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EXIT Hoopy Junior Basketball System Manual

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Adult assembly required
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Congratulations on choosing a EXIT Hoopy basketball system!

Have fun, be active and play outdoors……

That’s what keeps driving us to develop innovative, quality toys for cool kids.

We do everything possible to develop safe products for children. As our products are classed as toys, we comply with the toughest consumer safety regulations. Before launching our products onto the market, we have independent tests carried out for certification. We also continuously test our production runs and periodically have independent tests performed again as a further check. Only products which live up to the highest EXIT Toys standard are marked with and recognized by the EXIT-brand.

“We want to thank you for your custom and your confidence in this product. We’re sure your kids will have as much fun as we did during development. Being openminded, we really appreciate all comments and ideas which will help us improve our products or develop new ones. You are invited to send your ideas to us at info@ exittoys.com

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The EXIT Toys team

Owner must ensure that all players know and follow these rules for safe operation of the system.

To ensure safety, do not attempt to assemble this system without following the instructions carefully. check entire box and inside all packing material for parts and/or additional instruction material. Before beginning assembly, read the instructions and identify parts using the hardware identifier and parts list in this document. proper and complete assembly, use, and supervision are essential for proper operation and to reduce the risk of accident or injury. A high probability of serious injury exists if this system is not installed, maintained, and operated properly.

  • If using a ladder during assembly, use extreme caution.
  • Two (2) capable adults are recommended for this operation.
  • Seat the pole sections properly (if applicable). Failure to do so could allow the pole sections to separate during play and/or transport of the system.
  • Climate, corrosion, or misuse could result in system failure.
  • This equipment is intended for home recreational use only and NoT excessive competitive play.
  • Read and understand the warning label affixed to pole.
  • The life of your basketball pole depends on many conditions. The climate, placement of the pole, location of the pole, exposure to corrosives such as pesticides, herbicides, or salts are all important.
  • If technical assistance is required, contact customer Service.
  • Adult supervision is recommended when adjusting height.
  • DO NOT HANG ON RIM ____________

Most injuries are caused by misuse and/or not following instructions.
Use caution when using this system.

General instructions for use

  • Read the instructions before use and keep them throughout the lifetime of the product.
  • Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

Please note

  • Regularly check the important parts of the product (backboard, rim, post, base, fastenings, etc) to make sure it is in a good state of repair. Without these regular checks, the product might topple over or present other risks to the user.
  • We advise you to mount your backboard on the ground.
  • This piece of equipment must not be misused.
  • Not adhering to the safety instructions below may lead to seriously physical injury.
  • For domestic use only.
  • Product designed exclusively for novice basketball use.

When assembling

  • It should be fitted by two adults only.
  • Adhere to the assembly instructions (diagrams and text supplied)
  • Position the product on a flat, stable surface at least 2 metres away from any structure of obstacle like a house, garage door, electrical wiring or cables, etc.
  • Ground fastenings are not supplied.
  • Before mounting the product, check with a professional builder that the screws are suitable for the support you intend to mount it on.
  • The base must always be filled with sand to ensure that the whole system is stable.
  • Never leave the system in a upright position without filling the base becaus it might topple over and cause injuries.
  • When you adjust the height or move the system, keep you hands and fingers away from moving parts.
  • Make sure that you fit the sections of the post together correctly, or they may come apart during play or when moving the system.


  • If the product is stored outside, it must be placed far away from personal belonings and hanging cables and/or in a place protected from wind to prevent risks of toppling over.

Instructions for use in play

  • Read the instructions below before using this product. Not adhering to these safety instructions may lead to serious physical injury and/or material damage.
  • Children using this product should be under the constant supervision of an adult.
  • Outdoor or indoor use (allow sufficient ceiling height).
  • When adjusting the height or moving the system, keep you hands and fingers away from moving parts.
  • It is essential that you check the state of repair of the system before every use. Never play using faulty equipment.
  • Check the system (ballast, loose screws, excessive wear and signs of corrosion) and that parts wich fit together are firmly fastened (backboard, rim, post and base, net, stability of the whole system) before each use. If necessary, repair before use.
  • DO NOT HANG ON THE RIM, the net or any other part of the system, including the backboard and the posts.
  • Do not climb, jump, slide or play on the base, post or frame.
  • Do not shake the frame.
  • Risk of strangulation with the net.
  • During play, especially when dunking, keep your face away from the backboard, rim and net. You risk serious injury if your teeth or face come into contact with the backboard, rim or net.
  • Do not allow a child to move or adjust the system alone. It must be adjusted or moved by an adult only.
  • Before play, remove your jewellery (rings, watches, necklaces, etc). These objects may get caught in the net.
  • The ground surface under the base must be smooth, with no gravel or other sharp objects.
  • Keep organic substances away from the base of the post. Grass and rubbish etc. may cause corrosion and/or damage the system.
  • Check the state of repair of the system (signs of corrosion like rust, holes, flaking) and repaint with outdoor enamel paint. If rust has worn through the steel at any point, replace the post immediately.
  • Do not use the system when there are high winds and/or storms; the system may topple over.
  • When you move the system, be careful to prevent the mechanism from becoming unbalanced.

