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bca US Commercial Air Travel for Float Cylinder Manual

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US Commercial Air Travel Instructions for Float Cylinder

Your Float cylinder was designed with air travel in mind. Below are the steps to follow when flying with major commercial airline providers flying to and from the US. They apply to both checked or carry-on luggage. We recommend that you carry your empty Float cylinder on board. This way, you can explain what it is to security personnel at the airport.

US Commercial Air Travel 1Float cylinder must be empty when flying with major commercial airlines flying to and from the US. Release air from the cylinder before arriving at the airport. This is a great opportunity to practice deploying your Float system to become familiar with the location of the trigger and the pull force needed for deployment. However, to avoid having to repack the airbag, simply disconnect the air hose before pulling the trigger. Keep your hands clean from the air hose to prevent injury.

Once the cylinder is empty, remove the cylinder head by unscrewing it counterclockwise from the cylinder. We suggest doing this–and replacing the o-ring–at home, well before departing. For instructions on replacing the o-ring, see our video “Float Cylinder Maintenance & Preparation for Airline Travel” under Float Resources on our website. Call BCA customer service with questions at 303-417-1345.

Place cylinder and head in a clean Ziploc bag to keep dirt and debris from contaminating sensitive areas. For carry-on baggage, we recommend storage in a ski boot or padded area to avoid potential damage.

To clarify any questions from ill-trained security personnel, go to our website’s Float Resources page to print out and carry these documents: – US Travel – TSA Float Cylinder Regulations – Non-US Travel – IATA Float Cylinder Regulations

Fill or exchange the cylinder before venturing into the backcountry.

Remember that refills are mainly only available in the US, Canada, Chile, and Argentina. In Europe, retailers will generally swap your empty cylinder for a new one. In Japan, refilling the US and European cylinders is not allowed: you’ll need to rent a Japanese cylinder upon arrival.
All of our refill, exchange, and rental locations can be found on our service center locator: www.backcountryaccess.com/store-locator
North & South America – select ‘Cylinder Refill Centers’
Europe – select ‘Cylinder Exchange Centers’
Japan – select ‘Cylinder Rental Centers’
If you travel a lot (especially to Japan), we recommend keeping it simple and carrying a high-pressure pump in your ski/board bag. You can find this online if you search “Benjamin High-Pressure Pump.” That way you can fill ‘er up on your own time rather than trying to find an open refill/exchange/rental location.

[email protected]
303-417-1315 or 1-800-670 TREK (8735)