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DAB-EMBEDDED HaneSOM Small Embedded System on Module Manual

DAB-EMBEDDED HaneSOM Small Embedded System on Module Manual Image

Small Embedded System on Module


The HaneSOM – small embedded compute module.
The HaneSOM board is based on ARM® Cortex®-AS processor-based SAMA5D2 MPU with up to 1 Gbit DDR2-SDRAM in a single package and 32 Mbit of QSPI Flash. This makes HaneSOM module suitable for small device integration.
Block diagram


  • Microchip® SAMA5D27C SIP with 1Gbit RAM;
  • Bootable QSPI Flash up to 32Mbit;
  • PMIC MIC2800;
  • 69 I/0s;
  • Independent power rails for SD card I/Os, camera I/Os, and RTC;
  • Main module power supply: 3.3V ± 8%
  •  Operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • All necessary components are integrated on the HaneSOM to run standalone applications.


  • WiFi camera;
  • IoT gateway;
  • LCD HMI panel;
  • Small Al machine.


The HaneSOM has a rich number of interfaces:

  • LCD TFT support (24bit RGB);
  • 5MPix CMOS camera sensor support;
  • Audio interfaces (SSC, 12S);
  • Capacitive touch controller;
  • USB 2.0 High-speed ports (OTG and Host);
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet MAC;
  •  microSD memory interfaces;
  • SPI buses;
  • I2C buses;
  • UARTs;
  • CAN-FD buses;
  • 12-bit ADC;
  • PWM outputs.

Power supply.

Pin Description
18,19 +3.3V power tine
17, 34, 37,
40, 55, 82
33 SDMMCO power supply (1.8V or 3.3V)
28 RTC power supply
83 Camera ISC pins power (1.65 .. 3.6V)

• Using order code “DAB-002002” – module supplies with 0 Ohm resistors connects 83, 28, 33, 18, and 19 pins all together – for single 3.3V operation.
Power consumption example:

Condition Time of active operation
Linux 5.4 running, IDLE 3.3V ci 160mA

• Check Microchip AN2896 “SAMASD2 Low-Power Modes Implementation’ for more details o htto://wwlmicrochiricom/downloads/en/Aponotes/SAMA5D2-Low-Power-Modes-Irnolementation-Aoolication-Note-DS00002896A.odf


Package and pinout

The handsome is using SAMASD2 SIP in the TFBGA289 package.
More details in Microchip DS60001484A datasheet: “SAMASD2 System-In-Package (SIP) MPU with up to 1Gbit DDR2 SDRAM”.


The HaneSOM module has a Winbond W971GG6SB DDR2 chip integrated into the same SAMASD2 SIP.
Additionally, QSPI Flash GigaDevice GD2SQ32CNIGR has been installed onboard. The QSPI Flash connected to QSPI1 port, I0Set 2:

Signal Pin
QSPI1_100 PB7
QSPI1_102 PB9
QSPI1_103 PB10

Booting from QSPI Flash can be disabled, by pushing pin 86 of the HaneSOM to low level (GND).

Power supplies

The HaneSOM is supplied by an external 3.3V and generates all necessary voltages using PMIC Microchip MIC2800. PMIC generates DDR2 voltage (1.8V), core power line (1.25V), and VDDFUSE (2.5V).
IMPORTANT: The HaneSOM has internal resistors R8-R10 which connect VDDSDHC, VDDISC, and VDDBU to 3.3V. If the customer requires to supply separate power lines with different voltage levels, needs to order the HaneSOM module with “-NS” postfix.

System control

The HaneSOM provides global system Reset (nRST) and Shutdown (SHDN) pins to the application board.

  •  The first pin is an output pin generated by the internal. Power Management Unit (MIC2800) in respect of power sequence timing. It can be forced externally in case of a system crash and must be connected as described in the example schematic below.
  • The SHDN pin is an output pin and is managed by the software application. It switches the Main 3.3V Supply ON or OFF.

Electrical characteristics
See the SAMA5D2 Data Sheet, document no. D560001476 .


Board dimensions is 20x20x2.5 mm


Board weight: 3 grams.

Order codes

Board has 2 order options

Order code
DAB-002002 Module with 3.3V single operation
DAB-002002-NS Module with separate power domains for SD, camera and main system power supply.

GTIN: 05419980085429


[1] Microchip SAMASD2 datasheet available on NXP website: www.microchip.com [2] SAM-BA programming tool: https://www.microchiacomideveLoomenttools/ProductDetaits/PartNO/SAM-BA%201n-systern%20Programmer

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