Safety Instructions:


  • The owner must ensure that all players know and adhere to the instructions for using and assembling the system.
  • Correctly and full assembly, use and supervision are essential for the system to work properly and to reduce the risks of accident or injury. Serious injuries are very likely if the system is not fitted, maintained and used correctly.
  • If you use a ladder for assembly (solution not recommended for assembling this system), make sure you are extremely careful.
  • Weather conditions, corrosion or misuse may damage the system.
  • When assembled, the base MUST be filled with sand at all times.
  • All EXIT Hoopy basketball systems, including those used for display, must be assembled and filled with sand, as per the instructions. If you do not adhere to these instructions you risk SERIOUS INJURIES.
  • Do not design yourself and use a ballast system other than the one recommended. Most injuries are caused by misuse and/or not adhering to the instructions. Be careful when you use this system.

Care and Warranty

To ensure that your product lasts, we advise you to:

  • Adhere to the usage and assembly procedures.
  • Check the system before each use (ballast), loose screws, excessive wear and signs of corrosion) and if necessary make repairs.
  • Regularly inspect and tighten screws and small parts to prevent slack and risks of injury.
  • Do not use detergent products to care for the system. Wash with clear or soapy water.


  1. After the date of the purchase invoice, the owner of the EXIT Toys Hoopy System has a:
    – 2-year warranty on the the steel frame.
    – 1 year warranty on the backboard and rim.
    – 6-months warranty on the sandbag box and sandbags.
    Parts subject to wear and tear (such as the net): no warranty.
  2. The warranty applies only to the material and construction defects with respect to this product or its components.
  3. The warranty becomes defunct if:
    This product is used incorrectly and/or carelessly and is used in such a way that it does not comply with its purpose.
    This product is not assembled and maintained according to the instruction booklet.
    Technical repairs to this product are not carried out professionally.
    Parts, which are mounted afterwards, do not comply with the technical specifications of the product concerned or are mounted incorrectly.
    Defects are a result of climatic influences such as corrosion, UV rays or normal disintegration.
    The product is rented out or was made available to various unspecified persons in any other manner.
  4. EXIT Toys will repair or replace according to its choice all material and construction defects that have been ascertained by EXIT Toys during the warranty period.
  5. The owner of the EXIT Toys Hoopy System is only entitled to the warranty by presenting the product for inspection at a EXIT Toys dealer. It should be handed to the EXIT Toys dealer, accompanied by the original purchase invoice.
  6. In case of material and construction defects that have been ascertained by EXIT Toys, the product or its components will be repaired or replaced ­ according to its choice ­ free of charge during the warranty period mentioned in Article 1.
  7. If the claim for warranty is not justifiable, all the costs are at the expense of the owner.
  8. This warranty cannot be transferred to third parties.
  9. The EXIT Toys Hoopy System is designed for personal use. It is not permitted to rent out or use the EXIT Toys Hoopy System in non-residential areas like schools, clubs or day-care centres. The guarantee and any other liabilities shall expire if the EXIT Toys Hoopy System is rented out or used in public areas.
  10. Warranties shall cover damage or failure that occurs during the course of NORMAL or INTENDED USE of the product. Normal or intended use shall be described as activity that is necessary for the participation in the sport for which the equipment is designed. NOT COVERED is damage caused by deliberate hanging, multiple player hanging, vandalism, non-basketball activities or any

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A 1x M8×100
B 1x M8×60
C 2x M6×40
D 1x M8 ×16

A1 4x    M8
C1 2x M6

A2 5x M8
C2 4x M6

A 2x M8×100
B 2x M5×45
A1 2x M8

B1 2x M5
A2 4x M8
B2 4x M5

2x M8×45

2x M8

2x M8



 2x  M8×60

2x M8

4x M8


Congratulations! Your EXIT Hoopy Basketball hoop is now fully assembled (put together).


EXIT Hoopy Junior Basketball System 2

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