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bluelab Soil pH Pen Care Cleaning Manual

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Bluelab Soil pH Pen Care & Cleaning
Information sheet for Bluelab Soil pH Pens

Handy tips to care for the Soil pH Pen

Soil pH probes do not last forever. The age quickly through normal use.
Following these care steps will help you maintain accuracy and improve the life of the soil pH pen:
› Always keep the probe tip wet. If it dries, it dies!
› Rinse the pH probe tip in clean tap water between readings for accuracy.
› Always place the storage cap back onto the pH probe after use. Ensure the cap contains enough Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution to cover the probe tip.
› Clean and calibrate the pH probe every 30 days.
› Only use plastic containers when cleaning, calibrating, and/or hydrating.
› Always loosen the storage cap before removing or placing back onto the probe to avoid permanent damage to the probe.
› Touching the glass bulb with your fi fingers will contaminate the glass.
› Never plunge a cold probe into a hot liquid (or vice versa). Sudden temperature changes can permanently damage the probe.
› Do not immerse in oils, proteins, or suspended solids that will leave a coating on the glass bulb.
› Never exert sideways force, drop or knock the soil pH pen, the glass will break.
› Hydrate the pH probe in KCl storage solution if the probe tip has not always been stored in KCl storage solution, to improve the reading response speed.

How to clean a Bluelab Soil pH Pen

  1. Remove storage cap from soil pH pen. Grip the top and twist the dibber a few times to the left to loosen. Slide the storage cap/dibber off the pen. Place the cap/ dibber upright in a container so the KCl storage solution doesn’t spill out.
  2. Rinse soil pH probe tip under fresh tap water. Never use RO (Reverse Osmosis), Distilled or De-ionized water.
    bluelab Soil pH Pen Care Cleaning from soil pH pen.
  3. Fill a small plastic container with clean tap water. Add a small amount of Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner or mild detergent (dishwashing liquid).
  4. Gently stir the probe tip in the mixture. Ensure that you do not ‘knock’ the pH pen on the side of the container as this may cause damage to the probe.
  5. If the probe tip requires removal of heavy contamination: Gently brush around the glassware with a few drops of Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner or mild detergent (dishwashing liquid) and a soft toothbrush.
    Note: if you need to hydrate the pH probe, soak the probe tip for 24 hours in KCl storage the solution before you calibrate.
  6. Rinse the probe tip well under fresh running tap water to remove all traces of the detergent mixture.
  7. Calibrate the soil pH pen after cleaning, instructions are on the label on the back of the pen. After calibration, ensure there is enough KCl Storage Solution in the storage cap/dibber to cover the probe tip. Place the storage cap back onto the probe, twist to the right until secure.

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