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EVOLVE FlyMotion D1 Manual

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EVOLVE FlyMotion D1

Usb Charging port
Keyboard Use: Press Fn while the Fn indicator light is on, at this time Switch to the blue character function, press Fn again, the Fn indicator goes off, switch to the white character function, press www .. com, and quickly enter www .. com characters.
Features: Six-axis anti-screw flying mouse, standard keyboard layout, infrared learning function, voice function, operating distance up to 10 meters, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, ultra-low power consumption design.


This is an intelligent flying mouse keyboard remote controller with built-in 6-axis anti-screw instrument, remote controller, voice input and keyboard. It can be used in computer intelligent TV, Android TV box, network player, HTPC, etc. to realize intelligent and convenient operations such as traditional remote control, mouse and motion sensing games, language input, keyboard input, etc.
How to use:
Take out the USB receiver, insert it into the USB interface, use it for the first time, wait for 20-60 seconds, the system will automatically install the USB receiver driver, wave the keyboard, the cursor will move on the screen, the flying mouse keyboard can be used.

Infrared learning

  1. Press OK+Power, the LED lights flash and lift the key. At this time, the LED is long on, and the flying mouse in the air enters the infrared learning mode.
  2. The flying mouse in the air is aimed at the infrared emitting tube of the remote controller. Press the power supply of the remote controller to turn on the key, and the flying mouse LED will flash.
  3. Press to save and exit the learning mode.
  4. Press OK+ (Return key) to eliminate the learned infrared code Value, at this time the Power key restores the 2.4G (Power) key.

How to Adjust Cursor Rate 

  1. Press OK@ to add-cursor speed is slow.
  2. Press OK£) cursor to speed up.

USB pairing mode

Insert USB into the device, press OK key plus (Home key), The LED lights flash, and when the LED lights stop flashing, the pairing is successful.
Turn-over prohibition function
In order to prevent mis operation of keys, flying mice are only allowed to go up during normal use, and the function of one key is prohibited from being output for the function of the next key.
Sleep and wake up
When the flying mouse does not operate for 15 seconds, the flying mouse enters sleep mode. After the flying mouse goes to sleep, press any key to wake up the flying mouse, and the flying mouse enters the working state.
Low power prompt:
When the flying mouse is short of electricity in use, the LED light flashes slowly to remind. At this time, flying mice need to be charged. When charging, the LED red light is always on. When When the LED red light goes out, the flying mouse is fully charged.

  • 2.4G on key and infrared on key
  • Cursor switch
  • Main interface
  • Menu
  • Return to the previous screen 0 Volume reduction
  • Volume up
  • Voice key

Specification parameter

Wireless modulation mode: GFSK
Operating temperature: -2o·c~55″C Modulation frequency: 2.4~2.483SGHz Battery type: 400mAh/3.7V lithium battery Overall power consumption: 9mA
Standby power consumption: 25uA
Number of keys pressed: 58
Remote control distance:> 10m
Charging port: Micro USB
Overall dimensions: 165×55.5×16.5MM
Net weight of product: 86.5±5g
Support System: AndroidWindowsMac OS Linux
pay attention to
This product uses a built-in lithium battery with a charging input voltage of SV. If the remote controller has not been used for a long time or has insufficient power, please fully charge it before using it. Charging the remote controller with the designated USB cable will shorten the battery life. Avoid using in extremely hot or cold environ ment, which will shorten the battery life. Please use this product away from liquids, such as water.

The package contains

  1. Remote control
  2. USB Charger
  3. USB receiver
  4. Instruction


The symbol of crossed out container on the product, in the literature or on the wrapping means that in the European Union all the electric and electronic products, batteries and accumulators must be placed into the separate salvage after finishing their lifetime. Do not throw these products into the unsorted municipal waste
Hereby, the company Abacus Electric, s.r.o. declares that the EVOLVEO FlyMotion Dl is in compliance with the requirements of the standards and regulations, relevant for the given type of device. Find the complete text of Declaration of Conformity at ftp://ftp.evolveo.com/ce Dovozce / Dovozca /Importer / Importer Abacus Electric, s.r.o. Plana 2, 370 01, Czech Republic Vyrobce / Vyrobca / Manufacturer / Gyart6 Naxya Limited No.5, 17/F, Strand 50, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
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