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Ultrasonic Humidifier Clean Air Optima CA-607W Manual

Ultrasonic Humidifier Clean Air Optima CA-607W Manual Image

Ultrasonic Humidifier Clean Air Optima

Thank you for purchasing the Clean Air Optima® Ultrasonic Humidifier CA-607W.
We wish you many years of healthy indoor air with this efficient and effective product.
These instructions describe the safety precautions to be observed during operation. They are meant to prevent injuries and to avoid damaging the device.

Main unit

Description of the device
The device consists of the following main components:

  1. Mist nozzle
  2. Handle
  3. Water tank
  4. Float
  5. Aroma box
  6. Power cord
  7. PTC heating element
  8. Water tank lid and filter


Safety warnings

This device may only be used in accordance with these safety instructions. Take the following steps to minimize the risk of personal injury caused by for example electric shocks or fire.

  1. Only for indoor use. Do not use or store outdoors.
  2. Use proper voltage: AC 220V – 240V, 50/60Hz
  3. The inner ultrasonic transducer is highly sensitive. Do not touch it with bare fingers or scrape it with metal tools, or it will reduce mist output. When cleaning this area please use a small cleaning brush, cotton swab or tooth brush. Do not use hot water as it may damage the misting parts.
  4. The device is not intended to be used by children or persons with reduced physical-, sensory- or mental capabilities, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety.
  5. Children should be kept away unless continuously supervised.
  6. To safely use the device, put it in a steady, horizontal position. Do not move while using.
  7. To prevent interference and damage to other electronic devices, this machine should be placed at least 1 meter away from a computer, television, radio or other electronic equipment.
  8. Do not use the device when there is visible damage on the electrical cord or on the device itself. Do not repair the device yourself in case of damage. Never pull the device by its cord. If the power cord is damaged, then it must be replaced by an authorized service person to prevent electric shock or fire.
  9. Repairs may only be performed by authorized service personal. Do not try to repair the device yourself to prevent electric shock or fire.
  10. Always remove the plug from the socket when the device is not being used or when you clean internal or external parts of it.
  11. Remove the water tank before moving the device.
  12. Only use power cords provided.
  13. Do not use the device in rooms where inflammable liquids or gases are stored, close to heat sources or in particularly humid rooms like the bathroom, shower or swimming pool.
  14. To prevent malfunctions, never insert strange objects into the device.
  15. Never dissemble or replace the device’s inner parts.
  16. Do not place the device in direct sunlight, to avoid that the device discolours.
  17. Never immerse the unit in water or other liquids.
  18. Do not touch the power cord with wet hands.
  19. Do not touch the warm mist closely.
  20. Clean and dry the device before storage (including the removal of all water from the inside
    of the device). Store the machine in a cool and dry place outside the reach of children.
  21. Do not clean the water sink when the water is still hot.
  22. Use, maintain and clean the device as described in this manual.

Operating instructions

Before getting started, remove the Clean Air Optima® CA-607W from its box and allow it to become accustomed to the room temperature for at least 30 minutes especially if the machine is cold from the outside air. Place the device on a solid, level and front water insensitive surface, approx. 60 cm from the floor and at least 20 cm from the wall.
The CA-607W is designed to operate at temperatures between 5 -40 ºC and relative humidity of less than 80%.
To get started, grasp the water tank by the handle at the top and lift from the base. Next, flip the tank over and unscrew and remove the water tank lid and filter.

Then place the water tank under the faucet for filling, grasping it from the handle under the water tank. Fill the tank with tap water (or other clean water source with water temperature under 40ºC), re-insert the lid and filter. Flip the water tank once again until it is on the right side up. Ensure that the basin is clean and then carefully place the water tank back on the lower body.

Wait a few seconds until the water tank lid starts to release water into the basin. You will hear a bubbling sound as the air enters the water tank. Plug the power plug into a suitable power outlet, a signal sounds to indicate that your device is in standby mode. If the humidifier is switched on/off, the values for temperature (margin of about 2-5 degrees difference from the room temperature) and humidity will now be displayed.

Power Button:
Press the Power Button to activate the humidifier. The machine is now operating in manual mode. It will release cool mist on a constant basis with the mist intensity level automatically set to medium.

Manual Button:
The Manual Button changes the mist level (low, medium, high). There are 3 levels of mist output available.

Child Lock:
Child lock protects from unwanted use of the device.
The Child Lock is switched on / off by pressing the Manual Button for 3 seconds.
If the child lock is switched on, a red lock icon appears in the display.

