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Electrolux BI Hob KIV834 Manual

Electrolux BI Hob KIV834 Manual Image

Electrolux BI Hob

Merge zones for more room to cook
The Bridge function in our induction hob lets you combine two separate cooking zones to create a single large surface. With the temperature and time settings automatically aligned, it’s ideal for making the most of planchas or roasting pots.

Product Benefits and Features

Self-sizing zones for all your pots and pans
Heat is sized to the base of your pans with the Infinite® induction hob. It automatically detects the size of cookware you’re using and delivers the right amount of heat to its base. So you can use a variety of different pots and pans.

Let your hob take care of the hood
Hob2Hood technology means that the hob automatically controls the hood settings. As you cook, the fan adjusts according to any temperature changes you make or if you start to use more than one zone. So you can focus less on adjusting settings, and more on creating delicious.

Simply slide to adjust cooking settings
Adjust settings easily and smoothly with highly responsive sliding controls.
They enable you to turn the heat up or down accurately with just a touch.
Meaning your cooking receives exactly the right heat at exactly the right time.

A cool surface for quick cleaning
Keep your hob clean while you cook. The induction technology ensures the areas around your cooking zones stay cool to the touch. So even when you’re cooking at high temperatures, you can remove spillages easily and safely as soon as they happen.

Intense heat, in an instant
Activate the PowerBoost function for an instant burst of heat during cooking. It’s ideal for getting dishes ready faster. You can boil water in less than 90 seconds and get pans ready for searing when you need them.


  • Hob type: Induction
  • Hob with bevelled frame
  • Direct Access: sliding touch control technology
  • Controls position: Front Right
  • Illuminated controls
  • Digital indications for each zone
  • Induction zones with power booster function
  • Pot detection
  • Left front zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/210mm
  • Left rear zone: Induction, 2300/3200W/210mm
  • Middle front zone: Induction, 1400/2500W/145mm
  • Middle rear zone: No, 0W/0mm
  • Right front zone: No, 0W/0mm
  • Right rear zone: Induction, 2300/3600W/240mm
  • Automatic fast heating up
  • Key-lock function
  • Child safety lock function
  • Acoustic signal with switch off option
  • CountUp Timer
  • EcoTimer™
  • Timer function
  • CleverHeat™ function
  • Easy installation thanks to snap-in system
  • Main colour: Black

Product Specification

Product Installation Built_In
Product Typology Electric_Hob
Product Classification Exploration
Installation Independent
Size 80
Hob type Induction Full
Design family Electrolux 100
Main colour Black
Control Panel material No
Frame type Bevelled 1 Side
Frame material No
Knobs colour No
Top Control Place Front Right
Type of controls Kite 14 steps Front Right
Control function 3 step residual heat, Acoustic signal, Automatic heating-up, Booster, ChildLock, Count up timer, Eco timer, Hobhood connection, Key-lock function, Left Bridge, Minute minder, Pause, Sound off, Timer
Other comments categorization ref. 949 596 994 no cord, no plug,
Width mm 780
Depth mm 520
Built in height mm 44
Width cutting 750
Depth cutting 490
Radius cutting 5
Fastening Snap in System
Gas original No
Gas replacement 2 No
Gas replacement 3 No
Gas category NOne
Frequency 50-60
Voltage 220-240/400V2N
Cord length external 0

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