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88 key electronic organ Nm-1002 Manual

88 key electronic organ Nm-1002 Manual Image

88 key electronic organ Instructions

Quick guide to electronic organ


Function intro duction:

  • Keyboard: 88 standard keys (including black keys), range: A1 ~ C9. Timbres: 128 timbres.
  • Rhythm: 128 rhythms.
  • Demonstration song: 80 songs.
  • Rhythm function, demonstration music function, recording and playing function, double keyboard function, chord function, metronome function.
  • Hardware: 64 chord, with 2-channel 16 bit DAC output, built-in power amplifier circuit.
  • Output function: three digit digital display.
  • Can be equipped with a tone pedal.

Operating instructions

Operating inst ructions:

  • Play (timbre) mode:
    Press the power switch to enter the mode of playing (timbre) automatically, and the timbre light will be on. (Figure 2)
    Rotate [data wheel] to select the timbre. (Figure 3)
  •  Rhythm mode:
    Press the [start / stop] key and [rhythm] key, the system will enter the rhythm mode and play the rhythm, and the rhythm light will be on. (Figure 15) (Figure 6)
    Rotate [data wheel] to select the rhythm track from 0 to 127. (Figure 3)
    Press the [sync] key to start the rhythm playing by pressing the piano key. (Figure 11)
    In this mode, press [voice] key and rotate [data wheel] to switch voice, and the voice light will be on at the same time. To switch the rhythm again, press the
    rhythm key. (Figure 5) (Figure 3) (Figure 6)
  • Dual keyboard mode:
    Press the [double keyboard] key to turn on / off the double keyboard mode, and the double keyboard light is on / off. (Figure 7)
    In this mode, the range of keys is divided into two parts: a2-b5 and C4-C8.
  • Model song mode:
    Press the [demo] key, the system will play all the demo, and the demo light will be on. Press the [start / stop] key to stop the demonstration music, and the demonstration music light goes out. (Figure 8)
    Rotate [data wheel] to select the demo songs, and the tracks range from 0 to 79. (Figure 3)
    In this mode, press [voice] key and rotate [data wheel] to switch voice, and the voice light will be on at the same time. To switch the rhythm again,
    press the [rhythm] key. (Figure 5) (Figure 3) (Figure 6)
  • Recording related functions:
    Press the [recording] key to enter the recording mode. At the same time, the recording light will light up and the nixie tube will display [rec]. (Figure 9)
    Recording function is to take multi-channel real-time recording to record notes. After entering the recording mode, the user can play the key at will, and the system will automatically record the key faithfully. When the recording block planned by the system is full, the nixie tube will display [Full] to prompt that the recording is full, and 500 notes can be recorded at most. Press the [play] key to realize the recording and playback function, and the play light will be on at the same time. But only when a note is recorded
    can this playback function be considered effective. After playback, it will automatically return to the original state. (Figure 10) During the playback process, you can select the playback voice. After re recording and system reset, the recorded notes will be automatically refreshed.
  • chord mode
    When the system is playing rhythm, press the [chord] key to enter chord mode, and the chord light will be on at the same time. (Figure 12)
    Chord function: press the key in A1 ~ F # 4 interval to play the chord matching the rhythm, and the tone of the chord changes with the pitch of the key.
    In chord mode, press the chord key to turn off the chord, and the chord light goes out
  • Strength control function
    Press the [force] key to turn on or off the force. At the same time, the force light is on / off. When the machine is started, the force is on (FIG. 14)
  • Usb-in-out function:
    Connect mobile phone or tablet through USB cable for multimedia interaction.
  • Bluetooth function: (Note: normal configuration does not have Bluetooth function
    In Bluetooth mode, connecting Bluetooth devices can be used as Bluetooth speakers.
    Teaching app can be connected for teaching.
  • Other functions:
    Metronome is the auxiliary function of beat. Press [metronome] key to cycle select beat, and the metronome light is on at the same time. There are four changes in metronome: 1 / 4 beat → 2 / 4 beat → 3 / 4 beat → 4 / 4 beat. (Figure 13) Press the volume key, the volume light will be on, and rotate the data wheel to select the volume. (Figure 4) (Figure 3)

1.  Battery

Improper use of the battery will lead to liquid leakage, corrosion or explosion of the parts around the battery,
which may lead to fire and personal damage. The following precautions must be strictly observed.

