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GEEETECH Prusa Desktop 3D Printer Manual

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GEEETECH Prusa Desktop 3D Printer Instruction Manual


Thanks for choosing Geeetech, we strive to provide a satisfied and pleasant shopping experience for you, but we do understand there may be some questions you may encounter in using our product. If so, you can contact us directly or post on our forum, our technique staff will help you resolve it. For more detailed information, you can also visit Geeetech wiki from our home page.


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The copyright of this manual belongs to the Shenzhen GETECH CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “Geeetech”), and all rights reserved. No part of this specification should be reproduced or extracted in any forms or means without the prior written consent of Geeetech by any company and individuals.

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Building the printer will require a certain amount of physical dexterity, common sense and a thorough understanding of what you are doing. We have provided detailed instructions to help you assemble it easily, please download at geeetech.com.
However ultimately we cannot be responsible for your health and safety whilst building or operating the printer, with that in mind be sure you are confident with what you are doing prior to commencing with building or buying. Read the entire manual to enable you to make an informed decision. Building and operating involves electricity, so all necessary precautions should be taken and adhered to, the printer runs on 24V supplied by a certified power supply, so you shouldn’t ever have to get involved with anything over 24V but bear in mind there can still be high currents involved and even at 24V they shouldn’t be taken lightly. High temperatures are involved with 3D Printing, the Extrusion nozzle of the hot end can run about 230°C, the heated bed runs 110°C and the molten plastic extruded will initially be at around 200°C, so special care and attention should be made when handling these parts of the printer during operation.
We wouldn’t recommend leaving your printer running unattended, or at least until you are confident to do so. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, threat, hurt or other negligent result from either building or using the printer.


Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 is the 2-in-1-out version of our latest Prusa I3 series 3D printer. This is a fused filament fabrication printer, easy to use and also designed for DIYers and professionals alike. The M201 features our newly engineered the 2-in-1-out switchable hotend, that feeds 2 filaments through one nozzle. With the new 2-in-1-out hotend the M201 can work like a color palette, providing a new level of expression with your prints allowing you to create alternating colors, blending color and gradients. In order to achieve this we optimized the firmware that is driven by our newly developed GTM32 pro Vb control system, which is based on the STM32 processor and paired with the ARM Coretex M3, running a dominant frequency of 72MHz, greatly improving the overall printing performance. We added a new feature, the Mixer, to the interface to control the percentage of the feed rate of the two filaments. To prevent the extruder from becoming jammed from over fused filament detained in the barrel we added an over fused protect feature or OFP which is enabled by default and keeps things running smooth. This M201 3D printer maintains DIY property, with which you can unleash your creativity to refit or modify it as you like. This kit is just the beginning; you can get more out of it.


This list includes all the parts required to assemble your Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 3D Printer. After you received your package, please check if all the parts listed are included. Also make sure all the components are in good condition and not damaged during shipping. If anything is missing please contact with our customer service straight away, provide us the NO. , Name, and Qty.

No. Name Specifications Qty Pic.
1 Smooth Rod D8*L340mm

Z axis

2 Smooth Rod D8*L470mm

X axis

3 Smooth Rod D8*L420mm

Y axis

4 Lead screw M8*L320mm Z axis 2
5 Threaded Rod M10xL450mm Y axis 2
6 M2.5


M2.5 8
7 M3


M3 110
8 M4


M4 30
9 M10


M10 15
10 Spring washer M10 8
11 Hex Nut M2.5 5
12 Hex Nut M3 15
12A Hex Nut M4 18
13 Hex Nut M10 13
14 Lock nut M4 4
15 Wing nut M3 8
16 Z-axis nut TR808 2
17 Square nut M3 40
18 Hex Counter- sunk-head


