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CosmicByte 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard CB-GK-16 Manual

CosmicByte 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard CB-GK-16 Manual Image

CosmicByte 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard User Manual


Model Name: Firefly
Model Number: CB-GK-16 or CB-GK-18
Style: 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard
Switch Brand: Outemu
Polling Rate: 1000Hz
LED Modes: 11
Media Functions: Yes, with FN key
Software: Yes
Keyboard size: 360*127*40mm
Keyboard Weight: 758g Approx.
Anti-Ghosting: All Key
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux (Software works only with Windows)

Multimedia Key Combination

FN+F1= Music
FN+F2= Volume Down
FN+F3= Volume Up
FN+F4= Mute
FN+F5= Pause
FN+F6= Prev Track
FN+F7= Play/Pause
FN+F8= Next Track
FN+F9= Email
FN+F10= Home
FN+F11= Calculator
FN+F12= Search

FN Combination Keys

FN+INS= Change LED Mode
FN+HM= 3 Dynamic LED Modes
FN+”-/=”= 7 Level Speed Adjustment
FN+ Arrow Up/Down= 7 Level Brightness Adjustment
FN+ESC= Press and Hold for 3S to factory reset keyboard
FN+DEL= Color Selection (Works with specific LED modes only)
FN+Arrow Left/Right= Left and Right LED Adjustment


  1. Resetting the Keyboard
    If you face any issue with the keyboard, we will first recommend you reset the keyboard by pressing FN+ESC key for 3 seconds. This will reset the keyboard to its factory default settings.
  2. PC not detecting keyboard Kindly try and change the USB port used to connect the keyboard. We recommend you connect
    the keyboard directly to the back of the PC to avoid any issue with detection. Use of USB extensions can cause the PC failure in detecting the Keyboard.
  3.  Additional Support: Contact our customer care team on [email protected] to troubleshoot or claim warranty. Please note warranty will not be valid if purchased from Unauthorized Sellers or for products tampered by third party technicians

Software Download

Download software for the keyboard by visiting the website www.thecosmicbyte.com

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The keyboard carries 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects only. Physical,
Water damage and tampered products are not covered under warranty.