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EDISION Picco T265+ Cable Receiver Manual

EDISION Picco T265+ Cable Receiver Manual Image

picco T265 +
Digital Terrestrial & Cable Receiver

Congratulations on purchasing an EDISΙON Picco T265+
Please note that this information is valid at the time of publication.
Current information and detailed user manuals can be found on the Internet at www.edition.gr


Receiver Picco T265+
Notes: The front is factory fitted with a protective foil which can be removed easily and with caution. (Protective foil only for devices with display)
The scope of delivery may also include parts not listed here

Front Panel

  1. / USB: Connection for USB storage devices
  2.  Display LED displays current information
  3.  Infrared sensor for the reception of remote control commands
  4.  CH- / CH+ buttons: for moving in the program lists
  5.  POWER button: Activates/Deactivates the device
    Back Panel
  6. ANT IN: Input for connecting to terrestrial or cable signal from the antenna
  7. S/PDIF: Audio interface for amplifier/audio console
  8.  HD OUT: Connection to an HDTV quality TV
  9.  SCART: For connecting to a TV set, using SCART cable [not for HD TV]
  10.  Connection for an adapter (DC 5V)
  11.  IR IN: Infrared connection port

Connecting and switching on

Note: For trouble-free signal reception your antenna and cable installation should be calibrated and inspected by a qualified professional with a digital TV-level-measuring instrument.

  • Connect the receiver using HDMI cable via the HD OUT output port to your TV’s HDMI input port
  • Then connect the coaxial cable from the terrestrial antenna to the ANT IN input of the receiver.
  • Insert the batteries into the remote control.
    Notes on the remote control can be found on the back of these instructions.
  • Connect the receiver to the power supply.
  • The receiver starts with the BOOT process and is operational within a short time

For information about EDITION Hardware or Software matters, please contact


EDITION UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL 2in1 is compatible with all EDITION STB’s*, plus it is pre-programmed with 4 basic functions for SAMSUNG & LG** tv sets. Alternatively, you can program its 4 programmable buttons to any 4 functions of your TV.


Your set-top-box remote control has 4 learning-function keys, in the up right-hand side TV keypad panel area. Each one can be used accordingly as the following example:

  1. Turning your TV set ON/OFF [SET]
  2. Increasing/decreasing volume [VOL+, VOL-]
  3. Switching between TV/AV mode [TV/AV]

The other 39 keys are for the control of the EDITION set-top box.


  • Press [SET] key in the up right-hand side TV keypad panel area continuously for 5 Sec. until the LED lights up and keeps fighting, then release the key. This means the remote control is in the learning mode.
  • Within 10 seconds, press the key in the original TV IR control, which needs to be learned, for example, the [POWER] key, then the red LED is flashing. It means this button is ready to receive the learning signal.
  • Aim the emission port of the original TV remote control at the front at the emission port at the front of your set-top box remote control (distance between these two ports have to be about 2 ~ 3 CM).
  • Then press the key which is to be learned in your original TV remote control, for example, the [POWER] key of your original TV remote control continuously for 3 seconds. If the red LED flashes quickly three times and keeps lighting, it means the set-top box remote control has succeeded in receiving the signal and you have completed the learning procedure of the ON/OFF [TV POWER] key.
  • Then release the [POWER] key of your original TV remote control.
    If the copying procedure fails, the red LED will blink and stay OFF. In this case please repeat the procedure.
    For the next programmable function, please repeat steps 1 to 2:
  • Switching between TV/AV mode [TV/AV]
  • Increasing/decreasing volume [VOL+, VOL-]

Now you can operate your TV with the 4 programmed by you keys of your set-top box remote control.
During the operation, the LED will flash to indicate that the signal is transmitted!

* For EDITION STB compatibility, please visit our webpage
**LG & SAMSUNG are brand names that belong solely to LG Electronics Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd respectively. Any brand name reference in this text is only for informational purposes towards the consumer that is interested in the product.

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The CE certificate of the product is available on our webpage, by visiting this link: https://www.edision.gr/en/support