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Ecoegg Laundry Egg Instruction Manual or Directions

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How much money will you save with the Ecoegg™ ?

Use our quick ready-reckoner to calculate approximately how much
money you will save by using the Ecoegg™ instead of your usual washing
powder or liquid. Just follow the instructions and fill in fhe blanks. You
may need a calculator handy!

Directions for Use

Congratulations on your purchase of the Ecoegg. You should feel good about your purchase as you are helping to reduce the amount of chemicals polluting the planet whilst at the same time being kinder to your family’s skin AND saving a great deal of money on your laundry bil!

Using the Ecoegg is a new approach to doing your laundry and we encourage you to read through this entire leaflet, including the frequently asked questions, to get the best results from the Ecoegg.

There are TWO ecoeggs in his kit

This kit contains TWO ecoeggs, a white ecoegg for your white laundry and a colored ecoegg for your colored (and dark) laundry. There are two packs of tourmaline pellets and two different types of mineral pellets:

  • white mineral pellets which go in your colored ecoegg for your colored laundry
  • white mineral pellets with whitener which go in your white ecoegg for your white laundry

Be sure to read the packet labels to determine which pellets are which. Additionally, you can identify the mineral pellets with whitener because they have blue specs in them.

Preparing the Ecoegg for the first use

Before the first use, you must fill each egg with THREE whole packs of the appropriate white mineral pellets according to which laundry egg you are using, and ONE whole pack of dark colored tourmaline pellets. Please see overleaf for instructions on how to do this.

Using the Ecoegg

Place the Ecoegg into the drum of your washing machine, on top of your laundy, and wash as norma, following the fabric care label instructions on your garments.


  • Don’t…wash over 60 degrees Celsius with the EcoeggTM
  • Don’t…use the Ecoegg in a tumble dryer (or the tumble dryer cycle in a combined machine)
  • Don’t…overload the machine – the Ecoegg requires room to circulate in the drum
  • Don’t…use a reduced water setting on your machine – the Ecoeggneeds sufficient water to work


  • Do…wash your colored and white laundry separately, as normal, using the appropriate ecoegg
  • Do…use a stain remover for stubbom stains as you would usually (see below)
  • Do…dry your Ecoegg out when you have finished washing for the day
  • Do…use fabric softener if you wish, although it’s not necessary with the Ecoeggmas it will naturally soften fibres. However, fabric softener will add a fragrance to your clothes.

We do not recommend using the Ecoegg in the washing machine for your very delicate garments. Hand wash them with the Ecoegginstead. Always follow the instructions on each garment’s label.

Stain removers

Whilst the Ecoegg works well on most everyday stains, as with conventional washing detergents, there may be the occasional stain that requires extra help. You may use a ‘pre-wash’ or ‘in wash’ stain remover as usual. This will not affect the performance of the Ecoegg. We recommend the Ecoegg eco stain remover, which is hypoallergenic and contains no harsh chemicals.

Refilling the pellets

Approximately every 72 washes, the white mineral pellets inside the Ecoegg require topping-up. You have been supplied with enough refil packs for each egg to last approximately 432 washes, giving approximately 864 washes in total. The dark colored tourmaline pellets will last for the entire life of the ecoegg and do not require refilling.

Please see overleaf for full refiling instructions. If you have any questions whatsoever, please get in touch with us – the detais are on the front cover of this booklet.

How to fill your Ecoegg for the first time

  • To open the egg, grip each half. Push the button in and twist the bottom half in the opposite direction of the arrow until the two triangles line up.

  • Seperate the two halves of the egg.

  •  Stand the larger half of the egg upright on a flat surface and fill with the following:

Colored egg (for colored laundry)

3 packets of the white mineral pellets without whitnener, and 1 pack of the dark tourmaline pellets.

White egg (for white laundry)

3 packets of the white mineral pellets with whitener, and 1 pack of the dark colored tourmaline pellets.

  • Place the smaller half back on top of the larger half, lining up the triangles so that they are pointing at each other. Twist together in the direction of the arrow, until the triangle is now lined up with the dot and you hear and feel the button clicking in to place.

  • Ensure the ecoegg is fixed firmly back together before use, with the button located in place and the bottom triangle facing the ‘dot’ as shown below.

How to refill your EcoeggTM

After approximately 72 washes with either egg, you will need to top up the pellets:

Colored egg (for colored laundry)

Top-up with 1 pack of white mineral pellets

White egg (for white laundry)

Top-up with 1 pack of white mineral pellets with whitener.

(Note: it is only the white mineral pellets that need topping up every 72 washes (approximately). The dark colored tourmaline pellets last for the entire life of the ecoegg and do not require topping up.

