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GEARSTONE CS-WP7 Household Electric Treadmill Manual

GEARSTONE CS-WP7 Household Electric Treadmill Manual Image

GEARSTONE CS-WP7 Household Electric Treadmill User Manual

Safety Precautions,Warning Instructions

  1. People who are suffering from back pain or who have suffered injuries to their legs, waist, and neck in the past, and those who have had their legs, waist, neck, and hands (with herniated disc, spondylolisthesis Patients with chronic diseases such as falling syndrome, cervical spine herniation).
  2. Those with deformed arthritis, dampness, and pain.
  3. Those who have abnormalities such as pore size.
  4. Those who have circulatory system disorders (visceral diseases, management disorders, hypertension, etc.).
  5. Those who have respiratory organ disorders.
  6. Those who are using a human discipline regulator who have implanted in-body medical electronic devices.
  7. Those with malignant tumors.
  8. Those who have symptoms such as hyperthrombus or severe lipoma, acute lipoma and other fluid circulation disorders or various skin infections.
  9. Those who have perceptual impairment caused by high-level peripheral circulatory disorders caused by diabetes.
  10. People with trauma to their skin.
  11. Those who have a fever due to illness, etc. (38℃ or above).
  12. Those with abnormal or curved back.
  13. Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant or are menstrual.
  14. People who feel abnormal body and need to rest.
  15. Those who are obviously in poor physical condition.
  16. Users who want rehabilitation.
  17. People who feel abnormalities in their bodies other than those mentioned above.
    • It may cause accidents or poor physical condition.
    • Feeling back pain, legs and feet, dizziness, jumping and other different pains or coordination feelings or abnormalities in the body during exercise.
      Always stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
    • Do not let children use this product, and do not let children play around the product.
    • If you do not comply, there may be danger of injury.
      • The protector of children should be careful not to let children play with this product.
    • If you do not comply, there will be a risk of injury.
      • Be sure to check the surroundings (rear, lower, front of the product) during use, when loading and taking out the product, and when sliding it
        There are no people or pets.
        Do not decompose!
    • It is absolutely forbidden to disassemble, repair and reselect. ——There is a danger of mechanical failure and injury.
      Avoid contact with water!
      • Do not expose the main body or operating part to water or other conductive liquids.
    • It may cause electric shock or fire.
      • People who do not usually exercise should not suddenly do vigorous exercises.
    • May cause damage to health.
      • Do not use it after drinking or when you are tired, just after exercise or when your physical state is abnormal.
    •  There is a risk of injury.
      • This product is suitable for home use and is not used by a large number of unspecified users such as schools and gymnasiums.
      • Do not use while drinking or doing other activities.
      • Do not use it after drinking alcohol until the feeling becomes dull.
    •  An accident or injury may occur.
      • Do not use with hard objects in the pants pockets.
    •  It may cause an accident or injury.
      • Do not allow needles, trash or water to adhere to the power plug.
    •  It may cause electric shock or short circuit or fire.
      • During use, do not pull out the power plug or switch the power switch to “off”. -May cause injury.Do not use wet hands!
      • Do not unplug or plug in the power plug with wet hands.
    • It may cause electric shock and injury.
      Pull out the power plug!
      • When not in use, unplug the power plug from the socket.
    • Dust and humidity will deteriorate the insulation and cause electric leakage disasters.
      • During maintenance, be sure to unplug the power plug from the socket.
    • If not observed, it may cause electric shock or injury.
      • When it does not start or feels abnormal, stop using it, unplug the power plug immediately and request inspection and repair.
    • If not observed, it may cause electric shock or injury.
      • In the event of a power failure, pull out the power plug immediately.
    • Otherwise, accidents or injuries may occur when the power is restored.
      • When unplugging the power plug, do not hold the wire part, but pull it out with the power plug.
    • Otherwise, it may cause short circuit, electric shock or fire.
      Grounding instructions:
      • The product must be grounded. If the machine malfunctions, grounding will provide the smallest path for the current to reduce the risk of electric shock.
      • This product is equipped with a wire with equipment grounding conductor and grounding plug. The plug must be inserted into a suitable outlet that has been properly installed and grounded in full accordance with local regulations or statutes.
      • Improper connection of the equipment grounding conductor may cause electric shock hazard. If you have questions about the correct grounding of this product, Please entrust a professional phone for inspection. Even if the plug that comes with the product does not match the socket, it cannot be modified.
        Please entrust a professional electrician to install a suitable socket.
      • This product has a grounding plug. Make sure that the product is connected to a socket with the same shape.
        This product cannot use an adapter socket.

