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chicco Microwave Steam Sterilizer IIS0080ESF_04 Manual

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Microwave Steam

For Your Child’s Safety
Read All Instructions

To avoid risk of burns:

  • After sanitizing the components are very hot. Handle with extreme care.
  • Wait until all parts of the unit have cooled before touching them.
  • Use oven gloves to remove from the microwave and to remove the lid.
  • It is recommended to wait before removing the lid. Make sure to open the lid away from you and slowly let out any residual steam.


  • This is NOT a toy. Keep out of reach of children.
  • NEVER use the Sterilizer without water.
  • Only use water in the Sterilizer. Do NOT add cleaning solutions or any other additives.
  • ALWAYS use 1 cup = 8oz/240ml of water. Using less than 1 cup = 8oz/240ml could damage the Sterilizer.
  • Use ONLY with products that are microwave safe and can be boiled.
  • For glass feeding bottles – make sure glass bottles are clearly marked as microwave safe before placing in this Sterilizer.
  • Do NOT place metal or nylon objects into the Sterilizer.
  • For use with microwave ovens only. Do NOT use any other heat source.
  • If the microwave is equipped with a grill function; make sure the grill function is turned off and has cooled down before using the Sterilizer.
  • For use with 600W – 1200W power microwaves.
  • Do NOT microwave longer than the recommended sanitizing time shown in the chart. This may cause damage to the Sterilizer.

Step 1
Wash and rinse feeding bottles and accessories before sanitizing.
Remove the lid from the base of the Sterilizer.
Pour 1 cup = 8oz/240ml of water into the base.

Step 2
chicco Microwave Steam Sterilize - STEP2To avoid contaminating the nipple after sanitizing it is recommended to attach the nipple onto the ring before placing in the rack. Do not touch the nipple after sanitizing.
Place the feeding bottles and accessories in the rack. Place the lid back on the Sterilizer Base. Place the Sterilizer into the microwave.

Sanitizing Time
Set the power and time as recommended in the chart below:

      3 1200 W
      5  900 W
      8  600 W

Please do not return this product to the store. If you have any questions or comments about this product, or are missing any of the parts, contact us in one of the following ways:

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