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DirectTv How does your monthly billing work manual

DirectTv How does your monthly billing work manual Image

We’ll bill you for a full month of service at the start of your billing cycle. So, for example, if your billing cycle starts on June 15th, DIRECTV will bill you from June 15th through July 14th. Your billing cycle date is the first date printed in the area labeled “What Do I Owe and When?” on your bill. It is based on the date you activate service and cannot be changed. If you are a new DIRECTV customer, your billing cycle will begin on the day you activate your service. You’ll receive a bill for your first month of service about 4 days after activation.

Your payment is due approximately 20 days after the bill is generated.

We suggest paying your bill online—it’s quick and easy. See all the other ways your can pay your bill.

Learn how to read your DIRECTV bill.

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