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eeese 2502 Dehumidifier Emil Manual

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User manual
Dehumidifier Emil
Art. 2502 & 2508

 Thank you for choosing this product. Please read this instruction manual before using it.

Read the user manual before any use, refer to the corresponding section in this user manual.
Recycle unwanted materials instead of disposing of them.
All appliances and packaging should be sorted and tendered at a regional recycling center and be processed in an ecological manner.
The product conforms to the applicable European and other directives.

Safety Instructions

This appliance is intended for use in a domestic environment only. Any other use is not recommended by the manufacturer and may cause fire, electrical shocks or other personal injury and property damage.

Power Cord

Do not pull the power cord in order to unplug the device from the socket. Do not use the appliance in an overloaded extension cord.
Do not put any heavy objects on the power cord in order o avoid any hazard. Do not use the appliance if its socket holes cannot firmly hold a plug.
Do not attempt to change the power cord, contact the authorized service center for repair. Do not touch the plug with wet hands in order to avoid electric shock.
The socket has to be earthed and appropriately secured. Please pull out the plug during lightning storms.


Do not put flammable and explosive objects around the appliance in order to avoid fire. Do not use the appliance in the swimming pool or similar facilities in order to avoid safety hazards.
Do not use the appliance in a draughty place. Place the appliance on a stable, flat surface.

During Use

Please turn off the power and unplug the power cord before moving it. Do not pour water into the appliance in order to avoid malfunction.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not place sticks into the
Do not put any heavy objects on the appliance in order to avoid malfunction.
Do not push the appliance over or let the appliance suffer a strong impact in order to avoid malfunction. The appliance must not be covered when being used.
Do not put your hands on the air outlet in order to avoid injury or malfunction.

Parts List


1. Front cover
2. Top cover
3. Control board
4. Air outlet
5. Cupped lift
6. Air inlet filter
7. Water tank
8. Rear cover
9. Drainage outlet
10. Power cord

Control panel

11. Power button
12. Timer button
13. Humidity control button
14. Fan speed button/ Child lock button
15. Clothes drying button
16. WiFi (only 2502)
17. Clothes drying light
18. High-speed light
19. Low-speed light
20. Humidity Reading Display
21. Timer light
22. Tank full light
23. Defrost light
24. Running light

25. Drainage outlet
26. Drainage pipe

Prior to Operation

  • Place the dehumidifier in an upright position on a stable, flat surface.
  • Ensure the dehumidifier is at a safe distance at least 50 cm away from a wall or furniture.
  • Supply power should be in correspondence with the value on the nameplate, power outlet needs to be grounded.
  • Ensure the tank is correctly fitted, if the tank is full or not in place, the “tank full” light comes on and the dehumidifier will stop working.
  • Turn on the power and run the machine as per the instructions below.

Continuous Drainage

In general, water will be collected by tank, if you want continuous drainage, please do the steps as follows:
a. Remove the water tank.
b. Push a 14mm interval-diameter hose onto the spout.
c. Put the water tank back in place.

Please always make sure the pipe is going downhill and is not blocked or kinked.

Operation Instructions

Switch On / Switch Off The Unit [ Power button ]

Connect to the power supply and press the power button once to turn on the unit.
By default mode, the unit runs on manual continuous dehumidifying with high fan speed.
The on/off indicator will be on.

Press the power button to turn off the unit, it will stop working, fan will work for some seconds to blow out the hot air inside the unit.
When the machine is in standby mode, the on/off indicator will flash slowly.

Auto Shut-off Timer Function [ Timer button ]

Press the timer button to select your preferred timer hour from 00-24-00 for an automatic shut-off setting with each press.

Auto timer off setting will be canceled if the timer button is pressed 2 times in 5 seconds.
The auto-timer-off setting will be canceled if the unit is switched off and switched on again.

Humidity Setting [ Up and Down buttons ]

Press the humidity setting buttons to select your preferred humidity from CO-30%-35%40%-45%-50%-55%-60%-65%-70%-75%-80%-CO. CO means continuous dehumidifying regardless of ambient humidity.

