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FLEENOR DMX512/RDM Splitter DMX512 Manual

FLEENOR DMX512/RDM Splitter DMX512 Manual Image

FLEENOR DMX512/RDM Splitter Installation Guide

Product description

The 1212 is an economical bi-directional DMX512/RDM splitter. The power and signal connections are made via wiring to the terminal blocks. These splitters have fully isolated inputs. The twelve outputs are separately driven, but are not isolated from one another.

The 1212 is powered by a low voltage DC power source (9-24 VDC, 10W). Doug Fleenor Design offers a compatible power supply for the 1212 (part number PSDIN-30W-24V), or power can be supplied by the user.

Indicators are provided for power (red), and signal present (green).


All specifications meet or exceed DMX512 requirements

  • Input circuit: Protected EIA-485 receiver (LT1785)
  • Input protection: Undamaged by up to 60 Volts continuous, 15KV transients
  • Input signal: DMX512, DMX512/1990, DMX512-A, or RDM
  • Signal connectors: Phoenix terminal blocks
  • Termination: Input and all outputs are terminated per RDM specifications
  • Power input: 9-24 VDC, 10W
  • Indicators: Red POWER indicator
    Green SIGNAL lights when DMX512 or RDM is present
  • Cooling: Convection cooling, no fan required
  • Isolation: DMX512/RDM input is optically isolated to 1,500 Volts
  • Color: Black DIN rail tray with white circuit board
  • Size and weight: 2″H × 4.25″D × 6″W, 10 ounces
  • Environmental: 0-40 °C (32-104 °F), 10-90% humidity, non-condensing
  • Mounting: DIN rail enclosure or junction box


Cabling used for DMX512 signals to and from the 1212 must be specified for DMX512 usage. Examples include Belden 9829 and Belden 9729 or their equal.

  • Pin outs for terminal block connectors:
    • pin 1: DMX512 common
    • pin 2: data –
    • pin 3: data +


The splitter can be mounted in a DIN rail tray (model 1212-DIN) for easy installation, as well as standard junction box (model 1212-DIN-JBOX without an included power supply or 1212 DIN-JBOX-PS with an included power supply). Each 1212 is six inches in length, allowing for up to six 1212’s in a standard 36 inch wide DIN rail enclosure.

For applications requiring rack mounting, please refer to our standard or enhanced splitter product lines.

LED indicators

There are two LEDs on the 1212. Their functions are described in the table below:

LED Function
POWER (red) On when input power is present
SIGNAL (green) On or flickers when DMX input is present

Splitter operation

The 1212 has one input which is optically isolated from the outputs. The twelve outputs are independently driven, but are not electrically isolated from one another.

There are no settings, jumpers, or adjustments in the 1212. They only need to be connected to a DMX512 or RDM signal source and to dimmers, fixtures, or other “end devices”.

The 1212 splitter works with standard DMX512 signals. In addition, they can be used with RDM compliant equipment. The splitters can operate in bi-directional communication modes as required by the RDM protocol. No settings or adjustments are needed to enable this capability. These splitters are not discoverable devices within the RDM protocol.

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Products manufactured by Doug Fleenor Design (DFD) carry a five-year parts and labor warranty against manufacturing defects. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the product to DFD at the customer’s expense. If covered under warranty, DFD will repair the unit and pay for return ground shipping. If a trip is necessary to the customer’s site to solve a problem, the expenses of the trip must be paid by the customer.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects. It does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, alteration, or repair by other than by Doug Fleenor Design.

Most non-warranty repairs are made for a fixed $50.00 fee, plus shipping.


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