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GREYSTONE RV out door grill CF-RVOG2-1 Manual

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RV out door grill

Getting Started

We appreciate your purchase of the GREYSTONE out door grill for RVs. Prior to operating your new appliance, please read this manual carefully. This instruction manual contains information for safe use, installation and maintenance of the appliance.

You will want to keep this manual handy for future reference. Using the hob by following the directions in this manual will help ensure safe use and reduce the risk of injury. Please pass on this manual to future owners of your out door grill.

The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by not observing these instructions.

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Safety Precautions


Warning: If the instructions in this manual are not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or death.

Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors or liquids near this or any appliance.


  • Do not try to light any appliance
  • Do not touch any electrical switch
  • Do not use any phone in your recreational vehicle
  • Clear the recreational vehicle of all occupants
  • Turn off the gas supply tank valve(s) or main gas supply
  • From a location away from the gas smell, Immediately call your gas supplier for instructions
  • If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department
  • Have the gas system checked and leakage source corrected by a qualified installer, service agency, manufacturer of dealer of the gas supplier.

is the safety alert symbol. This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can result in property damage and/or serious bodily harm or death. All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word WARNING or CAUTION. These words mean:


Warning: Hazards or unsafe practices COULD result in severe personal injury or death.

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Caution: Hazards or unsafe practices COULD result in minor personal injury

Read the follow all instructions before using this application to prevent the potential risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury or damage to the appliance as a result of improper usage of the appliance. Use appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this guide.

Warning and important safety instructions appearing in this guide are not meant to cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. Common sense, caution, and care must be exercised when installing, maintaining, or operating the appliance. Always contact the manufacturer about problems or conditions you do not understand.

Safety Instructions

To reduce risk of tipping of the appliance from abnormal usage, the appliance must be secured by a properly installed anti-tip device.

  • Remove all tape and packaging before using the out door grill. Destroy the carton and plastic bag after unpacking the out door grill. Never allow children to play with packaging material.
  • Your appliance should be installed by a qualified technician in accordance with state and locals laws.
  • Never modify or alter the construction of a out door grill by removing leveling legs, panels, anti-tip brackets/screws, or any other pant of product.

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Children climbing on the out door grill to reach items could be seriously injured.


NEVER use this appliance as a space heater to warm a room. Doing so may result in carbon monoxide poisoning and overheating the appliance.
NEVER cover rear vent on counter top. Never cover an entire rack with materials such as aluminum foil or any other flammable items. Doing so blocks air flow through the grill and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning, explode, or start a fire.

  • The appliance and its individual shutoff valve must be disconnected from the gas supply piping system during any pressure testing of that system at test pressures in excess of 1/2 psi(3.5 kPa).
  • The appliance must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing its individual manual shutoff valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at test pressures equal to or less than 1/2 psi(3.5 kPa)

During and after use, do not touch or let clothing or other flammable items touch these areas until they have sufficient time to cool down. Both surface burners may be hot even though flames are not visible and may be hot enough to cause burns.

  • Wear proper apparel: Loose fitting or hanging clothing should never be worn while using this appliance.
  • When heating fat or grease, watch it closely. Fat and grease may catch fire if allowed to become too hot. If there is a grease fire, smother the fire with a pan lid, use baking soda, or a dry

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chemical or foam-type extinguisher. DO NOT USE WATER OR FLOUR.


Gas leaks may occur in your system and result in a dangerous situation. Gas leaks may not be detected by smell alone. Gas suppliers recommend you purchase and install an UL approved gas detectors. Install and use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use only dry potholders and do not let potholders touch hot heating burners. Do not use a towel or other bulky doth or towels in place of potholders.

Never heat unopened food containers as the buildup of heat and pressure may cause container to explode and result in injury.

Instructions for using your out door grill

  • Using proper flame size: adjust flame so it does not extend beyond the edge of utensils. Undersized utensils will expose a portion of the burner flam to direct contact and may result in ignition of clothes. Proper utensil and flame size will improve efficiency. Burners are different sizes for different utensil sizes.The furniture above hobs has the potential risk during grill working.
  • If you use stove top grill on a sealed gas burner, it will cause incomplete combustion and can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Know which knob controls each surface burner. Place a pan of food on the burner before turning it on, and turn the burner off before removing pan.

