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Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam DC80 Manual

Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam DC80 Manual Image

DC80 Mini WiFi Dash Cam
User Manual

Model No.: DC80

Before First Use

Charging the Camera
Before the first use, charge the camera via USB charger. The dashcam will turn on automatically when charging.

Formatting the Micro SD Card
Before the first use, format the Micro SD card to FAT32 format. The camera only supports class 10 micro SD
cards with at least an 8GB capacity.

Resetting the Camera
If the cam malfunctions for any reason, reset it with the included pin or small paperclip.

Safety precautions

  • Read this instruction manual carefully before using the camera. It contains important information for your safety as well as operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Follow all safety precautions in order to prevent damage due to improper use of the camera.
  • Keep this user manual for future use. Should this camera be passed along to a third party, this user manual should be handed on as well.
  • Use the camera only for its intended purpose.
  • In the event of improper use or erroneous handling, no liability can be assumed for any possible damage which may occur.
  • Never try to repair the camera yourself. Only allow qualified personnel to repair the camera in the event of malfunctions.
  • Warning! Never immerse the camera in water or other liquids while cleaning or operating it. Never hold the product under running water.
  • Do not open the housing under any circumstances. Do not introduce any metal objects into the interior of the housing.
  • Never use accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer. Keep the camera away from all hot surfaces and flames. Protect the camera from extreme heat and cold, dust, direct sunlight, humidity, and water.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the camera. The manufacturer is not responsible for any missing video data due to maloperation, microSD card malfunctions, camera angle limitation, etc.

What’s included?

DC80 Diagram

Before Using Your Conbrov DC80 dashcam

1.Charging Your Camera

Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam .Charging Your Camer

Steady red Charging
Off Fully charged
The screen showing”Low Battery” Low power
  1. You cannot turn off the camera while charging.
  2. It will record automatically when starting the engine.
  3. The red LED turns off when the camera is fully charged.

2.Installing SD Card

Caution! Format the Micro SD before first use. Doing this, however, will remove all data from the card. Make sure to back up any data before formatting.

  1. Only supports a Class 10 Micro SD with at least 8GB capacity for recording.
  2.  Do not remove the Micro SD card during operation. It will damage both the memory card and camera.
  3. Push the Micro SD card into the memory card slot gently until it clicks into place. The card only fits one way, so do not force the card into the port.
  4. To remove the Micro SD card, make sure the camera is OFF. Press down on the Micro SD and it will pop up, you can then pull it out easily.

Button specification

Press the power button to turn on the dashcam, the camera makes a sound and the LCD screen lights up.
Press the button to start recording or taking photo after the camera powers on.
In standby mode, press“standby”button to enter into the menu  option, you can set parameter information and preview it; when in menu mode, press,then you can  set parameter information and save it
In standby mode, short press modes button, then you can switch between photo and recording mode.
F: Reset
In menu/mode, press the “up/down” button, then you can choose the menu items.
If the camera malfunctions for any reason, You can click the reset button to reset. When resetting is successful, restart the camera to use.

How to Use Your DC80 Dash Cam

1.Turn on/off the Camera
The camera will turn on automatically when charging or starting the engine and turn off when stop charging or the engine.

  1. Press the power button to switch the camera on. The led will light up blue on the left, which indicates that it is in standby mode.
  2.  Press the power button again to switch the camera off. The led blue will turn off.


  1. Stop recording first before turning off the dashcam.
  2. The battery power is too low and the camera must be charged

2.How to Record Manually
Power on the camera, press M button to switch to recording mode, then press the menu modebutton to start recording videos, the red icon flashes on the screen, and the Led flashes blue. In recording mode, press themenu mode button again to stop recording, the disappears and the LED stays blue.

How to Use Your DC80 Dash Cam

3.How to Take Photos
Power on the camera, press M button to switch to photo mode, then pressmenu modethe button to take a photo, the Led stays blue. The photo will save automatically to the SD card.

4.How to Playback the Video/Photo
In photo mode, press the M button to enter the playback mode, then press up/down to choose the video/  picture file, press themenu mode button to play the video.

5.How to Use SOS
In recording mode, pressstandby the button to lock the video files and cannot be recovered.

