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EPIC DEER SCRAM Granular Repellent Manual

EPIC DEER SCRAM Granular Repellent Manual Image

EPIC DEER SCRAM Granular Repellent Instructions


Deer ScramTM Granular Repellent can be applied as a or it can be evenly spread over a garden bed or flowerbed. Deer Scram TM should be lightly re-applied immediately following a heavy downpour of rain.
sprinkle Deer ScramTM liberally around the plants and bushes to be protected.
using instruction
sprinkle liberally in a 16″ strip surrounding the entire bed or plot. Use interior strips for larger plots. Application should be applied 18″ from the edge of the plants & be heavy enough so as to visibly cover the ground around the plants and shrubs to be protected.

, increase th 16″ strip to approx. 24″ and/or increase the application amount.
Because Deer Scram is made from all natural organic ingredients, it , completely suitable to use for organic gardening and is not water solublc We do recommend washing fruit and vegetables before eating.


When used as directed the treated area will cover the square feet listed & give you the desired results! EPIC stands behind all our granular repellents with the industry’s best For detailed information, visit our website at epicrepellents.com