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Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf Hunting rangefinder Manual

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf Hunting rangefinder Manual Image

Gogogo Sort Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder


  • BRAND: Gogogo Sport Vpro,
  • DISTANCE: 650 Yard,
  • SPORT TYPE: Golf,
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 184 Grams,
  • ITEM PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: ‎5.67 x 4.21 x 2.95 inches

Gogogo Vpro has a high performance and reasonable rangefinder. Gogogo Sport focuses on supplying high-quality items to clients all around the world at an affordable price. Allow the consumers to spend LESS for MORE! This is the most effective rangefinder on the market, and it is well worth your money. It has three modes. The first of which is the Scan Mode, which may be used to measure the range of all items within the scope of the application (5-650 Yard). Golf Mode, with pin-seek (150 yards), flag-lock (300 yards), Gogogo Technology, and Slope Distance Correction, is designed exclusively for golf activities.

This mode is suited for hunting or other outdoor sports, measuring a speed range of 20-300km/h. It has excellent golf mode – The GS03 Golf Rangefinder features the most advanced golf rangefinder technology on the market. Pin-seeking and flag-lock technology tell you how far to swing. When you lock on to a target, pin, flag, or anything else, the Gogogo gadget vibrates to remind you, and the data appears in front of you. plainly. The extremely useful Slope Distance Correction function, or SDC, can assist you in swinging in the proper distance. It is easy to use. It has a one-button meter and yard switching, on-button mode switching, and fast and precise measurement with 1-yard precision.

What’s in

  • Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder
  • Carrying case.

How to

You can measure and se ethe distance by following the given steps:

  • There’s an eyepiece in the Gogogo rangefinder, simply look through the eyepiece.
  • You can see and measure the range and distance.
  • You can even rotate the scale of the eyepiece for further adjustments.


Is Gogogo an effective rangefinder?

The Gogogo range finder is a good low-cost range finder that is accurate, includes a slope function, and has great optics. It displays the same figures as my golfing buddy’s Bushnell finder, indicating that it is spot-on accurate. The slope function estimates the distance change based on the degrees up or down.

How can I change the rangefinder on my Gogogo from meters to yards?

When you turn on the rangefinder and look through the eyepiece, you’ll see the measurement unit in the upper right corner of the display. Push the “M” button for a long time and look at the rangefinder to see it charge from meter to yard.

What makes a laser rangefinder good?

Bushnell laser rangefinders are the most accurate laser rangefinders on the market. The Pro XE, Tour V5 Shift, and Tour V5 were at the top of the accuracy rankings in 2021. In this category, the Cobalt Q 6 Slope also did well.

Afar rangefinders are made in what country?

Despite the fact that it is created in China, it is available for international shipping. However, it is recommended that you purchase it from an approved online retailer such as Amazon. There are buying guides and Aofar Rangefinder instructions to be found there. Aofar rangefinders are offered in three different variants.

What type of rangefinder is used by the military?

Marine Corps Systems Command chose the Integrated-Compact Ultralight Gun-mounted Rangefinder, or I-CUGR, made by Safran Optics 1 Inc. after a series of tests and market research. According to the manufacturer, the little compact rangefinder can range man-sized targets up to 1500 meters.

What type of rangefinder do professional golfers use?

Bushnell is the rangefinder of choice for more professional tour pros and caddies than any other, according to the Darrell Survey, one of the most prestigious research groups in golf.

Why are certain rangefinders equipped with three lenses?

Triangulation? Triangulation is used by optical rangefinders to provide an accurate distance measurement. The back lens is straight, while the front lens is 90 degrees to the left or right. Once both lenses are focused on the same target, the pin, the distance to the flag is calculated using basic trigonometry.

What is the purpose of a WW2 rangefinder?

A single eyepiece is used in the coincidence rangefinder. The rangefinder receives light from the target through two windows on either end of the instrument. A pentaprism reflects the incident beam to the optical bar’s center on either side.

What is a laser ranging device, and how does it work?

A laser rangefinder, also known as a laser telemeter, is a rangefinder that determines the distance to an object using a laser beam.

What makes a golf rangefinder different from a hunting rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder, for starters, operates in nearest or first target priority mode. This is the rangefinder’s inherent function of disregarding distant distractions like trees, other golfers, and even animals to find the nearest item (typically a pin). The distant target priority mode is used by a hunting rangefinder.

How do Ii change my GoGoGo Range finder from meters to yards?

To switch your GoGoGo rangefinder from meters to yards hold down the mode button on the top of the unit for two seconds to switch between meters and yards. This model does come from the manufacturer set for meters.

How Long Should aa Range finder last?

The average golf rangefinders will last three to seven years. If you purchase the more premium versions with extended warranties, chances are you will see closer to the 7 or 8-year time frame from the rangefinder.