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D Addario PW-CT-16 Micro Banjo Tuner Manual

D Addario PW-CT-16 Micro Banjo Tuner Manual Image


PW-CT-16 Micro Banjo Tuner

Designed specifically for banjos, the Micro Banjo Tuner features a full-color display with four selectable viewing angles (2 vertical, 2 horizontal) in an attractive, compact design for discreet tuning. The advanced tuning algorithms allow you to tune in noisy environments, while the non-marring hoop mounting bracket allows for stress-free installation. The bright, full-color display allows for easy viewing in any environment, and the tuner does not require removal when the instrument is stored. It’s so small, convenient, and accurate, you’ll want one for every banjo you own!
Vertical View


A. Slide one side of hoop bracket completely under tension rods in mounting location.
B. While sliding bracket in opposite direction, place other side of bracket under opposing tension rods by applying light pressure to the hoop bracket.
C. Center bracket so it pivots on one tension rod. Reverse procedure to remove bracket

Do not bend bracket, as it could cause bracket to deform or break!