Packing List

Serial number Name Qty Remarks
1 Treadmill 1
2 Kits 1 See Schedule

Product Description

Technical Parameter

Working voltage: AC-220V 50Hz
Maximum load: 120 Kg
Boundary dimension Dimensions folded: 1484*689*131mm
Expand: 1323*689*1104mm
Running area: 11 00*400mm
Motor peak power: 2.0HP
Speed: 1-15Km/h
Control mode: Computer control,Remoter control
Weight: 36 Kg

Attached table (list of accessories box):

Serial number Name Quantity Note
1 ST4.2*22 cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws 2 Mobile phone holder fixing
2 M8*45 Hex half-thread bolts 4 Left and right armrests fixed
3 5mm Hexagon wrench 1 Other
4 6mm Hexagon wrench 1 Adjust the running belt
5 13-15 Open end wrench 1 Other
6 15mm socket wrench 1 Folding handle force adjustment
7 Power cord 1
8 Security lock 1
9 Methyl silicone oil 1
10 Mobile phone holder 1
11 Left and right armrests 1 each
12 Manual, warranty card, certificate of conformity 1
13 Remoter 1

Installation Steps

  1. Take the host out of the packing box and lay it flat on the carpet or cushion as shown in the figure. As shown in step in the above left figure, open the “folding handle” in the direction shown in the figure, and the lower end of the stand pipe will naturally face Expand both sides; as shown in step in the upper left figure, lift the riser up to the upper limit position; as shown in step in the upper left figure, press down the “folding handle” to lock the riser.
  2. As shown in step in the upper right picture, fix the “mobile phone holder” to the riser beam with 2 “ST4.2X22 cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws”; as shown in step in the upper right picture, cut out 4 “Square rubber plug”; as shown in step in the above right figure, insert the left and right armrests into the corresponding positions, and respectively pass 2 “M8X45 hexagon socket pan head screws” through the standpipe and lock them in the corresponding screw holes of the armrests, Then put the 2 “square rubber plugs” back into the square hole before, and keep the remaining 2 “square rubber plugs” by yourself; as shown in step on the right figure above, suck the ” safety lock” under the riser beam Corresponding position; as shown in step in the upper right figure, insert the power cord into the power switch socket, and the installation is complete.

Note: After the machine is assembled, please check again whether all bolts have
been locked.

How to Replace the Fuse

  • As shown in step in the left figure above: unplug the power plug from the power socket;
  • As shown in step in the left figure above: Use a small, small-head screw for household use to lift the fuse out of the power socket;
  • As shown in step in the above right figure: Take out the fuse fuse tube according to the direction of the figure, and insert it after replacement.
    Note: The specification of the fuse fuse of this machine is 250V/10A, Φ5*20mm.

Adjusting the degree of folding handle

When this machine is shipped, the part has been adjusted to a slightly suitable tension. However, due to the size of the wrist, the user can appropriately adjust the folding handle according to their preferences. Do not adjust it too loosely. Too loose will result in shaking due to the excessive gap between the folding part of the tube and the main unit. As shown in step in the above figure, pull out the silicone round plug at the lower end of the left tube; combine the equipped inner six wrench and sleeve wrench into a saving lever, as shown in step in the above figure, The end of the hex head of the barrel wrench is inserted into the lower end hole of the left tube and fits with the hex screw. Rotate clockwise to clamp, otherwise it is slightly loose.