When refilling, you should leave the existing pellets in the Ecoegg, unless there is not room, in which case remove just enough of the old pellets to make room for the new ones. For best results, the Ecoegg should be as full as possible.

How do I know when to refill my Ecoegg?

Keep an eye on the white mineral pellets inside the Ecoegg. When these have dissolved to about half of their original size, then you need to refill the Ecoegg. You should also monitor the cleaning power of the Ecoegg. When this reduces, it’s probably time to refill the pellets.

My Ecoegg/ washing machine/ clothes smell strange?

When you have been using conventional washing powder or liquid for a while, the residue left from these can build up in the pipes and crevices of the washing machine. If not cleaned away, these build-ups can cause a bad colour. Your usual detergent will mask the smells from these build-ups. However, when you switch to using the Ecoegg, there is no strong fragrance to mask the smells, so it can be more noticeable. In this case, you should clean out your washing machine (which is a good “detox’ for your machine anyway).

For this we recommend using an Ecoegg detox tablet.

Is it ok to use my Ecoegg with delicates?

Yes, however we suggest that you always use a laundry bag to protect your delicates and use the ‘delicates setting’ on your machine, if you have one. If your delicates are very valuable, we suggest hand washing only.

How long will the Ecoegg last?

Approximately 864 washes, the number of washes that the Ecoegg will last for depends on many factors including the hardness of your water, the load size and the length of the cycle. 864 washes is an approximation for guidance only.

Can I use the Ecoegg in all types of washing machine?

Yes! It will work great in front loaders, top loaders and twin tubs. One Ecoegg is normally sufficient for approximately 5kgs of washing, the capacity of a standard domestic washing machine.

If you are using the Ecoegg in a larger machine, you may need to use two Ecoegg’s.

Which Ecoegg do I use for which washing?

The colored Ecoegg is for your colored and dark washing. The white Ecoegg is for your white washing. Seperate your washing as you would normally do.

Why isn’t my Ecoegg working as well as expected?

There are some steps you can take to make sure you are getting the best from the Ecoegg.

  • Make sure you are not overloading your machine. The Ecoegg needs room to move around in the wash
  • Make sure that your washing machine is not set to use the minimum amount of water
  • Whilst the Ecoegg works well on most everyday stains, just like with normal washing detergent, there may be the occasional stain that requires extra help. A ‘prewash’ or ‘in wash’ stain remover can be used as normal. This will not affect the performance of the Ecoeggs in any way.
  • The Ecoegg contains no harsh bleaching agents. If you find that your whites are not coming out as bright as you are used to try adding some eco-friendly laundry bleach to your white loads.

It is important to remember that the Ecoegg does not contain any harsh chemicals and therefore cannot be compared to the clean of conventional biological washing detergents that can contain toxic chemicals and bleaching agents. The Ecoegg is a much more natural alterative which is kinder to the environment, your skin and your pocket.

Also, it is important to remember the amount of money you will be saving by using the Ecoegg For every day wam once and minor stained clothes, using a concoction of toxic chemicals is an unnecessary waste of money. The Ecoegg can save you a great deal of money-please refer to the ‘ready reckaner’ chart on page 2.

Can I use the Ecoegg if I have a septic tank?

Previous customers with septic tanks that have used the Ecoegg have not incurred any problems as the Ecoegg leaves almost no residue in the water. However, please note that we have not conducted any scientific testing with septic tanks so this may not be the case for everyone.

Can I continue to use water softerner tablets, additional stain removers, limescale prevention products etc with the Ecoegg?

Yes, you can use all of these products with the Ecoegg, they will not affect it’s operation.

If you have further questions, please call us or visit the website: www.ecoegg.com

Purchasing further refills

Please see our website www.ecoegg.com for a list of stockists.


The EcoeggM and the refill pellets should be stored in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


When you have finished with the Ecoegg, please recycle it. All parts of the Ecoegg are made from 100% recyclable material. Please dispose of unwanted pellets in the general waste.


1 x colored egg, 1 xwhite egg, 8x mineral pellet packets, 8x mineral pellet with whitener packets, 2x tourmaline pellet packets, 1 x instruction booklet.

Laundry Egg Ingredients:

Anionic surfactants > 30%, Non ionic surfactants 5%-15%, Sodium carbonate > 11%, Sodium metasilicate > 11%, Calcium carbonate > 10%. Fragranced versions also contain perfume.


The Ecoegg is not a toy and should not be treated as one. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

The pellets may be harmful if swallowed. If swallowed, please seek urgent medical advice.

Should contact with your eyes occur, immediately flush them with plenty of water, and seek medical advice.

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