Fan Speed Option [ Fan Speed button ]

Press the fan speed button to select your preferred fan speed setting of low and high to meet the different usage requirements.
The fan speed button is invalid in Laundry drying mode and Defrost mode.

Laundry Drying Function [ Laundry Drying button ]

Press the laundry drying button to activate the Laundry Drying function, the unit runs in continuous dehumidification with high fan speed for 6 hours then switch off automatically.
The fan speed button and timer button are invalid.

WiFi Function [ Timer button-2 seconds] (only 2502)

Press the Timer button for 2s to activate the WiFi function and enter the distribution network mode, during the network configuration, the WiFi indicator flashes quickly, after WiFi is connected the indicator is on.

For detailed operation, please refer to the manual ”Smart Connection Operation Guide”.

Safety Childlock Function [ Fan Speed button-2 seconds ]

Press the Fan speed button for 2s to lock all buttons with a beeping sound, the same operation can unlock it.
The safety child lock function can be set at standby mode and working mode but can’t be activated when the water tank is full.

Low-Temperature Defrost Indicator

When the ambient temperature is too low, the dehumidifier will enter into defrost mode, the unit runs with high fan speed without dehumidifying.
Auto Shut off with Water Tank Full Indicator

The unit will enter into standby mode when the water tank is full or when the water tank is not installed properly. After emptying the tank, or installing the water tank properly,  the unit will go on to the previous mode.

Except for the power button, all other buttons are invalid.

Memory Function:
a. When unplugged directly or power is cut, then reconnect to the power supply, the dehumidifier will run with the mode prior to the shutdown. The timer setting will be kept.
b. Press the power button to switch off the dehumidifier, and then press the power button to switch it back on. The dehumidifier will run with the mode prior to the shutdown. The timer setting will be canceled.
c. Switch off the dehumidifier and unplug the power cord, then reconnect the power supply and switch on the dehumidifier. It will run in factory preset mode.


When used regularly, the filter may become clogged with dust and particles. Therefore the filter should be cleaned at least every two weeks. Follow these steps:

  1. Switch the device off and remove the plug from the socket before cleaning.
  2. Clean the housing with a soft, dry cloth. If the device is extremely dirty, use a mild cleaning agent. Wipe the dehumidifier with a slightly damp cloth. Never spray the device with water.
  3. Remove the grate, and clean the grate with a vacuum cleaner or soapy water no hotter than 40°C.
  4. Rinse and dry the grate completely before installing back into the device.


If the dehumidifier will not be used for a long period of time, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the plug from the socket and empty the tank, make sure the tank and the dehumidifier are completely dry. This may take a couple of days.
  2. Clean the air filter.
  3. Check the dehumidifier for the perfect condition to ensure safe use of it after a long period of storage.
  4. Pack the device with suitable packaging.
  5. Store the dehumidifier in a dust-free location, and out of direct sunlight. Preferably covered with a sheet of plastic.

Display Error Codes

Please contact your local distributor if any of the error codes below appears.

Code Error Display What is happening
El Temperature sensor error Flash every 30 seconds The device still dehumidifies but is in defrost mode only.
E2 Humidity sensor error Flash every 30 seconds The device still dehumidifies but is in continuous dehumidifying mode only.
L3 _ The Air inlet temperature is too high >42°C Slowly flash L3 The compressor stopped working, fan works at low fan speed. 10mins later, if the temperature decrea­se to below 40 machines will work normally.
L4 The Air inlet temperature is too low >0°C Slowly flash L4 The compressor stopped working, fan works at low fan speed. 10mins later, if the temperature increase to above 2 machines will work normally.

Trouble Shooting

Check the following before contacting technical support.