Exercise Suggestions and Tips

Exercise Tips

There should be 5-10 minutes of warming exercise before each operation.

Do not hold your breath during operation. Normally, when you are preparing to restore the action, you should inhale and spit out with your hand. Breathing and movement should be coordinated. If breathing is too rapid, stop exercising immediately.

The exercise of the muscles of the same part should have a 48-hour rest, that is, the same part can be trained only one day later.

Determine the amount of training according to your physical fitness status, and then practice according to the principle of progressive load. It is normal for muscle soreness during the initial training. As long as you continue to practice, the soreness can be eliminated.

Do 5 minutes of restoring exercises after each exercise, especially the stretching and relaxation of the foot muscles, so as to prevent the muscles from coagulation in the early stage and maintain muscle elasticity.

In order to protect the digestive system, you can exercise one hour after a meal, and at least half an hour after training. Drink less water during exercise, especially drinking water, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Stretching exercises

No matter how fast you go, it is best to do stretching exercises first. Warm muscles are easier to stretch, so you should warm up for 5-10 minutes first. Then stop and do stretching exercises as follows-5 times, 10 seconds or more per leg each time; do it again after the exercise is over.

  1. Stretch down
    Bend your knees slightly, slowly bend your body forward, relax your back and shoulders, and try your best to touch your toes. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then  relax.Repeat it 3 times (Figure 1).
  2. Hamstring stretch
    Sit on a clean seat cushion and straighten one leg. Tuck the other leg inward so that it is close to the inside of the straight leg. Try to touch your toes with your hands. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then relax. Repeat 3 times for each leg (Figure 2).
  3. Stretching the legs and Achilles tendon
    Stand with two hands on the wall or tree, one foot behind. Keep your hind legs straight and your heels on the ground, and lean toward the wall or tree.
    Hold for 10-15 seconds, then relax. Repeat 3 times for each leg (Figure 3).
  4. Quadriceps stretch
    Hold the wall or desk with your left hand to grasp your balance, then stretch your right hand back, grab your right ankle and slowly pull it toward your buttocks, until you feel the muscles in the front of your legs are tense. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then relax. Repeat 3 times for each leg (Figure 4).
  5. The sartorius muscle (the inner muscles of the legs) stretch Sit with your feet facing each other with your knees facing out. Grasp your feet with both hands and pull them toward your groin. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then relax. Repeat it 3 times (Figure 5).

Operating Instructions

Instructions d’utilisation

The remote control and treadmill pairing instructions

  1. Turn on the power and check if the machine work normally.
  2. Hold the remote control and aim it at the display window of the treadmill (as shownin FIG. 2) within 10 seconds after unplug the treadmill security lock (as shown in FIG. 1). Meanwhile,press the start/pause button on the remote control for about 3 seconds, and the system will sounds “didi… “, indicating that the remote control and treadmill have been successfully paired, and the remote control can be used to control the treadmill normally.

One, how to use treadmill

  1. Turn on the power and check whether the machine is normal.
  2. The running speed of the running belt in this machine’s running mode is 1~15Km.
  3. Place the safety lock clip on the chest of the athlete.
  4. Before exercising, check the stability and function of the treadmill. It is strictly forbidden to start the treadmill while standing on the running belt. You should stand on the side bar before exercising, hold your hands, and wait until the start is normal before getting on the machine. . When turning on the machine, grab the support and press the “( )” button on the electronic meter. The treadmill will start with a delay of 3 seconds and run at a speed of 1.0Km/h. Press “+”, the motor speed will increase to reach 2.5~3.5Km/h speed (this is the most comfortable speed for learning to run), both hands hold the support at the same time, and both feet step on the running belt. Can be at the same speed as the running belt.
  5. After a few minutes, you can increase the speed for running. Press the “+” button on the electronic meter to increase the speed slowly; you can also press the “-” button to decrease the speed.
  6. You can press the “( )” key of the electric meter at any time to stop the motor during exercise.
  7. You can clamp the mobile phone to the mobile rack, and play mobile music after connecting via Bluetooth.

