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FLYCAM Flowline Placid 2-Axis Stabilizing Arm FLCM-FLN-PLA Manual

FLYCAM Flowline Placid 2-Axis Stabilizing Arm FLCM-FLN-PLA Manual Image

Flowline Placid 2-Axis Stabilizing Arm (FLCM-FLN-PLA)
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Flowline Placid Setup

  • Remove the hook from the Flowline support bar.
  • Take the cord bundle out from the cup and pull the whole cord until a cord lock comes out.
  • Separate the cord from the cord lock and keep the lock aside for attaching it back afterwards.
  • Separate the cord also from the cup and keep it aside for mounting it back later.
  • Use a tool to unscrew small bolts that hold the front pulley, from each side.
  • Pull out the front pulley carefully, so it doesn’t drop into the Flowline support bar and Insert the cord from the bottom hole and tug it out from the top hole.
  • Mount the front pulley in between the cord, and pull the cord so that it goes back inside the support arm. Again use tools to tighten the bolts from each side and set the pulley at its position.
  • Turn the Placid Arm upside down. By using an Allen key, loosen the mounting bracket of Arm. Now the bracket has enough space for the cord to pass through it.
  • Insert the cord into the mounting bracket. Make sure that it is going exactly in the centre, up into the hole of the Placid arm. Then pull the cord from the bottom of the Placid arm, near the spring, while still holding it upside down.
  • Now you can hold the Placid arm in its standard position. The cord is aptly set to perform its function. By using an Allen key, tighten the mounting bracket of the Placid Arm with the Flowline support arm.
  • To fix the Placid arm at its appropriate position, attach one side of the Safety Elastic Cord to a knob on the Placid arm. Then, drag the other side of the elastic cord across the Flowline support arm, and attach it to the knob on another side of the Placid arm.
  • Put the cup back through the cord and relock it with the cord lock. Roll the leftover cord inside the cup.
  • Fix the hook back at its actual position, using an Allen key. Now Set the provided Spring again in the hook.
  • Wear a support jacket and tighten the buckles provided at the waist, adjust as per your convenience. Tighten the buckles provided at the chest of the support jacket, and adjust as per your convenience.
  • By adjusting side support, you will move the weight on your hips, thus resulting in comfortable long hour shooting.
  • Loosen the knob of the hook and attach the camera to it. Tighten with a provided knob to ensure a slip-free connection.



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