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FITCHICE Wireless Air Compressor Pump Manual

FITCHICE Wireless Air Compressor Pump Manual Image

Wireless Air Compressor Pump
User manual


  1.  Please don’t use the air pump for more than 10 minutes, turn it off every 10 minutes of use, and let it cool down before using it again. (The air pump will be overheated and easily damaged when used for a long time.)
  2. A cigarette lighter power cord is only used for powering the air pump when inflating, which will NOT charge the built-in battery. Please use Type-c charging cable if you want to charge the air pump.
  3. This tire inflator is not suitable for the inflation of large and super heavy vehicle tires. Not recommend using in large inflatable paddling pools, inflatable large air beds, and mattresses.
  4. For ordinary car tires, it will take about 5-8 minutes to reach the normal tire pressure of 220 KPA, while the larger tires will take a little longer.
  5. The car engine must be started to supply the electric power if you power the inflator via a cigarette lighter power cord, ensuring the car battery power will not run out.
  6. Although the battery may be partially charged at the factory, it must be fully charged before the first use.


  1. Inflatable Interface
  2. Type-C Charging Port
  3. Digital Display
  4. Light
  5. Cigarette Lighter Power Port
  6. Light Switch
  7. Menu
  8. Air Pressure Down
  9. Air Pressure Up
  10. Power Switch/ Inflation Switch


12.Battery Capacity Display: Indicates the battery capacity and charging status.
13.Tire Inflating Progress: Displays the progress of tire inflation. 100% means inflation finish.
14.Tire Pressure Monitoring: This shows the adjustment of the preset tire pressure and tire pressure in real-time when connecting the air hose.
15.4 Tire Pressure Units: Choose the pressure unit you need. (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2 are available.)


  1.  Make sure the battery has enough power and the item you want to inflate before using and choose the right nozzle.
  2.  Connect the air hose to the tire valve and the other end is attached to the air pump’s Inflatable interface 1 respectively.
  3.  Press the power switch 10 o button to turn on the air pump.
  4. Preset tire pressure. Press Menu 7 button to choose the pressure unit (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2) you need. Press the air pressure -/+8,9 button to set the desired air pressure. Preset the desired air pressure.
  5.  Press the Inflation switch 10 buttons to start inflation.
  6.  The air compressor will automatically stop inflating once the desired pressure is reached.
  7. The digital display will automatically turn off after 40 seconds without use.


(1) Powered by 2000mAh Battery

  1.  Make sure the battery has enough power before using.
  2. Press the inflation switch 10 buttons to start inflation.

(2) Powered by cigarette lighter power cord

  1.  Start your vehicle engine.
  2. Connect the cigarette lighter power cord to the cigarette lighter port in car and the other end is connected to the cigarette lighter power port 5 of the air pump respectively.

‘”‘Cigarette lighter power port is only used for powering the air pump when inflating. NOT a charging port for a tire Inflator!


  1. Connect the Type-C cable to the power adaptor (Adaptor is not included).
  2. Insert the Type-C cable to the Type-C charging port 2 of the air pump. The bars indicators on display will be flashing.
  3. After the battery is fully charged, the 4 bar indicator is always on.


Operating Voltage 12V
Display Units KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/CM2
Inflating Airflow 35L/min
Rating Power 120W
Current  <10A
Charging Port Type-c
Power Type Built-in battery/Cigarette lighter power cord
Lithium Battery Build-in 2000mAh
Cylinder 22 cylinders
Charging Time 3 hours


-Wireless Air Compressor Tire Inflator x1
-Air Hose (original nozzle) x1
-Metal Nozzles x3
-Cigarette Lighter Power Cord x1
-Type-C Charging Cable x1
-Carrying bag x1


Too heated after a long time se? It is a normal phenomenon. We suggest you shut it down and let it take a rest after using, allowing the machine to cool before using again, which can protect people from burning and extend the service life.
Do not reach or over the preset air pressure? There may be a 5% tolerance with preset air pressure. If over 5% of reset pressure, please kindly double-check if there is any air leakage on the tire or air hose.
How to deflate tires? Please plug the air hose nozzle to the tire valve core, and pressed it tightly (the wrench on the air nozzle must be straightened). Deflating will begin.
Does air leakage on attach hose nozzle? Please double-check if you attach the hose nozzle tightly to the tire valve.
Can not inflate my large vans? Not suitable for the inflation of large and super heavy vehicle tires, such as trucks, large vans, etc.