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CSL GHS-201 Gaming Headset Manual

CSL GHS-201 Gaming Headset Manual Image

User Manual

GHS-201 Gaming Headset
Mod.-Nr.: 303630/20190301GZ028

Thank you for having chosen this CSL product and for placing your trust in our company. Please read this manual carefully before installation to ensure your long-term enjoyment of this product. For future reference, please keep this manual. Before using the delivered product, check that it is complete, faultless, and undamaged.

Scope of Delivery

  • GHS-201 Gaming Headset
  • User Manual

Technical Data

Driver 50mm
Cable length Approx. 2.15m
Port USB Type-A
  • Flexible foldable microphone
  • Cable remote control


Remove the headset from its packaging and connect it to your computer:

  1. Connect the USB Type-A ports properly to the USB-Port of your end device.

Cable Remote Control

The headset has a wired remote control. You can adjust the volume individually by using the rotary knob on the wired remote control. Use the microphone switch to turn on or off the microphone mute.

Safety Instructions and Liability Disclaimer

Never try to open the device to carry out repairs or conversions. Avoid contact with mains voltages. Do not short-circuit the product. The device is not certified for use in the open air; only use it in dry conditions. Protect it from high humidity, water, and snow. Keep it away from high temperatures. Do not subject the device to sudden changes in temperature or heavy vibration as this might damage electronic components.
Examine the device for damage before using it. The unit should not be used if it has received an impact or has been damaged in any other way. Please observe national regulations and restrictions. Do not use the device for purposes other than those described in the instructions.
This product is not a toy. Keep it out of the reach of children or mentally impaired persons. Any repair or alteration to the device not carried out by the original supplier will invalidate the warranty or guarantee. The product may only be used by persons who have read and understood these instructions. The device specifications may change without any separate prior notice to this effect.

Disposal Instructions

As a consumer, you are bound by the Electrical and Electronic Devices Act (ElektroG) to return electrical and electronic goods free of charge at the end of their useful life to the manufacturer, the place of purchase or to specially set up, public collection points. The details in each case are governed by national law. The symbol on the product, the operating instructions, and/or the packaging refers to these regulations. By separating materials in this way, recycling and disposing of old devices, you are making an important contribution towards protecting our environment.

CSL GHS-201 Gaming Headset -

WEEE guideline: 2012/19/EU
WEEE register number: DE 67896761

WD Plus GmbH, herewith declares that this product 303630/20190301GZ028 conforms to the principle requirements and other relevant stipulations. The complete Declaration of Conformity can be obtained from: WD Plus GmbH, Wohlenbergstraße 16, 30179 Hanover

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