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Bort BSS-Vision 700W Vacuum Cleaner Robot Manual

Bort BSS-Vision 700W Vacuum Cleaner Robot Manual Image

Bort BSS-Vision 700W Vacuum Cleaner Robot User Manual

BSS-Vision700W 93411775



This vacuum cleaner is intended for domestic use only, not for commercial use. Only use this vacuum cleaner in accordance with the in-structions in this instruction manual. The tool is intended for wet and dry cleaning. The manufacturer will not accept any responsibility for damage caused by improper use or incorrect operation. Therefore, you must note the following points.

Power consumption, W 700
Flitration type HEPA
Container capacity, L 0,3
Water tank capacity, L 0,3
Battery tension, V 14,8
Capacity of the charged battery, Ah 2,6
Non-stop working time, h 2
Battery charging time, h 4
Weight, kg 2,5
Communication protocol Wi-Fi
Carpet height max, mm 20
Number of the working modes 5
Voice prompt +
Video Smart Navigation +
Set up a room map +
Set up a virtual wall +
Smartphone control +
Wet and dry cleaning +
Height sensor +
Resuming cleaning after interruption +
Smart-drip +
Cleaning programming +
Set up a cleaning area +


  1.  Front bumper;
  2. WiFi light;
  3.  Button;
  4. Signal window;
  5.  Glass panel;
  6.  DC pocket;
  7. Power switch;
  8.  Dust bin water tank;
  9.  Mop;
  10.  Middle roller brush;
  11. Right / left wheel;
  12. Cliff sensor;
  13. Right / left brush;
  14.  Charging contact;
  15. Universal wheel;
  16.  Battery cover.


  1.  Water tank;
  2.  Water tank lock;
  3. Water tank plug;
  4.  Water injection hole;
  5.  Dust bin;
  6. Cover;
  7. HEPA support;
  8. HEPA filter;
  9. Water tank filter


  1.  Adapter socket;
  2. Signal window;
  3. Charging contact.


  • Vacuum cleaner robot;
  • Dust-collecting bag;
  •  Charging station;
  • Battery charger;
  • Brush for cleaning;
  • Microfiber cloth;
  •  Side brush set.

Product Life:

The service life of the product is 5 years. Production date: Is indicated on the packaging of the goods.

Shelf life:

Shelf life is not limited (subject to storage conditions).

Storage conditions:

Products are stored in dry, ventilated warehouses at tem-peratures from 0 ° C to +40 ° C with a relative humidity of not more than 80%.


It is strongly perhebited dropping and any mechanical im-pact on the pfckaging during transportation. When unloading / loading, it is not allowed to use any type of equipment that works on the principle of packing clamping.


The safety specification is intended to prevent users’ personal or property damage. The following symbols represent the following meanings:

  •  Except the maintenance technician no one can disassembly repair or modify the product otherwise it may catch fire or electric shock;
  •  Do not touch the charge with wet hand when charging, otherwise it may cause damage or electric shock;
  •  Do not let clothes or baby parts(hair fingers etc.)get involved in machine hair brush or wheel,can cause damage to machine and personal injury;
  • Please do not use other adapters otherwise it may cause damage fire or electric shock;
  • Do not overbend the power cord of the adapter or place heavy object on it otherwise it may damage the power cord,causing a fire or electric shock;
  • Do not get close to lights, matches or matches or other heat sources and explosives goods.Do not flush the machine , otherwise it may damage the machine and cause fire.


  • Turn off the power when transport or long placement od machines;
  • Please do not allow children to use machine. Do not use machine in baby house the machine should be in places where children cannot touch;
  •  Do not stand or seat in the machine Do not put heavy object in the machine;
  •  Outdoor use is prohibited to prevent mechanical failure;
  • The adapter need connected to the socketmmachine and adapter plus when the machine is charged;
  • Do not place the machine on high place,in order to avoic damage;
  • Please do not use machine in small space,move the vulnerable goods before using (luminous objects, fabrics, glass product etc.);
  • Do not use in a commercial space otherwise the machine maybe damaged by overuse.



  • Please remove power cord ,thread and other debris scattered on the ground before using avoid trip or wind the machine;
  • The machine may stuck by the objects that height blow 8.5 CM; please pay attention to such areas when cleaning;
  • Please remove the side brushes and roll the carpet’s tassels before using machine on the carpet;
  • This product can be use on woodfloor, tile floor and cement floor and short hair carpet (less than 1cm).


  • Manual Charging: Adapter connect with power supply, and machine DC socket.
    1. The button indicator flashes and the charging language sounds. The charging connection is successful Indicator flashes, in charging.
    2. The indicator light is always on and charging is complete.
    Please charging 8 hours for first charging turn on the power switch when charging.
  •  Auto Charging:
  1.  Place the charging station flat against wall side 1m and front 2m without objects and strong reflecting surface such as mirrors
  2. Adapter connect with power supply and charging station. Machine will find charging station automatically when battery power is low. ! Users can control the machine to find charging station through the APP.


  1. Turn on machine. Turn on power switch. The button indicator lights up with an opening music (“On”power on“OFF”shut down).
  2. Start clean. Press ON/OFF button, machine start cleaning mode.
  3.  Stop clean. When machine is working, press ON/OFF button 1 times, machine stop working (pressON/OFF button again, machine start working).
  4.  Shut down. Machine stop working, turn off power switch indicator light off, machine shut down.


In order to adapt to different ground conditions and realize deep cleaning This machine with a variety of cleaning mode,users can use mobile APP to select cleaning mode or help machine get out of stuck in
some situation.