  • Do not attempt to disassemble or short circuit the battery and do not charge it.
  • Do not expose it to fire or burn it in fire.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries, do not mix different types of batteries.
  • The positive (+) and negative (-) of the battery must be installed in the correct direction.
  • If you don’t use it for a long time, please remove the battery from the keyboard.

2. Abnormal situation

  • When the electronic organ smokes, gives off peculiar smell or overheats, it is dangerous to cause fire
    and electric shock if it continues to be used. In case of the above situation, the following operation
    should be performed immediately.
    1. Turn off the power.
    2. If you are using an AC transformer for power supply, unplug it from a wall outlet.
    3. Contact your dealer.
  • Long term use of AC transformer will make it hot, which is a normal phenomenon and does not mean failure.
  • The built-in function of this piano is huge, sometimes it can’t react. Please turn off the power switch and then turn it on to work normally.

3. Install the battery

  1. Withdraw the screw and remove the battery cover.
  2. Install four 1.5V “AA” batteries into the battery slot in the positive (+) negative (-) direction of the battery.
  3. Insert the battery cover into the original position and lock the screw after covering.

80 demonstration songs

S000 Ecossaise S022 Dog Waltz S044  




S001 romance de amor S023 Violin humorism S045  


S067 DannyBoy
S002 storm S024  




S068 EveningFalls
S003 Breit S025  

Serenade Haydn



S069 JanaGanaMana
S004 Walnut Box Dance S026  

Petite Valse





S005 Gorgeous Waltz S027  

Hungarian Dance No





S006 Ode to joy S028  

For Alice





S007 Galois S029  

Concerto of love





S008 Army Polish dance S030  

Love story

S052 Bachgammon S074  


S009 Carman Overture S031  

Annie’s Song





S010 La defski March S032  

Annie’s Wonderland

S054 starrysky S076  


S011 The Blue Danube S033  






S012 Green sleeves S034  

The melody of memory



S078 Brahms’Lullaby
S013 My hometown S035 The sound of silence S057  


S079 CrippleCreek
S014 fountain S036 Jazz to Alice S058  


S015 Beer Barrel Polka S037 Casablanca S059  


S016 Maiden’s Prayer S038 Croatian Rhapsody S060 AirdelaPetiteRussie
S017 Notre Dame S039 wilderness S061 Notebook