Two, display screen and key description

  1. LED Display function:
    Time/speed/distance/calendar window: 5 seconds to switch and display time, speed, distance and caloric data;
    • Time display range: 0:00-99:59
    • Speed display range: 0.0-15.0
    • Distance display range: 0.00-99.99
    • Card road display range: 0.00-999.9
  2. Electronic meter function buttons: start/stop, speed +, speed -, 6 km/h, 15 km/h, pause.
    • Start/Stop: In the stopped state, press this button to start up. Press this key in the running state, the treadmill will decelerate and stop.
    • Speed -: During the movement, the button will reduce the speed.
    • Speed +: During the movement, the button will increase the speed.
    • Pause: During exercise, pressing this key will pause the exercise.
    • 6 km/h: 6 km/h shortcut in running mode.
    • 12 km/h: Shortcut key for running mode 15 km/h.
  3. Start-up Instructions
    1. Put the safety lock on the safety lock position on the panel, turn on the power switch, the buzzer will beep, and then enter the manual normal mode.
    2. Press the start button, the time window will display a countdown of 3 seconds, and the buzzer will beep once every time it is subtracted, and then startup.
    3. Starting speed : 1KM/H. At this time, you can press the speed + and - keys, or manual induction to adjust the speed.
    4. Running in the normal mode, the time is running positively, and the speed is fixed and can be adjusted manually.
  4. Safety Lock Function
    In any state, pull off the safety lock, the window displays “E07”, and the buzzer BI BI-BI beeps three times. If it is in operation, it will stop urgently. When the safety lock is off, operations such as starting cannot be performed.
  5. Power Saving Mode
    This system has a power-saving function. In the standby mode, if there is no key command input within 10 minutes, the system enters the power-saving mode, automatically turns off the display, and presses any key to wake up the system again.

Frequent Faults and Solutions

Common faults and solutions

If you have other questions, please call local distributors or our company’s after-sales service.

Problem Possible cause Repair method
Treadmill can’t work: No power connected Plug into socket
The power is not turned put the power switch “ON”
The safety lock is not sucked on; The safety lock is sucked into the lock
Circuit signal system is open Check the controller input and signal
The fuse is burned out Replace the fuse
The running belt does not run smoothly Insufficient lubrication Add methyl silicone oil lubricant
The running belt is too tight Adjust the running belt tightness
Running belt skidding The running belt is too loose Adjust the running belt tightness
The belt is too loose Adjust the belt tension tightness

Electronic meter displays error messages and troubleshooting methods:

Problem Possible cause Repair method
E01 Bad communication The signal line is not plugged in properly, plug it in again
E02 Explosion The power tube has broken down, replace the electric control
E03 No sensor signal The sensor line is not plugged in properly, plug it in again
E04 Controller or motor The load is too heavy, replace the controller and motor
E05 Overload protection The load is too heavy, replace the electric
E06 Controller or motor The load is too heavy, replace the electric
E07 The safety lock is not sucked Sucked into the safety lock
Abnormal External disturbance. Turn off the power switch, and then turn it on again after 1 minute.abnormality

Product maintenance

Proper maintenance is an impractical way to keep your treadmill in its best condition
forever. Wrong maintenance can damage or shorten the life of the treadmill.

  1. Due to wear and damage, frequent inspections are required; worn or damaged accessories, such as motors, electric controls, power cords, and running belts, have been repaired or professionally repaired, and their use safety is the same as when they were shipped.
  2. Immediately replace those defective parts or reduce the equipment to be idle until repaired; (such as power cord)
  3. Pay special attention to the most easily worn components; (such as running belts)
  4. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by professional personnel from the manufacturer, its maintenance department or similar departments.

