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FULL SPEED Toothpick PRO FPV Racing Drone Manual

FULL SPEED Toothpick PRO FPV Racing Drone Manual Image

Toothpick PRO FPV Racing Drone

FullSpeed Toothpick FPV Drone
FullSpeed Toothpick PRO FPV Racing Drone Qucick set up manual
25mW-600mW VTX FPV Transmitter set up:
(please unlock the VTX if set up through OSD)


DSM receiver:

  1. Connect the receiver to FC and run the BF.Choose the correct port and type of your receiver on the flight controller.
  2. Type: set spectrum_sat_bind=9 in CLI then type ‘ save’.
  3. Disconnect the power and repower. The light on the receiver will flash quickly which means it’s on binding mode.
  4. Turn on the radio and select bind mode. Wait a moment.It means bind successfully if the light on receiver keeps brighting.
  5. After binding. Type: set spectrum_sat_bind=0 and type ‘save’ to quit the binding mode.

FRSKY receiver:

  1. Select D8 mode on Frsky remote control. Hold the bind key on Frsky-Nano receiver and connect the battery, then the receiver’s red light will be always on.
  2. Select the BIND mode on remote control , the Frsky-Nano receiver’s blue light will flash slowly and the red light will be always on which means bind complete.
  3. Enter: set sbus_inversion = off (set serialrx_inverted = on if your F3 FC is BF3.3 or newer)on BF CLI and save.
  4. Repower the Frsky-Nano receiver . The red light on it will flash very quickly which means it receives the singal from remote control.

The receiver defaults to the BUS protocol (The non-invert signal). When using F3 and F7 flight controller, it can
be switched to SBUS protocol (The invert signal) by entering the command in BF CLI (step 3 of the binding
tutorial). When using F4 flight controller (F4 flight controller does not support to switch signal type by entering
command on CLI), if there isn’t respond in BF receiver page when the receiver binding with remote controller
successfully, please press the binding button to switch the signal protocol after the receiver power on. After
short pressing the binding button, the red or blue light on receiver will flash 3 times. Blue light flashes 3 times
means the receiver is on BUS protocol (original default setting), the red light flashes 3 times means the receiver is
on SBUS protocol (which can be supported on most of F4 flight control).Please re-power the receiver afther
switching the protocol then the red/blue light on receiver will flash 3 times to show the current protocal.


FLYSKY receiver:

  1. Press and hold the key on the receiver and connect the power to the receiver. The green indicator light on the receiver indicates that the frequency is entered.
  2. the remote control into the frequency of the state; the frequency into the receiver status indicator from the rapid flash to slow flash.
  3. the remote control manually out of the frequency interface, then the receiver green light becomes bright. Indicates that the signal receiver is successful.