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BEARWARE 4-way Power Strip with 2 USB Ports 303302, 6963BLK Manual

BEARWARE 4-way Power Strip with 2 USB Ports 303302, 6963BLK Manual Image

BEARWARE 4-way Power Strip with 2 USB Ports

Thank you for choosing this BEARWARE product. Please read this manual carefully before installation to ensure the longevity of this product. For future reference,
please keep this manual.

Scope of Delivery

  • Power strip
  • User manual

Technical Data

Electrical voltage 250V~ AC 50Hz, 16A
Input 1x type f plug CEE 7/4
Output 4 x type f sockets CEE 7/3
USB port 2x USB type A, max 2.1A (total)
Maximum electrical power up to 3680W
Number of connectors •4 x socket outlet with ground contact

•2x 5V USB port

Length of connection cable approx. 1.4m
Dimensions (l x w x h) 350mm x 63mm x 42mm
Suitable •for wall mounting

•for indoor use (IP20)

Features •on/off switch (2-pole switching)

•connector strip positioned at 45 degree angle

•integrated overvoltage protection

•  integrated child lock

Important Safety Instructions

  • Only for use in dry rooms (indoor)
  • Use only below the maximum electrical power
  • Do not connect to another power strip
  • Voltage-free only when the plug is removed
  • Do not operate covered
  • The power strip must be easily accessible
  • Position the power strip so that nobody can trip over it
  • Always remove the plug from the socket when cleaning the socket strip.

Features and Start-up

  • The power strip has four safety sockets, two USB ports and an on/ off switch
  • 2-pole switching: The mains separation of both pairs of cores (L+N) ensures greater protection against electrical shocks and avoids unnecessary leakage currents
  • The sockets of the plug strip are arranged at a 45-degree angle This makes it easy to connect several angled device cables
  • Remove the product from its packaging and remove any packaging material
  • Connect the plug of the socket strip to a suitable mains socket with earthing contact
  • Connect up to 4x devices to the slots of the socket strip
  • Connect up to 2x USB devices to the USB ports for charging.

Cleaning and Care

Unplug the power strip from the power outlet before cleaning. Then disconnect all connected consumers and use a dry, soft cloth for cleaning. Use a long hair brush
to remove dust. Never use aggressive cleaning agents, which could damage the housing or possibly impair the function of the product.

Safety Instructions and Liability disclaimer

Never try to open the device to carry out repairs or conversions. Avoid contact with mains voltages. Do not short-circuit the product. The device is not certified for use in the open air; only use it in dry conditions. Protect it from high humidity, water and snow. Keep it away from high temperatures. Do not subject the device to sudden changes in temperature or heavy vibration as this might damage electronic components. Examine the device for damage before using it. The unit should not be used if it has received an impact or has been damaged in any other way. Please observe national regulations and restrictions. Do not use the device for purposes other than those described in the instructions. This product is not a toy. Keep it out of the reach of children or mentally impaired persons. Any repair or alteration to the device not carried out by the original supplier, will invalidate the warranty or guarantee. The product may only be used by persons who have read and understood these instructions. The device specifications may change without any separate prior notice to this effect.

Disposal Instructions

The European Directive (WEEE) requires that old electrical and electronic appliances shall be disposed of separately from normal household garbage for optimal recycling. The component parts must be separated, collected and sent for recycling or disposal in an environment-friendly manner. Otherwise, toxic and dangerous substances could cause enduring damage to the environment if disposed of incorrectly. As a consumer you are legally obligated (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act-ElektroG) to return electronic equipment at the end of its lifetime to their manufacturer, point of sale, public collection points or importer free of charge. The relevant local laws apply here. The symbol on the product, in the instructions or on its packing indicates these regulations. The reuse or recycling of materials and old units makes an important contribution towards protecting the environment.

WD Plus GmbH, herewith declares that this product 303302 conforms to the principle requirements and other relevant stipulations. The complete Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from: WD Plus GmbH, Wohlenbergstraße 16, 30719 Hanover

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