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eufy RoboVac T2117, T2123 Manual

eufy RoboVac T2117, T2123 Manual Image

Quick Start Guide
RoboVac 35C (T2117)
RoboVac 25C (T2123)


T2117/2123 51005001398 V02

Using Your RoboVac

Remove the sticker next to the power switch and the foam blocks beside the bumper before use.

If you cannot remove the objects, check whether RoboVac can return to the Charging Base normally; if not, contact eufy customer service for help.

– Always keep the Charging Base plugged in, otherwise, RoboVac will not automatically return.
– When the Charging Base connects to AC power, the LED indicator on the Charging Base is SOLID WHITE.

Fully charge RoboVac before use. The LED indicator on thelogo button breathes orange while charging, and turns solid blue when fully charged.

Download the EufyHome app and follow the instructions in the app to complete the Wi-Fi connection. Then you can control RoboVac via this app. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for details.

Important Tips

When using for the first time, follow RoboVac to observe and resolve any problems that may occur.

  • Remove power cords and small objects from the floor that may entangle RoboVac. You can use the supplied cable ties to organize your wires and power cords.
  • Fold tasseled edges of area rugs underneath to prevent tangling RoboVac. Avoid cleaning very dark-colored rugs or high-pile rugs thicker than 1.02 in/26 mm as they may cause RoboVac to malfunction.
  • Keep RoboVac away from spaces lower than 2.87 in/73 mm to prevent RoboVac from getting stuck. If necessary, place a physical barrier to block off the problem areas.
  • Keep RoboVac away from wet areas.
  • RoboVac may climb on top of objects less than 0.63 in/16 mm in height. Remove these objects if possible.
  • Anti-drop sensors prevent RoboVac from tumbling downstairs and steep drops. They may work less effectively if dirty or used on reflective/very dark-colored floors. It is recommended to place physical barriers to block off areas where RoboVac may fall.
  • To keep RoboVac away from any area or item you do not want RoboVac to clean, apply the Boundary Strip(s) on the floor with adhesive tape to create a virtual barrier  (RoboVac 35C Only). Make sure the strips are placed FLAT on the floor.

Place physical barriers or Boundary Strips in front of fireplaces and areas that may cause damage to RoboVac if entered.

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