Product Maintenance

  1. After lubricating the running belt for a period of time, it must be lubricated with a specially configured methyl silicone oil. Suggest:
    Use time less than 3 hours per week; lubricate once every 5 months
    Use 4~7 hours per week; lubricate once every 2 months
    Weekly use time is more than 7 hours; 1 month lubrication 1 time
    Do not over lubricate, the more lubricant is not the better.
    Note: Reasonable lubrication is an important factor to improve the service life of the treadmill.
  2. To check whether you need to apply lubricant again, just grab the running belt and touch your hand to the center of the back of the running belt as much as possible. If your hand is stained with silicone (somewhat moist) ), which means that no more lubricant is needed. If the running board is dry and there is no methyl silicone oil sticking to your hand, you need to add lubricant.
    Steps to apply lubricant to the running board: (as shown in the picture on the right) stop the running belt and fold the machine; lift up the running belt at the bottom of the main engine; extend the oil can into the middle of the running belt as much as possible,  and apply methyl silicone oil Spray on the inner side of the running belt and apply methyl silicone oil on both sides of the running belt; run the treadmill at a speed of 1km/H to evenly apply the methyl silicone oil, and lightly step on the running belt from left to right for about a few minutes The methyl silicone oil can be completely absorbed by the running belt.
  3. Adjusting the tightness of the running belt. All treadmills must be adjusted to the running belt before and after installation. However, there may be slack after a period of use. For example: the user pauses and slips when running. When this phenomenon occurs, adjust the walking belt adjustment bolts in a clockwise
  4. Running belt deviation adjustment

All treadmills must be adjusted before delivery and after installation. However, after a
period of use, they may still run off the track. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:

  1. The host is not stable.
  2. The user’s feet are not in the middle of the running belt when exercising.
  3. The user’s feet are unevenly used.

Service Guarantee

In or After-sale Guaranteeder to cause misalignment, it can be restored to normal after a few minutes of no-load rotation. For misalignment that cannot be recovered automatically, a 6mm inner six-wheel spanner equipped with the machine should be used to gradually adjust it in half a circle.

  • If the walking belt deviates to the left: adjust the left bolt clockwise or adjust the right bolt counterclockwise.
  • If the walking belt deviates to the right: adjust the right bolt clockwise or adjust the left bolt counterclockwise.

Tips: The deviation of the running belt is not covered by the warranty. It is mainly maintained by the user according to the manual.
Deviation of the running belt will seriously damage the running belt, so it must be discovered and corrected in time.

  1. Adjustment of the motor belt (as shown on the right)
    All treadmills have been adjusted before delivery and after installation. However, after a period of use, slack and slipping may occur, which is mainly adjusted by the user.

Adjustment steps:

  1. Use the wrench to turn the motor level adjustment bolt counterclockwise by half a turn.
  2. Turn the belt tension bolt a half turn clockwise.

Note: Regularly clean the belt and the groove of the belt pulley.

Service Guarantee

CS-WP7 series electric treadmills, under normal conditions of use within one year, if they are not damaged, they can be used for free maintenance or accessories. After the warranty period expires, a free maintenance fee can be provided. The price of spare parts is favorable. Please refer to the product warranty card for details.

Important information
This product warranty card comes with each product and is filled out by the dealer. Free replacement parts during the warranty period. Our company will not be responsible for any failures caused by incorrect installation, incorrect use or alteration of facilities. In addition, this warranty card is not applicable to people who have not been authorized by the company for repairs. If the repair costs caused by this, the customer is responsible for it. When repairing, the user must issue an invoice. If there is no receipt or warranty card, the warranty is invalid. This product is for home use only. We will not be responsible for any problems caused by commercial use. If your product needs maintenance service, please call local dealers or our company’s after-sales service!