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iHeartRadio TV App manual

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How do I access the iHeartRadio TV app?

Can I register for the iHeartRadio TV App from my TV?

No. To activate service on your DIRECTV receiver, you must first log in in at iheart.com/activate and follow the instructions.

What is the purpose of the activation code?

The code connects your DIRECTV receiver to your iHeartRadio account.

Which receivers can view the iHeartRadio App?

The iHeartRADIO App is currently available on HR44 and above Genie receivers.

How do I sign out of my iHeartRadio account?

Go to Settings > Log Out From This Receiver > press SELECT on the Log Out button.

How do I log in to an iHeartRadio account with my DIRECTV receiver?

The iHeartRadio TV app will prompt you to log in on the iHeartRadio screen and direct you to iheart.com/activate.

May I use existing iHeartRadio credentials to log in to the TV app?

Yes, just go online to iheart.com/activate and enter your existing iHeartRadio credentials.

How do I sign up for a new iHeartRadio account to access the TV app?

Go to iheart.com/activate and select “Don’t have an account? Sign up.”

When do I enter my Activation Code to launch the iHeartRadio TV App?

After you input your credentials at iheart.com/activate, simply enter the Activation Code displayed on the iheart.com ‘Activate’ screen.

How will I know my DIRECTV Receiver has been associated with iHeartRadio and how long does it take?

After you enter the Activation Code online, select “Activate”. A success message should then display on your TV screen within a few seconds.

How do I get a new Activation Code if my iHeartRadio Activation Code expires?

Your Activation Code will expire in 15 minutes, and a new code will be displayed onscreen. You can also select ‘Request New Activation Code’ on your TV screen to get a new Activation Code.

How do I know which iHeartRadio account is logged in to the TV app?

The current user iHeartRadio account email address or user name will display on the Settings page. If you opt to associate your iHeartRadio account with your Facebook or Google account, your full name may display within the iHeartRadio TV App.

How many devices will support simultaneous use of the same iHeartRadio login ID?

The iHeartRadio app can be used on a maximum of five (5) devices with the same user ID at the same time. If you are automatically logged out of the iHeartRadio TV App, you may have exceeded your device limit.

What appears in the “For You” section?

“For You” populates with live stations based on your genre selections and recently played stations, only if you’re registered and activated with iHeart Radio.

What appears in the “My Stations” section?

“My Stations” displays any favorites selected from the Now Playing screen, only if you’re registered and activated with iHeart Radio.

What’s in the Search section?

“Search” lets you search across all stations. For live radio, you can search by keyword, radio station call letters, music genre, location or zip code.

Which radio stations are available in the iHeartRadio TV App?

You can enjoy over 1900+ live stations which are also available in iHeartRadio’s online, smart phone, tablet, and other TV app experiences. Please note, not all stations play in a format supported by DIRECTV.

Why doesn’t album art and/or information display for all live streaming radio stations?

Album art and information should display for the iHeartMedia-owned live radio stations. However, third-party-owned live radio stations may not have access to, or the rights to display music artist album art and/or information.

Will “My Stations” favorites from other iHeartRadio apps sync up with the TV app?

Yes, your profile and favorites from other iHeartRadio apps will be supported in the iHeartRadio TV App.

Will my radio genre preferences from other iHeartRadio apps be supported in the TV app?

Yes, your genre preferences from other iHeartRadio apps will be supported in the iHeartRadio TV app.

Will my genre preferences selected in the iHeartRadio TV app show up in other iHeartRadio apps?

Yes, your genre preferences selected in the iHeartRadio TV app will show up in other iHeartRadio apps.

Why don’t I see any stations in My Stations?

If your My Stations is empty, that’s because no radio stations have been saved yet. You can save a station via the Now Playing screen by selecting the +Heart icon.

How do I favorite stations in My Stations?

On the iHeartRadio Now Playing screen, navigate to and select the Heart icon to favorite the station in My Stations. You can also add live radio stations via iheartradio.com or via the iHeartRadio mobile app to carry over into the TV app.

Is there a limit to the number of favorites in My Station?

iHeartRadio allows a maximum of 100 favorite stations in My Stations.

How do I remove a station from My Stations?

To remove a station from the TV app, select the Heart icon on the Now Playing screen. The Heart icon works as a toggle to favorite or remove a radio station.

How do I access the iHeartRadio Now Playing screen?

From the top menu on almost all screens within the iHeartRadio app, navigate right to the Player on the far right of the screen, then press SELECT on the remote.

How do I exit the iHeartRadio Now Playing screen?

Navigate as far left as you can using the left ARROW key on the remote and highlight the left-most icon. One more left Arrow press will take you back to the previous screen/exit the app.

How do I start and stop a station?

When the Now Playing screen displays, use the remote to navigate to the start or stop button, and press OK on the remote to select the desired button. The actual Pause/Play button on the DIRECTV Remote will also support the Play and Pause buttons on the Now Playing screen.

What Live radio stations are supported by the audio player Scan button?

The Scan button will scan to an iHeartRadio popular station in the same genre as the currently playing station.

How can I add or remove genres in the iHeartRadio TV app?

Use the DIRECTV Remote to select the Settings Menu, then select Manage Genre Preferences. On this screen, use the remote to select or remove radio station genres.

Will music genres selected in the iHeartRadio mobile, tablet, or online apps appear in the iHeartRadio TV app?

Yes. Changes made within the iHeartRadio TV app will be reflected in iHeartRadio mobile, tablet, online, and other TV apps.

How do I find the iHeartRadio Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

The iHeartMedia Terms of Use can be found at iheart.com/legal/terms. The iHeartMedia Privacy Policy can be found at iheart.com/legal/privacy.

Does the iHeartRadio TV app support a TV screen saver?

Yes. After approximately 60 seconds, an iHeartRadio screen saver, with info and image associated with the currently playing song, will appear on the TV screen while the station plays in the background. Press any button on the DIRECTV remote to return to the TV app.

Is high speed internet required for the iHeartRadio app?

Yes. You need a high-speed Internet connection to enjoy the iHeartRadio TV app.

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