unit AUX-IN jack on the back of the unit.
  2. Turn on the external audio source and play your device.
  3. Press the MODE button to enter “Auxiliary Input” mode.
  4. The volume level can be now controlled through the main unit. Operate all other functions on the external device as usual.
    If you’re connected to the Line out jack of your external device, then you only need to adjust the volume control of this unit. If you’re connected to the Headphone Jack of your external device, then you may need to adjust both the volume control of your external device and the volume control of this unit to find the most desirable volume setting.
    Please ensure the cable is disconnected to listen to the radio in other modes such as DAB and FM.

CD Player

NOTE: This unit not only plays commercial compact discs but also self-complied CD-RW discs. Because of the non-standardized format definition/production of CD-R/RW, playback quality & performance is not guaranteed. The Manufacturer is not responsible for the playability of CD-R/RW due to recording conditions such as PC performance, writing software, media properties etc.
Do not attach a label or seal to either side of the CD-R/RW disc. It may cause a malfunction.


  1. Press MODE button to enter CD mode.
  2. Insert a CD with the label side facing upward.
  3. Disc information (total number of tracks) will appear on the LCD DISPLAY.
  4.  Press PLAY/PAUSE button to start playing the CD.
  5. While playing music, press the PLAY/PAUSE button to pause playback, press PLAY/PAUSE button again to resume playing.
  6.  Scroll VOLUME- or VOLUME+ adjust to the desired volume level.
  7. Press STOP button to stop playing music.
  8. To turn off the CD player, press POWER button.
    NOTE: If skipping occurs during CD playback, try turning the volume down. Check the CD to ensure it is not scratched or damaged.
    Do not open the CD DOOR when a CD is playing.

Repeat 1:
Press PRESET button once, you will see REP_ONE on LCD display. The current track will be repeated.
Repeat All Tracks:
Press PRESET button twice, you will see REP_ALL on the LCD display. The whole disc will be played continuously.
Press PRESET button three times, you will see RANDOM on the LCD display. The whole disc will be played randomly.
To Cancel Repeat Function:
Press PRESET button again to cancel the repeat function.


  1. During Play or Pause mode, tap the TUN- / TUN+ button to go to the next track or go back to the beginning of the current track.
  2.  During playback, press and hold the TUN- / TUN+ button to search within the current track with audible high-speed playback.

This function allows music tracks to be played in a programmed sequence.
NOTE: Program can only be set in STOP mode.

  1. Press the PRESET button once, you would see “P01” blink on the LCD DISPLAY.
  2. Press the TUN- / TUN+ button to select the track to be programmed.
  3.  Press the PRESET button again to store the selection. The LCD DISPLAY will advance to “02” and flash to prompt for the next
  4. You may repeat steps 2 to 3 to program up to 20 tracks. As soon as you have entered the 20th track, the LCD DISPLAY will automatically show the programmed tracks one by one in their correct sequence starting from the first programmed track. If you wish to program less than 20 tracks, press the Program button twice after confirming your last track. At the end of the sequence, “01” will blink on the LCD display, ready to play your first programmed track.
  5.  Press the PLAY button to start the programmed playback. Press the STOP button to stop playback.
  6. Programmed tracks will be played through once and then stop. However, you may use the REPEAT function to repeatedly play a certain track (Repeat 1) or all tracks in the program (Repeat All).
    You may also press the TUN+ button to go directly to other tracks ahead or use TUN- button to go back to the previous track(s) during program playback.
  7. To cancel program play, press the STOP button twice during program playback

FOLDER+/10 track + (MP3 CD DISC only)

  1.  Press SCAN once to skip 10 tracks
  2. Press SCAN and hold 3 seconds to skip FOLDER

BT Wireless Audio

Bluetooth allows you to stream your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled media player, including smartphones, tablets, laptops
and other MP3 Players.
To pair your device via Bluetooth for the 1st time:

  1. Press POWER/MODE button to select Bluetooth mode
  2. After a few seconds, the screen will then say “BT SEARCHING” and the speaker automatically goes into pairing mode.
  3.  On your Bluetooth Device do a search and once available please select “Azatom Clockwood”.
  4. After 5-20 seconds the screen will say “BT connected”.
  5.  You are ready to start streaming via Bluetooth. Play any sound on your
    Bluetooth device and listen on the speaker.
    Whenever the Bluetooth Mode is selected, the radio will automatically go into pairing mode and either pair with the last paired device (if in range) or be available for pairing to a new device.

FM Stereo / Mono

If a station being received is weak some hiss may be audible (especially when listening using earphones).
1. Press MENU button and TUN- / TUN+ to choose Audio setting, press ENTER to entry this function.
2. Press TUN- / TUN+ until “Forced mono” is highlighted. Press the ENTER to select mono. Your radio will select the mono audio mode.

