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BLACK RIDGE Air Spray Gun Gravity Feed HD PLU 572926 Manual

BLACK RIDGE Air Spray Gun Gravity Feed HD PLU 572926 Manual Image

BLACK RIDGE Air Spray Gun Gravity Feed


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THE BLACKRIDGE Professional Gravity Feed Spray Gun is designed to be lightweight, stylish, comfortable, compact, easy to operate, and to provide a superior finish while saving paint at the same time. This gun is suited to automotive, furniture, machinery, house, and building painting applications.


Model: RF801 AG
Type of feed: Gravity
Material Fluid Nozzle Diameter: 1.3mm Recommended Operating Pressure: 36 PSI Average Air Consumption: 100 LPM
Fluid Delivery: 0.15 – 0.23 LPM
Painting Fan: 170 – 250mm (at distance of 20cm) Cup Size: 600ml
Air Inlet: 1/4″.

Fire or explosion hazard:

  • Fluid and solvents can be highly flammable or combustible:
  • Use in a well ventilated spray booth.
  • Avoid any ignition sources such as smoking, open flames, electrical hazard, etc.
  • Never use halogenated hydrocarbon solvents (1.1.1 trichloride, ethyl chloride, etc.) which can chemically react with aluminum and zinc parts and cause an explosion.
  • Be sure that all fluids and solvents used are chemically compatible with aluminum and zinc parts.
  • To reduce the risk of static sparking, grounding continuity to the spray equipment and object being sprayed must be maintained.

Misuse hazard:

  • Never point the gun in the direction of a human body.
  • Never exceed the maximum safe working pressure of the equipment.
  • Always release air and fluid pressure before cleaning, disassembling or servicing.
  • For emergency stop and prevention of unintended operation, a ball valve installation near the gun to stop the air supply is recommended.

Hazard created while coating material is atomised and sprayed:

  • Toxic vapours produced by spraying certain materials can create intoxication and serious damage to health.
  • Use the gun in well-ventilated areas.
  • Always wear protective eyewear, gloves, respirator, etc. to prevent the toxic vapour, solvents and paint from coming into contact with your eyes or skin.
  • Noise level mentioned in main specifications was measured at 1 m behind the tip of the gun, 1.6m high from floor.
  • Wear earplugs if required.

Other hazards:

  • Never modify this product for any application.
  • Never spray foods or dangerous chemicals through the spray gun.


Preparation before operating:

  • Check and replace any damaged or worn parts.
  • Make sure the nozzle and air trigger are free to operate correctly.
  • Attach paint cup to the spray gun.
  • Pour paint into the paint cup and screw on lid securely.

WARNING: When filling or refilling the material, disconnect your gun from the air supply to avoid accidental spillage or spraying.
Operating: Recommended air line components (for best results you should incorporate an air regulator with filter).

  • Connect the air source hose to the gun. Make sure the air pressure does not exceed 36 PSI.
  • Pull the trigger slowly and move the spray gun in parallel strokes to the object being painted. Keep the appropriate distance of 15 – 30cm between the gun and the spraying area. This may differ slightly depending on the flow adjustment and the material being sprayed.
  • Release the trigger after each forward movement; pull the trigger again on the return movement.
  • When using a vertical pattern, move the spray gun in a horizontal motion; with a horizontal pattern move the spray gun in a vertical motion. A round pattern requires a greater distance from the object being painted.

When finished, release the trigger and disconnect from the air source. The cup and spray gun may still hold air pressure; fire the spray gun toward scrap material until all of the pressure is exhausted. Open the vent before removing the lid to make sure there is no remaining pressure.


Turn off air and coating materials to the gun and release pressure by triggering.

  • Be careful when disassembling the spray gun it contains sharp parts.
  • If unsure, please take the spray gun to a qualified technician for repair.
  • Pour remaining paint into another container and then clean the paint passages and air nozzle. Spray a small amount of thinner to clean paint passages, incomplete cleaning will cause adverse pattern shape and particles. Always clean spray guns thoroughly, immediately after use.
  • Clean other sections with a brush soaked with thinner and waste cloth. Clean paint passage fully before disassembly.
  • Remove fluid nozzle after removing fluid needle set or while keeping fluid. needle pulled in order to protect seat section.
    CAUTION: Never use non-standard parts to repair the gun. Never use wire or other hard objects to clear the nozzle and clean the fluid needle. This will cause damage to the components. Never immerse the whole gun into liquid such as thinner. Never damage holes of air nozzle, fluid nozzle and fluid needle.



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