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Dalmo Bidet Attachment DDB02S1, DDB02S2 Manual

Dalmo Bidet Attachment DDB02S1, DDB02S2 Manual Image

Dalmo Bidet Attachment User Manual



Thank you for purchasing DALMO bidet attachment. Please read these manual carefully and keep it for future reference

Warning! Please place this bidet attachment at room temperature and do not storage it and its accessories in the freezing temperature environment under 0 degree Celsius.


  1. Bidet


1. Shut off water supply to toilet. Flush toilet to drain all water inside the tank.

2. Remove existing seat and lid .
3. Release the bolts on both side of the existing toilet seat.

4. Install the rubber non-slip mats to the bottom of the the bidet

5. place the adjustable mounting brackets into the bidet seat coupling holes

6. Install bidet on toilet
Place bidet on toilet, and adjust its position, ensure the nozzles on the middle and won’t stucked when spraying. And then adjust the mounting brackets angle, make them fit for the toilet seat installation holes on the toilet, and then mount toilet seat back and tighten

7. Cold Water Installation
Connect supplied T adapter to fill valve underneath of toilet water tank and connect 65cm/25.59 inch metal braided hose between T adapter and cold water inlet of bidet

Complete Installation

Over tightening can cause damage to the threads and result in water leakage.
Use only hand pressure first and check for any leakage.
Turn only less than quarter turn at a time making sure there is no leakage.


  1. Knob 1: turn left to adjust water pressure, the more we turn it, the bigger the water flow
  2. knob 2: rotate according to indicator on the knob for function selection

Trouble Shooting

If the nozzles are clogged for some reason, please simply try to move them up and down manually for few times.

Users Guide of Bumper

After the installation. If there’s gap between toilet seat and bowl like shows, let me help you!

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