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  • Always turn the knob to the full LIGHT position when igniting top burners and visually check that burner is lit.
  • Then adjust the flame so it does not extend beyond the edge of the utensil.
  • Utensil handles should be turned outward and not extend over adjacent surface burners. This will help reduce the risk of burns, ignition of flammable materials, and spillage due to unintentional contact with the utensil.
  • Never leave surface burners unattended at high heat settings: Boil overs cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite.
  • Protective liners: Do not use aluminum foil to line surface burner pans, except as suggested in this manual. Improper installation of these liners may result in risk of electric shock or fire.
  • Do not use searing grill on the out door grill. Searing grills are not designed for use on the out door grill. Doing so may result in a fire.
  • Glazed cooking utensils: Only certain types of glass, glass/ceramic, or other glazed utensils are suitable for hob top use. Avoid use of glazed utensils whenever possible.

Cleaning Instructions

Clean your hob regularly to keep all parts free of grease that could catch fire. Exhaust fan ventilation hoods and grease filters should be kept clean. Do not allow grease to accumulate on hood or filter as greasy deposits in the fan could ignite. When you are cooking food under the hood, turn the fan on.


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The installation must conform with state or other codes or, in the absence of such codes and the standard for Recreational Vehicles (AN51/NFPA 1192).


Installation of this appliance must adhere to the written instructions in this manual. No agent, representative or employee of the manufacturer of GREYSTONE appliances or other person has the authority to change, modify or waive any provision of the instructions this manual.

Cabinet Cutout Instructions

To ensure proper operation of your out door grill, suitable cabinets must be used, and cabinets must be leveled, with the bottom of the out door grill supported.


  • There must be a ventilation hole in the cabinet for air circulation.
  • The minimum vertical distance from the grill is 30″. Using non- combustible materials and construction can reduce distance.
  • The maximum depth of cabinets installed above the grill is 13″.
  • The minimum distance between the floor and bottom of cutout is 4″. The minimum distance to the bottom of hood is 19.5″.
  • The minimum horizontal distance(s) for sides and back of the out door grill to adjacent vertical combustible walls extending above the top panel:
  • 7.25″ from the side walls
  • 9″ from the rear wall

These distances are measured from the appliances center.

Cabinet and counter cutout:

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Once the cabinet has been prepared according to the dimensions provided and once the gas line is in place:

1.Remove packing material, tape and any temporary labels from your out door grill.

2.Connect a gas supply line with a shut-off valve and 5/8-18UNF connection to the hob through gas cavity on the upper Left-rear corner of the cabinet.

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3. Check the pipe fittings for leaks using a soapy solution. Never use a flame.


Lighting Top Burners


Based on safety considerations,the top burner flame size should be adjusted so it does not extend beyond the edge of the cooking utensil.


1. Before lighting, check to make sure the control knobs are turned to OFF position
2. Make sure the main gas tank valve is open
3. Turn the appropriate burner knob counterclockwise to LIGHT position.

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4. IMMEDIATELY strike and place a lit, long wooden match or a butane Lighter with extension) through the spaces in the grate near the ports of the burner to light the burner. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to light all burners.

5. Push and turn the burner control knob to adjust the flame level.

(Additional features: For more quickly cooking, you could remove the left/right fire plate and cooking on the rack)

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To Turn Off:

To extinguish the burner flame, push and turn the control knob clockwise to OFF position. Always turn off the gas tank valve when refueling or traveling.

Leak Check:

Always perform a leak test for possible leaks according to the manufacturer’s instructions before any operation. Pressure/Leak test using 11-13.8 WC pressure.


Extinguish all open flames. NEVER Leak test when smoking. Do not use the out door grill until connection has been leak tested and does not leak.

  1. Make sure all control knobs are turned to OFF position.
  2. Apply a gas leak detection liquid such as soapy water to the connections.
  3. Gas leaks will be detected with the presence of bubbles.
  4. To stop the leak, tighten the loose joint, or replace the faulty part with a replacement part recommended by dealer.



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DO NOT use oversized cookware. The pan should not be more than one inch Larger than the burner grate. Oversized cookware will cause excessive heat build-up in the appliance top and will result in damage to the burner grate, burner and grill.

DO NOT leave an empty utensil, or one which has boiled dry, on a hot burner. The utensil could overheat and damage the utensil or the cooking appliance.