Schubert piano sonatas

S040 Rhapsody in blue S062 Rondino
S019 Turkey March S041 Romantic season S063  


S020 Spanish Matador S042 crystal lake S064  


S021 Minuet S043 Beautiful Jazz S065  


T000 Grand Piano 1 T026 Jazz electric guitar T052 Chorus “ah” T078 whistle T104 sitar
T001 Grand piano 2 T027 Acoustic electric guitar T053 “Du” sound of human voice T079 Yangba T105 Banjo
T002 Grand piano 3 T028 Weak tone electric guitar T054 Synth Voice T080 Compound tonic 1 (square wave) T106 Sanweixian
T003 Bar piano T029 Driving sound guitar T055 Band percussion T081 Composite tonic 2 (saw tooth wave) T107 Zheng
T004 Practice piano T030 Distortion sound guitar T056 trumpet T082 Composite tonic 3 (siren organ) T108 Kalimba
T005 Chorus and Piano T031 Guitar Harmonics T057 Trombone T083 Composite tonic 4 (blowpipe) T109 bagpipe
T006 Clavichord T032 Acoustic Bass T058 Large T084 Composite tonic 5 (guitar) T110 Viola
T007 Clavichord T033 Dial electric bass T059 muted trumpet T085 Synthetic tonic 6 (human voice) T111 a suona horn
T008 Piano T034 Dial electric bass T060 Horn T086 Composite tonic 7 (fifth) T112 small bell
T009 carillon T035 Fretless Bass T061 Copper tube group T087 Composite tonic 8 (bass plus tonic) ) T113 Latin bell
T010 Music box T036 Beatles 1 T062 Synthetic copper tube 1 T088 Synthetic soft 1 (New Era) T114 Steel drum
T011 Vibraphone T037 Beatles 2 T063 Synthetic copper tube 2 T089 Synthetic soft (warm) T115 Wood
T012 Malimba T038 Synthetic bass 1 T064 Soprano saxophone T090 Compound soft 3 T116 osu
T013 Xylophone T039 Synthetic Bass 2 T065 Alto Saxophone T091 Synthetic soft 4 (Chorus) T117 Tonggu
T014 tubular bells T040 violin T066 Baritone Saxophone T092 Composite soft 5 (bowstring) T118 Synthetic drum
T015 Santur T041 Viola T067 baritone saxophone T093 Synthetic soft 6 (metal) T119 Cymbal waveform inversion
T016 Percussion organ T042 cello T068 Oboe T094 Synthetic soft 7 (aura) T120 The sound of grinding strings
T017 Percussion organ T043 Double bass T069 British management T095 Composite soft 8 (swept string) T121 Breathing sound
T018 Rock organ T044 tremolo strings T070 Da Guan T096 Composite effect 1 (rain) T122 The sound of waves
T019 Pipe organ T045 pizzicato strings T071 Clarinet T097 Composite effects 2 (track) T123 Birdsong
T020 Reed organ T046 harp T072 Piccolo T098 Composite effects 3 (crystal) T124 Telephone ring
T021 accordion T047 timpani T073 flute T099 Composite effect 4 (atmosphere) T125 The sound of a helicopter
T022 harmonica T048 String ensemble 1 T074 Clarinet T100 Composite effect 5 (bright tone) T126 Applause
T023 Bando accordion T049 String ensemble 2 T075 Panpipe T101 Composite effect 6 (demon) T127 shot
T024 Nylon Guitar T050 Composite string 1 T076 Blow bottle mouth T102 Composite effect 7 (echo)
T025 steel guitar T051 Synthetic chord 2 T077 Chiba T103 Composite effects 8 (Science Fiction)
R000 Bei Guiying R026 Charles R052 C ballad R078 Tikno 2 R104 fate
R001 Bei Guiying 2 R027 Samba 1 R053 J ballad R079 Fashion rhythm 1 R105 Comedy Music
R002 Bei Guiying 3 R028 Samba 2 R054 Slow ballads in the 1960s R080 Fashion rhythm 2 R106 Driving music
R003 Popular Golden Melody R029 Micro music R055 Piano ballad R081 Dixie 1 R107 Fluency style
R004 pop music R030 18 meter R056 Ballads of the 1950s R082 Dixie 2 R108 Indonesian folk music
R005 Malay fashion R031 28 beats R057 Twist R083 Foxtrot 1 R109 absolute music
R006 Posadova R032 16 beats R058 Happy Blues R084 Foxtrot 2 R110 Jamaica
R007 Disco 1 R033 116 beat 2 R059 Nostalgic Blues R085 R rock 1 R111 Synthetic music
R008 Disco 2 R034 Ballads in 16 beats R060 Bluegrass Music R086 R Rock 2 R112 inspiration
R009 Bluegrass disco R035 Country 16 R061 Bezin 1 R087 Fast tempo R113 Allegro
R010 Waltz 1 R036 Tango 1 R062 Bezin 2 R088 Rapid beat R114 Beach night
R011 Waltz 2 R037 Tango 2 R063 Bezin 3 R089 A gentle beat R115 Ireland
R012 Folk Waltz R038 Polka 1 R064 Shuffle 1 R090 Square meter R116 Tarantella
R013 POSA Waltz R039 Polka 2 R065 Shuffle 2 R091 European beat R117 Big band
R014 Simple Waltz R040 Popular swing R066 Dream shuffle R092 Alpha R118 Dandu, Indonesia
R015 Shuffle Waltz R041 Simple swing R067 Country shuffle R093 Beta R119 Fusion music
R016 Reggae Waltz R042 Light swing R068 Quick shuffle R094 Dream Dance R120 House 2
R017 Rumba Waltz R043 Rock 1 R069 Reggae shuffle R095 Dance music 1 R121 Canon
R018 March 1 R044 Rock 2 R070 Rhythm and blues R096 Dance music 2 R122 Latin style
R019 March 2 R045 Rock 3 R071 Reggae beat R097 Dance 3 R123 Mambo music
R020 Rumba 1 R046 Ethereal rock R072 Reggae 2 R098 Rap music R124 New century
R021 Rumba 2 R047 Heart rock R073 Reggae 3 R099 country music R125 Slow tempo
R022 Slow beat 1 R048 Rolling stone R074 Salsa 1 R100 Country slide R126 a spiritual
R023 Slow beat R049 Funk Rock R075 Salsa 2 R101 Electronic music R127 Twist style
R024 Disco cha cha R050 Ballad 1 R076 Salsa 3 R102 soul music
R025 Guaraccha R051 Jazz folk R077 Tikno 1 R103 Easy steps

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