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CREM Mignon Grinders Manual

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CREM Mignon Grinders User Guide


In spite of its small dimensions, the Mignon grinder always guaranties the same grinding thanks to micrometrical grinding adjustment. The direct dosing guaranties the best quality and aroma. Mignon is the perfect grind-on-demand grinder to offer to your customers as an alternative to traditional grinders.


  • Mignon



  • Step less micro metric grinder
  • High Speed” Maintenance
  • Step less Adjustment
  • Hands-Free” operations fork
  • All-Purpose grinder
  • Aluminum body

Technical specifications

Height, width, depth 230, 110, 165 mm

22, 8.7, 10.3“

Weight 3.4 Kg | 25.3 lb
Power ratings 230V/50Hz
Burrs size 50 mm
Burrs type Flat
Burrs made of Hardened Steel
Dose mode Single and continuous
Hopper size 0.25 Kg (Standard)
Grinding Adjustment Stepless micrometric
Grinding Speed 1.2 – 2 gr/sec

NOTE: Please check your regional price list for available versions/options and part numbers.
INSTALLATION NOTE: Please refer to the User Manual and the Technical Manual.


  • 0.51 Kg Bean hopper
  • Colour:
    Matt black

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