6.How to Play Video on Computer
Connect the dashcam to the computer via USB cable, power on the dashcam, and will show a folder on you computer, you can play the video/picture or save them as you want.

Pressstandby the button to format the sd card and set the date, parking monitoring, motion detection, record audio,  frequency, loop recording, etc:

1. About G-sensor
The dash camera will automatically lock videos of unexpected incidents, the sensitivity is optional, In the menu,  press up/down button to find the “GSENSOR” then pressmenu mode the button to choose “off”, “low”, ”medium”,” high” , pressmenu mode button again to save the option. The sensitivity is default to “medium”.

2. About Parking monitoring
Short pressstandby button twice, then press down the button to choose “parking monitor”, and then press button to choose on or off. Pressmenu mode button again to save the option. In menu mode, press thestandby button again to end menu settings.3. About GPS
1.The dashcam will search GPS signal once powered on, the screen shows flashing meaning in searching GPS,  the stays on meaning GPS is working.
In menu mode, press standbythe button again to end menu settings.

2. How to play GPS information
If the GPS is working when recording, you can play the videos with GPS on the player included in the package:

1.Please play the CD in the package to download the “Driving  Recorder Player” to the computer. please choose the Google Driver.


2.Install the player on the computer and open the player.
3.Click on the right to choose the video that you want.

4.You can check the location on the player now.

Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam player now

How to Remote Control Your DC80 Dash Cam

  1. Download the APP “RoadCam”
    Scan the code to download the APP RoadCam, or search the RoadCam on App Store or Google Play to download it.Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam qrhttp://a.app.qq.com/o/simple.jsp?pkgname=com.camera.ligo
  2. Connect DC80 Dash Cam to Your Phone
    Power on the dashcam, press the button twice, press thestandby button to choose the wifi, press menu modethe button to turn on wifi down, and pressmenu mode the button again to enter into wifi mode, the screen will show the wifi SSID and PWD. Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam .ChargingSSID and PWD
  3. Enter into the RoadCam app, click “Add Recorder” to enter
    your wifi connecting mode, find out the same SSID on the dashcam, and enter into the password as you see on the dashcam.
    Please note: one dash have only one SSID.Conbro Mini WiFi Dash Cam RoadCam app
  4. Now you have connected the dashcam to your phone successfully. In wifi mode, press the down button to choose “wifi off” then press menu modethe button to disconnect wifi.
  5. Please Note 1. In standby mode, press and hold the Power button for more than 5 seconds to enter wifi mode.In wifi mode, press and hold the Power button for more than 5 seconds to turn off the wifi.

LED status

Power on Led stays blue
Power off Led blue turns off
Standby mode Led stays on blue
Charging Led stays on red on the right
Fully charged Led red turns off
Recording Led flashes blue
Taking photos Led stays on blue

Technical specifications

Item Parameter
LCD size 1.5 inch
Power Supply Car Charger:
Output: 5V,1A
Battery Capacity 170mAh
Video Format H.264, Audio: AAC
Resolution 720P 1280×720,
1080FHD 1920×1080 1296P 1728×1296
SD Card Capacity Supported Range MAX 64GB
Automatically power on/off Recording when startthe engine
Picture Format JPEG
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
File Format MOV
Wifi Optional
GPS Support
Loop recording Optional


  1. Q: What should I do when all the operations malfunction?
    A: Please try to reset the camera, there is a pin included in the package and you can use it to press the reset button to reset the camera.
  2.  Q: The dashcam cannot record video or take photos?
    A: Please check the capacity of the SD card, and if it is locked.
  3. Q: What should I do when I can’t play the video on the computer or there is only sound without a frame?
    A: We recommend replacing a VCL player on the market and restart the computer.
  4. Q: What should I do when the Micro SD card can’t save the video?
    A: Please try to format the micro SD card to FAT32, or you can change to a new micro SD card. We recommend using class 10 cards with 16GB capacity.
  5. Q: What should I do if the G-sensor is very sensitive to trigger?
    A: Please set the G sensor to low or mid sensitivity.
  6. Q: Why the video file is disrupted by horizontal stripes?
    A: Choose the right frequency according to local frequency.


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