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FEOYUTECH G360 Panoramic Camera Gimbal Manual

FEOYUTECH G360 Panoramic Camera Gimbal Manual Image

FEOYUTECH G360 Panoramic Camera Gimbal Instruction Manual

Product Overview

Product Overview

Indicator Status Indicator Status
Blue light flashes once Panning mode
Blue light flashes three times Standby
Blue light is always on Lock mode / Initializing
Blue light keeps flashing Initialization failure / Malfunction
Red light flashes three times Low battery
Red light keeps flashing Switching to standby mode/ Gimbal will power of

Parts List

  1. USB cable X1
    USB cable X1
  2. Batteries (Type:22650)X1
  3. 20g counter weight
  4. 30g counter weight
  5. 40g counter weight
  6. 100g counter weight
  1.  Please install the camera before powering on the gimbal
  2. When not in use, turn off the gimbal and then remove the camera


  • Option 1: Charge with micro USB cable.
  • Option 2: remove the battery and charge the battery with charger (equipped by user).

Download APP

Download and install it.

  1.  iOS version:

  2. Android version:

Install the battery

  • Remove the handle and insert one 22650 battery into it.

Install the Camera

  1. Align the camera mounting hole with the upper slider center slot and tighten the screw to secure it.
  2.  Hold the pin first,then place the upper slider with the camera on the lower slider and tighten screw.

Camera balance adjustment

  1.  Adjust the horizontal center of gravity with the counterweight
    • Place a counterweight of a similar weight to the camera on the gimbal and tighten the counterweight in the opposite direction .
    • Ajust as follows to get the best balance.
  2. Adjust the vertical center of gravity by the upper and lower sliders

Power on / of

Press and hold function button until the green light is on.
Press and hold function button until the red light changes from quick flashing to always on.

In case of low battery, the red LED indicator flashes for three times for every 5 seconds. Please charge G360 or replace the battery.

Connect to APP

Start the app on your smartphone,follow the instructions to connect the smartphone with gimbal via Bluetooth.

Modes / Functions

Working Modes

Tilting and rolling direction are fixed, and the camera lens moves according to the hand movement of the user.

The orientation of the camera is fixed.

Other Functions

Reset to initial status.

Motor stops working.

Mode / Function Operation Instructions

Function Button Function Explanation
Single tap Panning Mode / Lock Mode Single tap to switch between panning mode and lock mode
Single tap Reset Reset the tilting axis of the gimbal to initial orientation and initial mode
Long press until the red light flashes quickly Standby Single tap again to awake the gimbal, or triple tap to initialize the gimbal

Firmware Upgrade

Upgrade the firmware through the Feiyu ON App.

  1.  Click the icon
  2.  Select upgrade type.
  3.  Follow the prompts to upgrade the firmware.

Upgrade type introductions:

Repair / update or newly add gimbal control / function / parameter and etc.

Repair / update or newly add button/touch screen/interaction functions, update more compatibility cameras which can be controlled through WIFI, repair few bugs about camera control through WIFI, and etc.

Gimbal initialization

You can initialize your gimbal when:

  1. camera is not level
  2. if not used for a long period of time
  3.  in case of extreme temperature variations


Titling Angle 360°
Rolling Angle 100°
Panning Angle 360°
Counter weight 20g,
Weight 360g (Not including battery, camera or counter weight )
Adaption Camera with 1/4 inch screw hole, weight 100~300g
Titling Increments min 2°/s max 75°/s
Panning Increments min 3°/s max 150°/s
Usage time 6 Hours


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For any unknown sources of using, we will not be at any services.

The updating and changes of product firmware and program may cause changes in function descriptions in this user manual, please read the instructions carefully before upgrading the firmware and use the corresponding user manual.

You can get the latest user manual from the official website:

Feiyu Tech reserves the right to amend this manual and the terms and conditions of use the product at any time.

  • Please correctly assemble the gimbal in accordance with the diagram
  • Please install the camera before powering on the gimbal

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