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How to reset i25L wireless earbuds Manual

How to reset i25L wireless earbuds Manual Image

Q: How to reset i25L wireless earbuds?
A: The reset steps are as follows:

  1. In addition to the matching record of the earbuds and the mobile phone, turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.
  2. Take out the two earbuds from the charging case.
  3. When you hear the voice prompt of “Power on”, the green LED indicator on the earbuds flashes alternately.
  4. Press and hold the two earbuds for four seconds. After hearing “Power off”, put the earbuds into the charging case and reset the earbuds.
  5. Take out two earbuds and reconnect with the phone.

Q: How is the sound quality of the i25L wireless earbuds?
A: i25L sport earbuds are equipped with an 8mm dynamic speaker, with rich bass and surround sound, not only can maintain a low delay, but cVc8.0 noise reduction can also effectively isolate external noise.
Q: The charging box is no longer charging, what should I do?

  1. Please check whether the charging box is fully charged.
  2. Please use our original charging cable for charging. A charging cable with a power greater than 5w may cause it to fail to charge, and there will be a risk of burnout.
  3. Please wipe the charging contact pin of the earphone with a wet paper towel moistened with alcohol to see if there is any foreign matter obstructing the charging of the earbuds and the charging case.
  4. If the headphones still cannot be charged, please contact our after-sales customer service through Amazon to replace it

Q: Will the earbuds be automatically disconnected from Bluetooth after putting them back into the charging case?
A: You only need to put the earbuds back into the charging box to automatically disconnect the Bluetooth connection, and the next time you use it, take out the earphones to automatically pair.
Q: What is the maximum connection distance between i25L wireless earbuds and mobile phones?
A: i25L wireless earphones use Bluetooth 5.1 technology, and the connection distance is longer than ordinary Bluetooth 5.0. The connection distance between the i25L wireless earbuds and the mobile phone is about 15 meters.
Q: Does the i25L wireless headset support calling Siri?
A: Yes, i25L wireless earbuds support waking up Siri, and quickly triple-clicking the multi-function button to activate the Siri assistant.
Q: How long can the i25L wireless earbuds be used after a single charge? How to understand 48 hours of continuous playback time?
A: After the i25L wireless earbuds are fully charged, the single playback time of the earbuds can last for 6-8 hours. Through the continuous power supply of the charging box, the headset can continue to play music for 48 hours after being fully charged.
Q: Is the ear hook of the i25L wireless earbuds detachable?
A: Yes, The ear hooks of the i25L wireless earbuds are detachable and you can be removed or replaced easily.
Q: What size replacement ear tips does this wireless earbud contain?
A: Three sizes. Small, medium, and large.
Q: Is i25L wireless sports earbuds suitable for people with small ears?
A: i25L wireless sports earbuds adopt a new fit design to make you feel more comfortable. They include 3 ear tips sizes. You can choose ear tips that fit the size of your ears to use.
Q: Can i25L wireless earphones be paired with smart TV?
A: It depends more on the capabilities of your TV than on headphones. As long as your particular TV has a Bluetooth function and you can activate pairing, it will pop up “i25L” as an option.
Q: How is the call quality of i25L wireless earbuds?
A: i25L wireless sports earbuds have Bluetooth 5.1 technology, support low-latency calls, and are equipped with noise cancellation technology, allowing you to talk more clearly.
Q: Are the ear hooks flexible? Are they memory silicone? Or is it a preformed hard plastic?
A: i25L’s ear hooks are made of silicone, which is flexible and not stiff, making it easy to use.
Q: What is the waterproof rating of wireless earbuds?
A: The i25L Bluetooth headset has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means that it will not be corroded by sweat during exercise and will not get wet in rainy days. But please do not bring it into the bathroom and steam room.