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DIVA Wallbox Controls 250W LED + Dimmer Manual

DIVA Wallbox Controls 250W LED + Dimmer Manual Image

DIVA Wallbox Controls 250W LED + Dimmer User Guide

Diva 250 W LED+ Dimmer
Dimmer for dimmable LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.


  • Large paddle switch with a captive linear-slide dimmer for a standard designer wallplate opening.
  • LED+ includes the most advanced technology for superior dimming of LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.
  • UL Listed to control:
    — Dimmable LEDs
    — Dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) with integrated ballast
    — Lutron LTEA Hi-lume 1% forward-phase LED driver
    — Halogen
    — Incandescent
  • Low-end adjustment to accommodate a wide range of bulbs.
  • 100% factory tested.
  • NEMA SSL-7A Type 2 Compliant.
  • Formerly CL.

Application Requirements

  • When dimming LEDs or CFLs, only bulbs marked or rated as DIMMABLE may be used.
  • For a list of compatible DIMMABLE LEDs please visit www.lutron.com/LEDfinder
  • Some DIMMABLE LEDs and CFLs require a minimum number of bulbs for proper operation. For details and a list of bulbs, please visit www.lutron.com/LEDfinder


Regulatory Approvals

  • UL Listed to US and Canadian safety requirements
    UL1472 / CSA C22.2 184.1
  • NEMA SSL-7A Type 2

Power and Ratings

  • 120 V~ 60 Hz
  • 250 W dimmable LED / CFL
  • 600 W incandescent / halogen
  • Mixed bulb type per Multigang and Mixed Bulb Type
    Ratings table
  • 350 W Lutron LTEA Hi-lume 1% forward-phase
    LED driver (maximum 8 drivers)


  • For indoor use only.
  • Ambient operating temperature:
    32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C), 0% – 90% humidity


  • Power failure memory: should power be interrupted, the control will return to its previously set level prior to the interruption when power is restored.
  • Captive linear slider
  • Tested to withstand electrostatic discharge without damage or memory loss, in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2.
  • Precise color matching
  • Mechanical air-gap switch to disconnect load power


• 1 Year Limited Warranty
For additional Warranty information, please visit 369-119_Wallbox_Warranty [PDF]


Note: Requires a U.S. wallbox 2` in (64 mm) deep minimum.

Colors and Finishes

For the latest color offerings please see our website:

Multigang and Mixed-Bulb-Type Ratings

When installing more than one dimmer in the same wallbox, it may be necessary to remove some side sections prior to wiring (see diagram). Removal of dimmer side sections may reduce maximum wattage, as shown in the chart below.

Mixing bulb types (using a combination of LED / CFL, and incandescent / halogen bulbs) will also affect the maximum ratings, as shown in the chart below.

Note: Lutron LTEA Hi-lume 1% forward-phase LED driver loads cannot be mixed with other loads.

*EXAMPLE: If one set of side sections is removed and you have eight 9 W LED bulbs installed (Total LED Wattage = 72 W), you may add up to 300 W of incandescent or halogen lighting.

Note: There is no wattage reduction when controlling only LED or CFL


(View with wall plate removed)

Wiring Diagrams

Single-Pole Wiring

3-Way Wiring

4-Way Wiring

* Brass / Gold screw terminal
** Copper / Black screw terminal
*** Green screw terminal
† Please refer to the switch’s instruction sheet for proper wiring.

Note for 4-Way Wiring:
Dimmer must be installed Line Side or Load Side. It cannot be installed in the 4-way location.

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