Factory reset

If your radio fails to operate correctly, or some digits on the display are missing or incomplete, it may be possible to restore normal operation by carrying out a system reset operation on your radio. This will restore the radio’s settings to their factory defaults. No presets will be stored, and the list of DAB radio stations will be empty.
If you have moved to a different part of the country and you wish to erase local DAB radio stations that are no longer available from the stored list, then you may carry out this procedure. Your radio will automatically re-scan for the DAB stations available at your current location when it restarts.

  1. Press MENU to enter the menu.
  2.  Press MENU and TUN- / TUN+ to choose “System settings” .
  3. Press TUN- / TUN+ to find “Factory Reset”. Press the ENTER.
  4. If you wish to perform the reset operation, push the TUN- / TUN+ until “YES” is highlighted on the display and press. A full reset of your radio will be performed, All presets and station lists will be erased.
    If you do not wish to reset your radio press TUN- / TUN+ until “NO” is highlighted. Your radio will return to the previous menu.
  5. After a system reset a scan of the DAB band will be performed.
    In case of malfunction due to electrostatic discharge, reset the product (temporary disconnection of the power adaptor may be required) to resume normal operation.


Press and hold the MENU button and then the display shows the sub menu: System. Press the ENTER button and select Language to enter language options English / French / Germany / Italian.

Backlight Setting

  1. Press MENU and TUN- / TUN+ to enter “System settings”.
  2. Press TUN- / TUN+ and select the “Time out” auto dimmer after 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180 seconds, or “ON” to cancel auto dimmer.
  3. Choose High, Medium, Low for dimmer level.
  4.  Choose High, Medium, Low for on level.

Earphones (NOT INCLUDED)

The lead connecting the earphones to your radio acts as an aerial when plugged into the Earphone socket.

  1. Plug the earphones into the earphone socket on the top of your radio.
  2. Check that the volume level is not too loud before placing the ear-pieces into your ears.
    IMPORTANT: Do not switch on the radio with the earphones connected and inserted in your ear. Excessive sound pressure from earphones can cause hearing loss.

Sleep Function

Your radio can be set to turn off after a preset time has elapsed. The sleep setting can be adjusted between 15 and 90 minutes. Ensure your radio is switched on.
Press the SLEEP button to set the desired sleep time between 15, 30,45, 60 and 90 minutes or Sleep Off which will cancel the sleep function.

Safety Guidance

When used in a directed manner, this unit has been designed and manufactured to ensure your personal safety. However, improper use can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. Please read all safety and operating instructions carefully before installation and use, and keep these instructions handy for future reference.
Take special note of all warnings listed in these instructions and on the unit.
Water and Moisture:
The unit should not be used near water. For example: near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, or near a swimming pool.
The unit should be situated so that its location or position does not interfere with its proper ventilation. For example, it should not be situated on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface that may block the ventilation openings. Also, do not have the unit in an enclosed space, such as a bookcase or cabinet, which may impede the flow of air through the ventilation openings.
The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other appliances (including amplifiers) which may be hot.
Power Source:
The unit should be connected to a power supply only of the type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the appliance.
The unit should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. Care should be taken so that liquids are not spilled into any openings or vents located on the product.
Lightning and Power Surge Protection:
Unplug the unit from the wall outlet. This will prevent damage to the product due to lightning and power-line surges.
Do not overload wall outlets or extension cords as this can result in a risk of fire or electric shock.
Periods of Non-use:
If the unit is to be left unused for an intended period of time, such as a week or longer, the power cord should be unplugged from the unit
to prevent damage or corrosion.
The user should not attempt to service the unit beyond those methods described in the user’s operating instructions. Service methods not covered in the operating instructions should be referred to qualified service personnel.

The AC adaptor should be disconnected from the mains supply and the radio when not in use.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. The apparatus shall not be exposed to  ripping or splashing and that objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall not be placed on apparatus.
This product bears the selective sorting symbol for Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). This means that this product must be handled pursuant to European directive 2012/19/EU in order to be recycled or dismantled to minimize its impact on the environment.
User has the choice to give his product to a competent recycling organization or to the retailer when he buys a new electrical or electronic
Use only power supplies listed in the user instructions, Indoor use only


  1. It is best to leave a CD inside the unit even when it is not in use. This prevents dust
    accumulation on the optical lens.
  2. A dirty or scratched CD may cause the music to skip. Clean or replace the CD if this
    Dirty, damaged, or warped discs may damage the unit, care should be taken of the
    following items:
    1. a. Use compact discs only with the mark shown on the disc.
    b. CD: compact disc only with digital audio signals.

Removing the disc from its storage case and loading it.
Do not touch the reflective recorded surface
Do not stick anything to or write anything on the surface.
Do not bend compact discs.


Power requirement mains (via adaptor):
AC 240V 50-60Hz
Frequency Coverage
FM: 87.5-108MHz
DAB: 174.928 – 239.200MHz
Loudspeaker: 2x 3” Inch Drivers
Output power: 30W MAX (speakers)
Earphone socket: 3.5mmm dia. stereo
FM & DAB Radio: telescopic aerial


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