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BRAND Mist Fan CE134 Manual

BRAND Mist Fan CE134 Manual Image

Instruction Manual
Item# CE134

Mist Fan

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What is included

Assembly instructions

1.Misting Board
2.Front Grill
3.Misting Board Lock
4.Blade Lock Nut
6.Grill Lock Nut
7.Back Grill
8.Motor Shaft
9.Motor Cover
10.Grill Lock Nut
11.Grill Lock Screw
12.Motor Holder
13.Connection Holder
14.Main Holder
15.Holder Fixed Screw
16.Main Body
17.Water Tank
18.Water Outlet 19.Locknut Base
20.Base Lock Nut
22.Misting Tube
23.Control Panel
24.Remote Control
25.Decorate Panel
26.Water Indicator

Indicator light:

  1. Natural mode indicator
  2. Sleeping mode indicator
  3. Oscillation
  4. Mist volume indicator: minimum-medium-maximum
  5. Timer
  6. Speed: low-medium-high
  7. Power-on indicator

A. On/Off
B. Speed
C. Mode
D. Timer
E. Oscillation
F. Mist

YouTube video instruction

Please use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code. Simply point your camera and let the camera scan the code below, and click on the link that opens up.



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