Humidity Button:
Pressing the Humidity Button, you can select the desired humidity level by pressing this button repeatedly until the required humidity level is displayed (from 40% to 80% in increments of 5%). Once you select your desired humidity level, simply stop pressing the button and your humidity level will be set.
When the humidity level in the room reaches the set humidity level, the machine will go into automatic sleep state and stop producing mist after 1 minute. When the room’s actual humidity level drops below your set humidity level, then the machine will start producing mist again.

Mode Button:
Pressing the Mode Button once, this will activate the Sleep mode, press 2 times for Auto, press 3 times for Baby, press 4 times for Health. (Sleep-Auto-Baby-Health-Sleep…..).

Sleep Mode:
When the sleep mode is activated, the display will turn off in 10 seconds. Only the sleep mode light is on.

Auto Mode:
Depending on the temperature, the humidifier sets the optimum humidity

Temperature of the air, degrees Celsius Humidity %
19 and lower 65
20-21 60
22-23 55
24-25 50
26-27 45
28-29 40
  • The device determines the temperature in the surrounding of the device (margin of about 2-5 degrees difference from the actual room temperature).
  • The optimal humidity levels with different temperatures are taken from the data base of the device.
  • The device works at maximum power until the optimal humidity is achieved.
  • If the optimal humidity is achieved, then the humidification will stop.
  • The device checks the accordance of the temperature level and the humidity level every 10 minutes.

Baby Mode:
When the Baby Mode is activated, the device turns on the function of warm mist & UV-Light and starts to achieve 55% humidity at maximum power. If the 55% humidity is achieved, then the humidification will stop. The device checks the humidity level every 10 minutes.

Health Mode:
When the Health Mode is activated, the device turns on the function of warm mist & UV-Light, it will calculates the optimal humidity and starts to achieve it at maximum power.
The optimal humidity in Health Mode is calculated as in the Auto Mode, the only difference is that the device add 5% to the result.

Optimal humidity in Auto Mode = 50%, Optimal humidity in Health Mode = 50 + 5 = 55% When the optimal humidity level is achieved, then the humidification will stop.
The device checks the accordance of the temperature level and the humidity level every 15 minutes.

Negative Ion Button:
Pressing the Negative Ion Button will activate the negative ion generator with a total capacity of > 3.000.000 negative ions / cm³ that are spread through out the entire room and thereby neutralize pollutants and smells. Negative ions attach onto dust particles, microorganisms and other unwanted particles in the air and connect them to each other. This way, the particles become heavier than air and fall onto the ground so that you can no longer breathe them in. Negative ions are most found in the forest, mountains and by the sea. Negative ions ensures fresh and healthy air.

Timer Button:
Pressing the Timer Button sets the timer. The timer function determines how many hours the humidifier will operate. You can set the timer simply by pressing it once for each hour that you would like to run the device. The timer can be set from 1 hour to 12 hours. As time passes, the time value decreases until it goes to 00:00 and the device shuts off.

Heating Button:
Pressing the Heating Button activates the warm mist function and is shown on the LED display with three wavy vertical lines. The water is heated in the basin by a PTC heating element and will be heated up by over 65 degrees for killing effective bacteria (Legionella). Heating the water makes the mist output finer for faster and more efficient humidification.

UV-Light Button:
Hold the UV-Light Button for 3 seconds, the device starts the UV Sterilization function, which kills the bacteria in the mist output airflow, bevor the mist enters into the room. The UV-Light icon is shown on the LED display. Press the button again and hold it for 3 seconds to stop the UV-light function.

Automatic shutdown when water tank is empty

Should the water tank be empty, a threefold acoustic signal sounds. The corresponding symbol lights up in the display while the remaining indicators go out. The device will automatically stop humidifying. In this case, turn off the device with the ON / OFF button. Let the device cool down before pouring any more water in the tank.

Caution: The device and the water in the nebulisation chamber (basin) might be very hot.
When lifting the device or removing the water tank right after operation you risk scalding yourself with the hot water!
Ensure that the water tank is always completely refilled.

Remote control

The buttons on your remote control:

  1. Sleep mode
  2. Auto mode
  3. Baby mode
  4. Health mode
  5. Desired humidity
  6. Min. / Max.
  7. ON / OFF
  8. Timer
  9. Heating
  10. UV-Light
  11. Negative ions
  12. Child lock

Replacing batteries in the remote control

  1. Open the battery cover at the back side of remote control to place the battery.
  2. To place the battery: there is a “security tab” at the bottom of the remote control that you first have to slide to the right and then pull out the battery holder. (see Picture 2). Insert the battery with the correct polarity. (see Picture 3).
  3. Push the battery cover back into the remote control.

