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BASIL Evergreen daypack Manual

BASIL Evergreen daypack Manual Image

BASIL Evergreen daypack

Option Backpack

Option Handle

Option Shopper

terms and conditions

May only be mounted by adults

  1. Please make sure that you regularly check if the Basil products are properly and safely installed on your bicycle
  2. The warranty will be no longer valid once modifications have been made to the product by its owner and/or when the product has not been assembled and/or used according to the instructions supplied.
  3. Weather influences can affect the product.
  4. When using Basil products, that are also compatible with / or can be mounted onto third-party products please make sure that the instructions with regards to assembly and/or use of the products supplied by the manufacturer are being followed. In this case Basil cannot be held liable for the assembly and/or the use of the products delivered by third parties

Strap Safety warnings