The device does not work The power is not connected Insert the plug into the wall outlet
The water tank is full Empty the tank
The tank has not been replaced correctly Replace the tank
Water removal capacity is too low The runtime is too short Be patient and wait
Ambient temperature or humid -ty is too low It is normal that the device does not dehumidify in these conditions
The device works but reduces the relative humidity insufficiently The room is too big We recommend using a dehu­midifier with a greater capacity
There is too much ventilation Reduce ventilation (e.g. close windows and shut doors)
The air filter is clogged Clean the air filter
Set humidity is higher than the ambient humidity Set the humidity lower than ambient humidity
A dehumidifier is blowing out warm air The dried air is passed over heating coils before it is blown into the room as part of the dehumidifying process This is normal, a dehumidifier is not an air cooler
The display is not showing the humidity set point The display shows the room’s rel­ative humidity not the set point Press the humidity control button once to see the target relative humidity
Water on floor There is residual water in the tank, and the device is lurched too much by moving Be careful when moving the tank
The dehumidifier is noisy The air filter is blocked or the device is on an uneven surface Clean the filter or put the device on a flat surface

Technical Specifications

Model Emil Art. no 2508 2502
Max. working area m2 40 50
Timer, h 1- 24
Power Supply 220-240V – 50Hz
Dehumidifying Capacity, Way (30°C RH 80%) 10 12
Dehumidifying Capacity, Way (27°C RH 60%) 6.5 7.5
Power Consumption, W 155
Air Volume m3/h High 105
Low 80
Noise Level dB(A) High 40
Low 36
Water Tank Capacity, L 2.6
Operating Temperature, °C 5-35
Refrigerant R290
Compressor Piston
Net Weight, kg 11.3 11.6
Filter Washable
WiFi No Yes
Drain Hose Diameter mm 14
Product Size (WDH), mm 300 x 250 x 463

The above technical data are for reference only. We reserve the right to modify them without notice.

Smart Connection Operation Guide

APP Binding Device
Search an APP platform for “TuyaSmart” or scan the following QR code to download the APP.


Step One
Make sure the phone is connected to the WIFI at home, and turn on the Bluetooth device, tap the upper right corner of the home page + to add a device.

Step Two
Follow the guide to select the device to be configured, then enter the WiFi password.

Step Three
Complete the connection to set the dehumidifier with APP.

Adding Device Manually
Step One
Tap Add Device on the home page or + in the upper right corner to go to the Add Device page.

Step Two
Confirm the indicator rapidly blinking and enter the WiFi password.

Step Three
Complete the connection to set the dehumidifier with APP.


If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to call Customer service on +45 6916 3200
If you need service or to make a warranty claim, you must create a case directly in our support system. Go to the website under SUPPORT.

Limited warranty
We guarantee that all parts are free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers only material or manufacturing defects that prevent the product from being able to be installed or operated in a normal way. Defective parts will be replaced or repaired.
The warranty does not cover transportation damage, any use other than what is intended, damage caused by incorrect assembly or improper use, damage caused by impact or other error, or by proper storage.
The warranty becomes void if the user modifies the product.
The warranty does not include product-related damage, property damage, or general operational loss.

The manufacturer’s liability cannot exceed the repair or replacement of defective parts and does not include labor costs to remove and reinstall the defective part,  transportation costs to and from the service center, and all other materials necessary to carry out the repair.
This warranty does not cover failure or malfunction as a result of the following:

  • Lack of proper installation, operation, or maintenance of the unit in accordance with our published “User’s Guide” supplied with the unit.
  • The workmanship of any installation of the unit.
  • Misuse, alteration, accident, fire, flood, lightning strike, rodents, insects, negligence, or unforeseen events.
  • Use of non-factory authorized parts or accessories in conjunction with the product.

Limitation of liability
This is the only warranty provided by the manufacturer. No one is authorized to make any other warranties on our behalf.
This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties,  expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and saleability. We expressly disclaim all liability for consequential damage, accidental damage, indirect loss, or loss related to a breach of the expressed or implied warranty.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary by country.

In the event of any warranty claim, a valid purchase receipt must be presented. Read about raising a warranty claim under the SERVICE section.

If you need technical help – contact our service line:
DK-telephone +45 6916 3200
We have specialist knowledge of our products and the field in general, so you can get help quickly and easily.

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Thank you for choosing this product.
Please read this instruction manual before using it.
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