  1.  Auto Clean. Machine start full coverage cleaning + edge clean. It will go back to charging station once finished.
  2. Edge Clean. Machine along the object edge to clean (such as wall or furniture edge).
  3.  Spot Clean (one time clean is complete machine will stop at the beginning). Focus on specific areas,clean more thoroug Suggest use in the living room or the area with less obstacles.
  4.  Max/Normal suction clean mode. Through APP setting button,choose suction power for MAX or Normal.
  5.  Auto Return to Charging Station. Machine stop working and find dock station automatically when battery power is low.


This product with mop function,dust bin and water tank intergrated design with intelligent water pump,users can adjust the water flow through APP setting button. Please wet the mop before using,for better clean effect
Put the mop on machine, then start mopping clean.

  1. Take out water tank;
  2.  Take out dust bin, open water plug;
  3. Clean up excess water-drop. Don’t use mop function in carpet. Please clean extra droplets after add water.


  1.  Video Smart Navigation. This machine with forward camera to collect and analyze data for position combine with gyroscope navigation for indoor mapping and motion navigation to achieve precise position and high coverage clean rate. In order to make the user have a better functional experience, do not block the camera during using.
  2. Map in APP. Map shows on APP when machine is cleaning.
  3.  Breakpoint Resume Operation. If machine power is low, but clean not finish. It will go to charging after charging, the machine will return to the reakpoin and continue to clean the remaining area.
  4.  Posit the Machine In standby mode, click on «positioning» via the «more» option on the APP machine will make a sound, the user can quickly find themachine.


  1. The side brush is divide into left and right (as shown by the centre color) and the left and right cannot be interchanged;
  2.  Ensure good cleaning effect, users should clean the surrounding hair and debris in time after using machine for a period of time;
  3.  The users should change the brush according to the diagram left and right (use screwdriver to remove and fix the brush);
  4. For good cleaning experience, please use machine carefully in hair and other winding areas.


  1. Dust Bin&Filter Material (fig. 10).
  •  Take out dust bin, clean dust;
  • Remove filter components HEPA flter can’t wash, please slight clean the dust;
  1. Dry the dust bin and filter components, ensure its use and longevity.
    Remark: Users should clean the dust bin and filter usually to keep the machine in good effect.
  2.  Mop. Clean and dry the mop after mopping finished.
  3. Middle roller brush and side brish (fig. 7).
    Clean roller brush: open pressure plate use cleaning brush to clean it;
    Clean Brush: use a screwdriver to remove brush clean side brushes.
  4. Cliff sensors. Clean the cliff sensors to keep sensitivity of inductor.
  5. Signal window. Ensure the signal window is clean and free of debris for better obstacle avoidance. Clean the charging contact and signal window by dry cloth, insure machine auto charging fluently.


This article is an iOS version of the application interface, and the Android version will be slightly different but very similar. Products and software are continuously updated. The data and software interface listed in the text are onlyused to explain the change without notice.

  1.  APP download.
    Scan below QR code (FIG. 11),download and install the tuya APP.
  2. Register.
    • Enter the registration page;
    • The system automatically determines the current country/region, you can also manually select the country/region, enter the mobile phone number or mailbox, and click «next», as shown in figure 1;
    • If you fill in the phone number, fill in the verification code received by the phone in the page shown in figure 2, and enter the password. Click “Confirm» to register successfully;
    • If you fill in the mailbox, enter the password in the page shown in figure 3, and click « Confirm « to register successfully.
  3.  Forgot password. If you forgot your APP’s account login password, you can reset the password by retrieving the password.
    • Click «forget password»;
    • The system automatically determines the current country/region, and you can manually select the country/region, enter your registered mobile phone number or email, and click «next»;
    • Fill in the verification code received by the phone or mailbox in the page shown in figure 3, and enter the new password, and click «ok».
  4. Add device. After entering the APP, click «+» on the top right of the home page to add the device, and enter the matching page.
  5.  Turn on power switch.
    • Long press the auto button on machine about 5 seconds or press wifi button on remote control 1 times, with a voice prompts enter wifi setting;
    • Open the APP and follow the step to connect the machine with APP;
    • Select the device working area to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi and enter the home Wi-Fi password and click “confirm» to enter the distribution process;
    • If the default mode distribution network is selected, the network process APP will experience the process, and the network successfully displays the interface. Press the app button, start intelligent control;
    ! If the network fails, you can choose to retry, try AP mode or view the help.
    • After entering the APP, click «+» on the top right of the home page to add the device, and enter the matching page;
    • Select the «AP mode» on the top right corner of the «default mode» homepage;
    • Press the auto button on the machine for more than 5 seconds or press the wifi button on the remote controller for 1 times. After release you can hear “ding ding” voice;
    • Click confirm indicator slowly blink.
    • Select the device working area to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi and add your WIFI password;
    • Then Connect phone to device’s WIFI hotspot. it shows «smartlife_xxxx». Press Go connect. !!! After connect, press your mobile phone back to TUYA APP directly !!!  Network successfully displays the interface. Press the app button, start intelligent control. ! If the network fails, you can choose to re add or view the help.


Discarded electric appliances are recyclable and should not be discarded in the domestic waste! Please actively support us in conserving resources and protecting the environment by returning this appliance to the collection centres (if available). In order to prevent the machine from damage during transport, it is delivered in a sturdy packaging. Most of the packaging materials can be recycled. Take these materials to the appropriate recycling locations. Take your unwanted machines to your local BORT GLOBAL LIMITED dealer. Here they will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.
Made in China.