Preparation Clean Air Optima® Water Filter W-01W

The Water Filter W-01W reduces the limescale in the water and the undesirable emission of limescale particles into the room surroundings. Effective for one to three months, depending on the water hardness. Hard tap water accelerates saturation of the granulate faster so that the Water Filter W-01W must be replaced earlier.

  1. Rinse the Water Filter W-01W for 2 minutes under cold running tap water.
  2. Screw the Water Filter W-01W to the water tank lid.

Determining water hardness:

  1. Dip the enclosed test strip into a glass of cold tap water for 1 second.
  2. Read the water hardness test strip after one minute.
  3. Refer to the table to determine the expected duration of the Water Filter W-01W.

Dispose of the saturated Water Filter W-01W with your regular household waste.
The Water Filter W-01W should not be used longer than specified.
You can order the Water Filter W-01W in our online store at www.cleanairoptima.com

Replacing the Clean Air Optima® Water Filter W-01W

The Clean Air Optima CA-607W is equipped with a filter lifespan surveillance mechanism that signals that the water filter have to be replaced after 400 working hours. To show that the Water Filter W-01W need to be replaced, the humidifier emits a double zero indicator light. Reset the timer for the water filter by pressing and holding the power button for about 3 seconds. If the indicator light goes out, the timer has been successfully reset.

Placing/Replacing the Clean Air Optima® Silver Ion SI-01

The Silver Ion SI-01 uses the anti-microbial effect of silver, it prevents the growth of bacteria and smells in the water. The Silver Ion SI-01 even works when your humidifier is switched off, so the water stays fresh.
Replace the Silver Ion SI-01 at the start of the humidifier season or replace the Silver Ion SI-01 after one year of usage.

Replacing the Silver Ion SI-01:

  1. Grasp the water tank by the handle at the top and lift from the base.
  2. Take out the used Silver Ion SI-01.
  3. Insert the new Silver Ion SI-01.

Dispose of the Silver Ion SI-01 with your regular household waste.
The Silver Ion SI-01 should not be used longer than specified.
You can order the Silver Ion SI-01 in our online store at www.cleanairoptima.com


Activating the aroma function:

  • Remove the aroma tray from the bracket.
  • Pour 5 – 10 drops of Clean Air Optima® essential oil onto the sponge.
  • Put the aroma tray back into the bracket.
  • When you turn on your air humidifier, the aroma function will be activated.
  • If you want to deactivate the aroma function, or should the device not be in use for extended periods of time, remove the aroma sponge from the compartment and wash it with a little of mild soap water. Let it dry completely before placing
  • it back in the aroma compartment. Basically, the aroma sponge is reusable.

In order to reach the best results and to enjoy your ultrasonic air humidifier as much as possible, we advise to read carefully the following instructions regarding the use of essential oils in the ultrasonic air humidifier CA-607W.

Use of essential oils in the CA-607W
Use our high quality essential oils and enjoy your personal aromatherapy! A scent sensation at its highest level.
You can find high quality essential oils with many different scents in our assortment. They
perfectly fit to the ultrasonic air humidifier CA-607W and have been specially developed for
the use with this ultrasonic humidifier:

You can order the Essential Oils in our online store at www.cleanairoptima.com


The use of other essential oils not made for this air humidifier or other additives (for example: fragrances and water purification products) can damage the air humidifier and must NOT be used! Never put other pure essential oils or other additives into the water tank resp. the water basin! Even a small quantity can damage the plastic and cause cracks.
The material is not made for the use of additives. One drop is enough to damage the water tank/ water basin and disable the device. Devices that are damaged through additives are excluded from the guarantee.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can ensure many years of trouble free operation of your Clean Air Optima® CA-607W humidifier by following a few simple maintenance procedures. If your water is hard, containing high concentrations of calcium and other minerals, then over a period of time white dust will start to deposit on the various surfaces in the room. A white, film-like substance will also start to develop in the water basin, on the transducer and on the inner surface of the water tank.
This white film will impede the proper function of the transducer and the operation of the machine.

We recommend the following

  1. If you are using the device on a daily basis, clean the transducer, water tank and basin once a week.
  2. When the water tank needs a refill, empty the remaining water from the tank and fill it with fresh water.
  3. Clean the whole device and make sure to keep all the parts completely dry when the device is not in use.

