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FORAMOR DVD-221P DVD Player Manual

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DVD-221P DVD Player

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Connecting to a TV With HD cable(not provided) HD OUTPUT

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1.4.2 Resolution Adjust HD output definition
1.4.3 Quality Adjust video quality from sharpness, brightness and contrast
1.4.4 HDMI setup To choose HDMI output ON or OFF And choose Audio source “AUTO” or “PCM”
1.4 VIDEO SETUP Video setup includes: Component, Resolution, Quality, HDMI setup. 1.4.1 Component To choose CVBS output or YUV output

The player has HD output all the time, if you want to choose different output definition, press SETUP button on RC, go to VIDEO setup page to choose different HD output definition.

Video: AVI, DAT, VOB, MPG Audio: MP3, OGG, WMA Picture: JPG, JPEG External hard drive: can support 6 subareas, each subarea 32GB maximum