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Dual Built-in SWC Programming manual

Dual Built-in SWC Programming manual Image



SWC Input Operation

The built-in SWC Interface is compatible with PAC steering wheel control modules. The PAC SWI-RC is recommended. A third-party adapter must be used in order for the receiver to be compatible with any steering wheel controls. The following controls are available for most vehicles.

1. Volume Up (+) 4. Preset (+) 7. Seek/Track Up (+) 10. BT Talk
2. Volume Down (-) 5. Preset (-) 8. Seek/Track Down (-) 11. BT End
3. Mute 6. Mode 9. Band

Note: Not all OE steering wheel functions may be supported by the DV715B.

PAC SWI-RC Installation Hints

  1. Set “Radio Select Switch”. Set the SWI-RC to position 7 – “Pioneer/Other/Sony”.
  2. To program, use the Pioneer/Sony/Other radio function mapping order for Dual units.
  3.  When programming the SWI-RC, if a function is not supported (or not desired), then the function MUST be skipped as per the PAC SWI-RC instructions.
  4.  The SWC function MUST be programmed in the correct order per the PAC SWI-RC radio function mapping order instructions.
SWI-RC (3.3VDC Reference)
Center Pin (Ring) Voltage
(Function Select)
Tip Pin Voltage
1 Volume + H 5.0v 2.07
2 Volume – H 5.0v 2.32
3 Mute H 5.0v 1.01
4 Preset + L 0.0V 1.54
5 Preset – L 0.0V 1.81
6 Source H 5.0v 0.60
7 Seek + / Track + H 5.0v 1.54
8 Seek – / Track – H 5.Ov 1.81
9 Band H 5.Ov 2.73
10 BT Talk L 0.0V 0.60
11 BT End L 0.0V 1.01

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