How to clean the transducer

  1. Place 5-10 drops of vinegar on the surface of the transducer and wait for 2-5 minutes.
  2. Using a small brush, cotton swab or tooth brush, gently clean the mineral film from the surface of the transducer.
  3. Rinse the transducer with clean water.
  4. Never use sharp or solid objects for cleaning the transducer

How to clean the water basin

  1. Clean the water basin with a soft damp cloth. If there is excess film on the surfaces, then soak the cloth with vinegar and repeat the process.
  2. If there is a film in any of the depressions along the basin, drop a bit of vinegar into depression and clean it out with a brush.
  3. Rinse the basin with clean water.


The following is a troubling shooting guide to help you solve any issues that you may have using the Clean Air Optima® Ultrasonic Humidifier CA-607W.

Problem Possible Cause Solution
No mist diffused. Power plug not plugged in.

ON / OFF button not activated. Empty water tank.

Not enough water in tank.

Plug in device.

Press ON / OFF button. Fill tank with water.

Refill tank with water.

The mist has a strange odour. A new device.

It either has dirty water or the water has been stagnant too long.

Remove the water tank, unscrew the lid and let it air out in a cool area for 12 hours.

Clean the water tank and refill with clean water.

The volume of spray mist is too low. Too much mineral scale in the water basin and on the transducer.

Water is too dirty or water was kept too long in the tank.

Clean transducer.

Clean the water tank and refill with clean water.

Device is noisy. Water tank not positioned correctly.

Not enough water in the water tank.

Device is on an unstable surface.

Correctly position water tank on the base.

Refill water in the water tank.

Place device on solid and even ground.

Spray mist is coming out of the area around the mist nozzle. There are gaps between the housing around the nozzle and the top of the water tank. Remove the nozzle from the top of the water tank and clean with a damp cloth. Reattach to the water tank.

If your water is very hard (containing abnormally high levels of minerals) the humidifier may produce white dust. This is not a malfunction. The solution would be to replace the Water Filter W-01W more often or use softer water, like distilled water. Or we can recommend Clean Air Optima Air Washers, more info in our online store www.cleanairoptima.com

If the above recommended solutions do not work, please contact Clean Air Optima technical support at the telephone number for your region. Do not attempt to disassemble, reassemble, or repair the device as this may void the warranty.


Model                                                CA-607W
For rooms up to                                65m² / 160m³ / 699ft²
Rated voltage                                     220V – 240V, 50/60Hz
Rated power                                      25W – Max. 105W
Capacity air humidification               Min. 120 ml/h – Max. 480 ml/h
Active oxygen                                   <0.05 ppm
Sound level                                       Silent fan < 25dB(A)
Dimensions                                      230 x 150 x 370 mm
Weight                                               3,4 kg
Water tank                                         5,5 L
Colour                                               Pearl white with smoked glass water tank
Complies with EU regulations           CE / WEEE / RoHS

Ask your retailer or your municipality for updated information regarding the disposal of the packaging and of the device.


Warranty Certificate for the Clean Air Optima® Ultrasonic Humidifier CA-607W.
Date of purchase: …………………………………………………………………………………………
Customers name: …………………………………………………………………………………………
Address: …………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Telephone: ………………………………………………………………………………………………….
Email: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Seller’s name: ………………………………………………………………………………………………
Address: …………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  1. Please fill in completely this Warranty Certificate. Send it with the invoice and the unit, postage pre-paid and using the original packing box, to your distributor. Make sure to include the appropriate return postage for the package.
  2. Please enclose a short description of the damage, fault or malfunction, and the circumstances under which these problems arose.

The Clean Air Optima® Ultrasonic Humidifier CA-607W is subjected to strict testing procedures before leaving the factory. If within 2 years from the date of purchase the product does not perform according to the specifications, because of factory defects, the purchaser is entitled to free repairs or replacement of parts upon presentation of this warranty (provided that the malfunction or damage to the device and/or parts occurred under normal operating conditions). What is covered: All parts defective in material and workmanship. For how long: two years from purchase date. What we will do: Repair or replace any defective parts.

Other Conditions

The provisions of this warranty are in lieu of any other written warranty whether express or implied, written or oral, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The manufacturer’s maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by you for the product. In no event shall the manufacturer be liable for special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages. This warranty does not cover a defect that has resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, faulty assembly, accident, natural catastrophes, improper packing, or unauthorized tampering, alteration, or modification as determined solely by us. This warranty is void if the label bearing the serial number has been removed or defaced.

Never put other pure essential oils or other additives into the water tank resp. the water basin! Even a small quantity can damage the plastic and cause cracks.

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