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Hob Features

Optional power Gas power
BTU/HR Left Burner:6500 BTU
Right Burner: 4500BTU
Fuel / Power Propane
Inlet Pressure 11″ WC

This appliance conforms to the directive: ANSI Z21.57 & CAN 1-1.16-M79

  1. Baffle
  2. Bottom Cover
  3. Hob table
  4. Knob
  5. Grill
  6. Fire plate

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Surface burners do not light or do not burn evenly Surface control knob has not been fully rotated to the LIGHT position.
Check to see if gas valve is open. If not, open it.
Burners are clogged. Make sure burner is off. Use a small wire, toothbrush or needle to clean burner ports and slots.
Low gas level in tank. Refill or replace gas tank.
There is moisture on the burner. With burner off, dry burner completely.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Make sure all controls are OFF and the out door grill is cool before cleaning.
  • DO NOT use cleaners, bleach, steel wool or rust removers on the grill or burner grates. Only use nonabrasive pads.
  • DO NOT obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.
  • Keep appliance area clear of combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and Liquids.
  • Never use a wire brush or metallic item for cleaning burner ports or orifices. Brush may “shed” bristles that may lodge in the orifice or burner ports and cause a fire or explosion.
  • Use warm soapy water only to clean the burner grates, grill, painted surfaces, porcelain surfaces, stainless steel surfaces and plastic items on your grill. Do not use gritty or acid-type cleaners.
  • DO NOT allow foods containing acids (such as lemon or tomato juice, or vinegar) to remain on porcelain or painted surfaces. Acids may remove the glossy finish. Wipe up egg spills when grill is cool.
  • DO NOT wash warm porcelain surfaces. Allow these areas to cool before cleaning. You could burn yourself, or the porcelain could crack.
  • Pitting and discoloration will result if spills are allowed to remain for any length of time on stainless steel.
  • DO NOT allow spillovers to remain on the burner caps. The caps could become permanently stained.

Exploded-view Drawing

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Exploded-view Drawing

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1 Bottom Cover
2 Valve Baffle
3 Front Gas-in Pipe
4 Burner Holder
5 Map tube
6 Mica Sheet
7 Fire Distributor
8 Right AL Pipe
9 Burner Cover
10 Burner Valve
11 Hob Table
12 Baffle
13 Right oil tray
14 Knob
15 Holder
16 Right fire plate
17 Right grill
18 Left grill
19 Left fire plate
20 Left oil tray
21 Silicone pad
22 Burner Cover (elliptic)
23 Fire
24 Left AL Pipe
25 Nozzle
26 Nozzle bracket
27 Regulator
28 Gas-in Pipe Holder
29 Pipe joint
30 Rear Gas-in Pipe

19 | P a g e


Your GREYSTONE appliance is covered by a one-year limited warranty. For one year from your original date of purchase of the original purchaser, GREYSTONE will pay costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, using and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.


This warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Products on which original serial numbers have been removed, altered or cannot be readily determined.
  2. Product that has been transferred from its original owner to another party or removed outside that USA or Canada.
  3. Rust on the interior or exterior of the unit.
  4. Products purchased secondhand.
  5. Products used commercially.
  6. Service calls which do not involve malfunction or defects in materials or workmanship, or for appliances not in ordinary household use or used other than in accordance with the provided instructions
  7. Service calls to correct the installation of your appliance or to instruct you how to use your appliance.
  8. Expenses for making the appliance accessible for servicing, such as removal of trim, cupboards, shelves, etc., which are not a part of the appliance when it is shipped from the factory.
  9. Service calls to repair knobs, buttons, handles, or other cosmetic parts.
  10. Surcharges including, but not limited to, any after hour, weekend, or holiday service calls, tolls, ferry trip charges, or mileage expense for services calls to remote areas, including the state of Alaska.
  11. Damage to the finish of appliance, RV, or home incurred during installation, including but not limited to floors, cabinets, walls, etc.
  12. Damage caused by services performed by unauthorized service companies, use of parts other than genuine GREYSTONE parts or parts obtained from persons other than authorized service companies, or external causes such as abuse, misuse, inadequate power supply, accidents, fires, or acts of God.

The customer’s sole or exclusive remedy under this limited warranty shall be product or repair or replacement as provided herein. Claims based on implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, are limited to one year or the shortest period allowed by law, but not lass than one year. GREYSTONE shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages such as property damage and incidental expenses resulting from any breach of this written limited warranty or any implied warranties, so these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This written warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Keep your receipt to establish the warranty period should service be required. If service is performed, please obtain and keep all receipts. Product features or specifications as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice.

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For further information, please contact:

Way Interglobal Network, LLC
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Hours: Monday- Friday
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GREYSTONE is a registered Trademark of Way Interglobal Network, LLC

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