M3x16 mm 3
19 Hex Counter- sunk-head screw M3x30 mm 5
20 Screw M2.5x8mm 3
21 Screw M2.5x16mm 5
22 Screw M3x6mm 37
23 Screw M3x8mm 3
24 Screw M3x10mm 5
25 Screw M3x12mm 25
26 Screw M3x16mm 40
27 Screw M3x20mm 10
28 Screw M3x25mm 5
29 Screw M3x30mm 2
30 Screw M3x40mm 2
31 Screw M3x45mm 2
32 Screw M4x 6mm 8
33 Screw M4x12mm 13
34 Screw M4x16mm 18
35 Screw M4x25mm 4
36 Spring 4*20 6
37 locking ring M8 / With screw 8
38 Belt mount Sheet metal part 1
39 Linear Bearing PCS8UU 4
40 Linear Bearing LM8LUU 2
41 Linear Bearing LMH8LUU 2
42 Driven wheel holder Sheet metal part 2
43 Driving wheel 2
44 Ball Bearing MR84zz

(Placed in No.43)

45 Pulley 20 tooth Inner D5 2
46 Timing Belts 2GT

L=2.4 meters

47 Belt bracket Plastic part 1
48 Couplings 5-8mm 2
49 Spacer With Aircraft type end 8
50 Knob For LCD 1
51 Fan 40x40x10mm 1
52 Extension wire 2-pin F-M 1  
53 USB cord A-B 1
54 End stop kit 2-pin Blue, red and


55 Heat sink 9*10*5mm 5
56 Sticker 2
57 Spiral Coil 1 meter 1
58 Heatbed wire 1
59 Heatbed 24V 1
60 Building platform Alumina plate 1
61 Power supply Unit AC Input: 115V/1.5A


DC Output: 24V/10-15A

62 3D     Power Cable With plug 1

63 Power Cable Connect board to PSU 1
64 Stepper motor 4
65 3-1     motor wire For X/Y/ left Z motors 1
66 motor wire 700mm For Right Z


67 Extruder 2
68 Extension board 2
69 Hex   copper spacer 4
70A Extruder wire 820mm 1
70B Extruder wire 450mm 1
71 Extruder Motor wire 6-4pin 2
72 Hotend 2 in-1out 1
73 LCD 2004 LCD2004+

FPC Ribbon cable

74 Control board kit GTM32 pro Vb +

5 A4988

1 set
75 Feeding pipe PTFE


76 Nylon ties 30
Metal    parts
M1 X- motor end Sheet metal part 1
M2 X-idle end Sheet metal part 1
M3 X


Sheet metal part 1
M4 Bearing Bracket Sheet metal part 4
M5 Extruder holder Sheet metal part 1
M6 Extension board cover 2
Acrylic parts
A1 Main frame I3E-01 1
A2 Side panel (left ) I3E-02 1
A3 Side panel (right) I3E-03 1
A4 Motor holder (left) I3E-04 1
A5 Motor holder (right) I3E-05 1
A6 Motor Holder support I3E-06 3
A7 Motor Holder support I3E-07 1
A8 Z top mount I3E-08 2
A9 Y axis Front support I3E-09 1
A10 Y axis Front support I3E-10 1
A11 Y axis Rear support I3E-11 1
A12 Y axis Rear support I3E-12 1
A13 Y motor holder I3B1-13 1
A14 Connecting fender I3E-14 2
A15 Building platform support I3E-15 1
A16 Fan mount I3E-16 1
Free add-on
1 Ejector pin 1
2 File 1
3 Screw- driver 1
4 Starter filament 3 meters 1
5 Filament holder set 1
—— ——— ———— —- ——————

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Download the build instruction PDF at


As with all the electronic equipment, it is important to keep your printer clean to extend its life. Regularly remove dust and debris with a microfiber cloth or compressed air. Dredge the tube and the nozzle after use every time to ensure fluent performance.

  • Don’t leave the heaters on the printer turned on for a long periods of time when not used.
  • Don’t leave your printer in shady and moist places, which may exacerbate the problems associated with erosion.
  • The three axes of the Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 are lubricated with grease for smooth operation and can last for a long time. Grease may need to be re-applied to your printer to maintain smooth performance.
  • Avoid positioning your power supply unit in such a way that the brick is hanging, pulling, or putting any unnecessary stress in the electrical wires and components.

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